9 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #4 – Raw Feelings

  1. Bretts in this?? Also I have almost no knowledge of wrestling in general ( all I know is stuff I’ve learned from you guys) but I still highly enjoy hearing these.

  2. Wasn’t expecting another episode till after tonight’s Raw. Kinda sad those events won’t be covered, but looking forward to listening very much.

  3. I know it gets mentioned alot when talking about raw moments but when Mick Foley won the title it brought a tear to my eye. The emotion the commentators brought to the moment coupled with the other wrestlers lifting him up on their shoulders…its a shame they didn’t give it to him on a ppv like he deserved.

  4. I haven’t watched wrestling since the early 90’s and still I greatly enjoy this podcast. just, the idea of different schools of wrestling.

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