Banned Dexter’s Laboratory episode is OFFICIALLY filthy!

Fourteen years after being deemed too naughty for kids by Cartoon Network, the lost episode of Dexter’s Lab, “Rude Removal,” has finally seen the light of day!

Judging by the official voice actors and production quality, this thing is very real, featuring Dexter and Dee Dee doing and saying all sorts of nasty shit. Dexter creator, Genndy Tartakovsky has confirmed the episode’s existence in the past, but “Rude Removal” has been little more than rumor for over a decade, shown only in either private screenings and at select conventions… What the hell?!

Since we’re huge fans of Adult Jokes Hidden in Kids Cartoons here at Laser Time, I can’t help but marvel at it’s… lack of¬†subtlety¬† There’s nothing hidden about it! (I mean, other than the bleeps, which Tartakovsky has claimed were included from the beginning.) But did honestly really think Cartoon Network was going to show this to kids?! Why would they put something into production that would likely never air? Perhaps he thought the bleeped cursing could slip by, but what about that “Butt ‘n Bird” title screen above?! Was he pissed at his bosses, or was Rude Removal meant to only show at some internal wrap party, or something? I must know more…

Big thanks to Jason who pointed this out to me via Twitter.

8 thoughts on “Banned Dexter’s Laboratory episode is OFFICIALLY filthy!

  1. That opening is still so damned magical. Sure, it was pretty blunt, but it reminded me of how much I love that show and how great Genndy was. Is he still doing stuff?

  2. NOYCE!
    i had to spread the word about this episode.
    it’s not terrible or anything. in the context of the actual show, it makes perfect sense.
    and as far as pre-internet culture the suits deciding not to air it, also makes sense.

    i like it tho.
    thanks for sharing.

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