29 thoughts on “Laser Time – Bestest Threequels

  1. seeing ash as the header picture made me very happy, the Evil dead trilogy is one of my favorites , shop smart.. shop s-mart

    1. Jurassic Park 3 isn’t bad, its got plenty of dinosaurs which is what i want from a Jurassic Park movie. though i haven’t watched it in a while

  2. Chris Columbus also wrote the Goonies… so.. theres some redemption.. well.. he wrote the screenplay.. Speilberg created the WORLD. I dunno.. I love the goonies..

  3. Tokyo Drift was good? Seriously? I never saw it because there was only about 5 minutes of actual drifting, the rest of the movie sounded like 2F2F in Japan and the GT-R engine swap was completely fake.

    Then again, I hate the F&F franchise in general because I can’t accept them as ridiculous car chase movies that are fun to watch.

  4. Superman 3 was shot in my hometown of High River, Alberta. I’ve driven by the house and the farm behind it (which is now surrounded by houses) where the kid almost gets run over by the combine a million times, and the part where Richard Pryor gives the speech as the sergeant is right in the middle of town, by the grain elevators, one of which burnt down years ago. My mom waited on Richard Pryor at the Pioneer restaurant while they were in town filming, and also met my dad there, too, around the same time I guess.

    the more u know ~~~*

  5. The Dark Knight Rises. I thought it was the best way to end the Nolan-Batman trilogy and despite the flaws, I still believe that it was the perfect end to the perfect trilogy..

  6. Good choices overall. I wish someone would have touched on the 3+ hours of Pacino’s “what have I done” monologue in Godfather 3.

    Or OZ – IIIINNNN SPAAAAAAACE – as what Alien 3 would later be remembered as. Call me weird but I enjoyed both movie and SNES tie-in equally. It was also my introduction to the late Pete Postlethwaite and Charles Dance (now Tywin Lannister).

    Good times.

  7. Even 7hough I feel Army of Darkness is a fine film, I’d never recommend i7 7o anyone while sober. I7’s kinda boring in comparison 7o Evil Dead 2 and ge7s worse and worse as i7 goes on. Even 7hough 7he las7 scene makes up for 7he whole movie, I s7ill kinda ge7 bored during 7he ending ba77le sequence.

  8. I can’t believe Grimm likes quantum of solace, it easily stands out as the worst film of the three Daniel Craig bond movies to me.

  9. The only one I could think of that you missed was Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome which I thought was the best of the 3 but it could be debated.

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