29 thoughts on “Laser Time – Disco Stew

  1. I forgot, I am a younger person and I almost never have to listen to disco so the start of this is a bit…painful to listen to for me but it’s definitely an interesting concept. But yes lasertime!!

    1. Same here, was a huge fan in Elementary school, and even got my crush into it… Man, dat nostalgia… Think I’m gonna cop the Mousercise album, though. That shit was classic.

  2. i like the idea of this episode and what you guys are saying.
    it’s hard as hell to find a shit ton of old music on the internet.
    i try to find stuff for my mom from the old 50s/60s R&B days
    and a lot of it i can’t find AT ALL. it was just obscure enough that it’s not out their legally or otherwise.
    that generation doesn’t care enough about sharing information on the internet to post all of that stuff from when they were young.
    BAH! they suck for that cause some of that stuff is really awesome when you think about the history of music.

    jeezuz! did the word rockabilly just come out of your mouth chris?! wow.

    dude, tazmania is good cause its from that tiny toons animaniacs era when WB was making hits by doing the wackiest shit while disney was playing it safe with disney afternoon.
    i mean they were still making hits, they just weren’t as silly fun.

  3. If you watched Shrek whenever a sub came to class or it was a free day, you might be a teenager in the early 2000s.

  4. I too got a turntable for Christmas. One of the first records played on it was the goofy song from Disney disco. My wife had it as a little girl and she lost her shit when the goofy song came on. I always recommend the show to my friends because of the like minded humor and seemingly shared experiences that we have generationally. So you can imagine how much I laughed when the Disney disco was presented. Fantastic.

    Also, I decided to get weird and slow the record down and changed the pitch. Nothing says terror like macho duck chopped and screwed.

  5. Every time Chris digs up some horrible audio from the depths of cartoon hell, I think “Ok, this has to be the funniest it’s gonna get, right? He can’t possibly find something more cringe-worthy than this, can he?”

    I’m never right.

    Amazing episode.

  6. The spider-man record that you played at around 54:00, I had that record when I was a kid. Listened to it a lot. I can’t believe how stupid it sounds now.

  7. Come to think of it, you guys ought to see the Mad T Party at Disney CA. It’s basically this episode as a stage show/dance party, with alcohol. When Sexy Alice sings Call Me, it’s like the very first Disney Afternoon all over again.

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