34 thoughts on “Laser Time – Kids Sports Movies

  1. Ahhhh The Sandlot. A true classic in every sense of the word.
    I really hope they address the awful sequels.

  2. Just listened,great show guys. Loved that you mentioned the movie rad.I rented that from my local video store when I was a kid and taped it.I remember the dirtbike kid.I think it starred the kid that played ralphie in a Christmas story. Also the girlfriend of crew Jones in rad is uncle jessies wife on full house.again,great show chris

    1. Glad to see a fellow Rad lover! I’d also like to clarify that BMX Bandits probably is NOT the same movie as Rad, but Dave’s mention got me so excited I just wanted to please him. Apologies to everyone except Dave.

  3. The thing about Remember the Titans now is how ironic it is. I live near TC Williams and now it’s a majority black school, and they can’t play football at night because too many people got stabbed at games. AMERICA!

  4. Do they still make these movies? Besides that abomination with Will Smith’s kid, I feel like I haven’t heard about any kids sports movies in forever. This episode has gotten me wanting to revisit some of these.

  5. With all the Sprots talk on the LTN how will Cape Crisis way in this week? An hour long talk about Charles Barkley’s Noire comics?

  6. Loved all the sports talkz. I can’t wait for the spiritual sequel to this episode where you talk about all the adult sports movies. Slap Shot, Caddyshack, The Replacements, and of coarse Lasertime favorite Bernie Mac’s Mr. 3000… I’m already sorry for this idea.

    …also the new karate kid wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t necessary, but it wasn’t terrible.

  7. Ralph Macchio was already in his 20s when Karate Kid was shot. There’s no way he grew between that and the next movie.

  8. Had a serious crush on the girl from Airborne (not the one who was a lab assistant on Beakman’s World). Her eyes did powerful things to my pubescent soul. Righteous ‘cast, bra! LaserTime for-ev-er! for-ev-er. for-ev-er.

  9. I can’t believe you guys talked about Surf Ninjas! My friends and I recently started a Shit Lords type thing where we watch terrible movies together, and Surf Ninjas was our first movie.

  10. Closest I’ve come to any sports movie in years has been the Discworld novel Unseen Academicals. To paraphrase from the book:

    “You see, the point about football movies is, they’re not about football.”

    Funny thing is, the BBC is adapting the book into a movie/miniseries, so… yeah. It’ll be a spoof of sports movies with a team full of Wizards.

  11. Regarding the bumper, I worked in a call center for several years. Like with almost any workplace in America, we had people working there who were perfectly skilled and able to do the job, but spoke English as their second language. People calling in gave them the hardest time and would demand to speak to a supervisor so they could chew someone out for stealing American jobs… except we were in Seattle.

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