45 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse- Torture is Bad, Kids

    1. I’m trying to give it a chance but it really is a bad name at first pass. The apocalypse part is what annoys me because its just so non sequitur in a not funny way or interesting way.

  1. Yay! more VGA!

    Also, love that is being released on Wednesdays, mid weeks are usually when it gets the most dry in terms of podcast releases.

  2. you know what this cast needs?
    a little bit more butterworth all up in it.

    u3u ~mhmmmm

    and question of the week segment to stir up the forums community.

    it’s so good to hear you guys all talking about dem vidja games again. X3

  3. Before I get flamed, this is just constructive criticism. It’s a great podcast, I loved the old Talk Radar days, and Anne has been great in other podcasts- but please stop giggling all the time, Anne. Nearly everything you say is followed by giggling. You have a great voice, and I assume you’re just a giggly person, but it is a little distracting and constant.

    Again, not being a dick- Rip me apart if it makes you feel better.

    1. Noooo, not gonna rip you apart. Trust me, it’s something I’m working on. Thanks. I’ll get better, I promise.

  4. Love it! The only input I would give would be A) more extended discussion on new releases (maybe longer conversations on the big games in the style of when the guys used to discuss their reviews on TDAR); and B) I’m not quite sure this really fits in with the “record now, release later” model of the less time-sensitive Laser Time. Not that this is a major criticism by any means, but both episodes so far have contained mention of “well, we’re recording this now, but who knows when it’s going to be released”. I really liked the current-ness of TalkRadar, as it was a major source of news and info on new games for me.

    Aside from that, great stuff!! Love the podcast, hope to make a decent donation when my tax refund comes in.

  5. There is no secret sound at the end; therefore, this podcast is terrible. I wish the podcast wasn’t restricted length. It seems less fun that way, but I get that costs money for longer podcasts. Anyway, I’ll sending links to my friends until they listen, keep up the good work.
    Addendum: More sound effects, mostly the wikiparaz sound, and more alcohol.

  6. Feels good to laugh out loud again. Especially about dem vidya games.

    The skip commercial made me wonder exactly how long a MGS game would be without the cut scenes or CODEC conversations….

      1. Were you responsible for the hexadecimal one as well? Don’t know what it means even after decrypting it though >_>

  7. Loved it!! But the show should really be called VidjApocalypse. Also, please don’t record a week in advance. It kind of discounts the show a little bit.

    1. We’ve actually been recording two weeks in advance, for… reasons. Don’t worry, now that we know what our schedule is, we’ll make the content more timely.

  8. Haven’t listened yet but if last week’s was any indicator this should also be great, good work so far guys… and girl.

  9. I really do like the debate segment of the podcast, but I feel like it would be improved if Michael and Anne received the roles beforehand. So they could do a little research. The guests could do the coin flip. Just a suggestion. Great episode either way.

  10. Yay! more VGA!

    And well, as voiced above, I’d really love it if you guys focused a bit more on current and new game releases.

    That, and the debate section is pretty neat idea, however, like the poster above me says, it would be better if you guys decided and researched their side beforehand, make it more genuine and such.

    Otherwise, the show is great, and I love having you guys talking about the oen thing we all truly care about! 😀

  11. The debates are my favorite part of this. The randomly decided sides are a great way to work into the topic, easing into everyone giving their true opinion without leaving one side of the argument without being represented. Perfect mix of structure and genuine opinion. Keep it up.

  12. Oh, it needs background music. Even if it’s not constantly relevant to the topic like T’dar, just a little music would spice it up quite a bit.

  13. Really loving this new podcast. I’m a 23 year old business student at university, hope this restores some faith that not all your fans are 13 year olds.

    I would love to see more of that “skip it” segment where you talk old spoilers. It might be dangerous as I may have something spoiled for me, but Anne’s boston accent is priceless.

    Can’t explain enough how solid I think this podcast is, only two episodes in. I’ve been a Tdar fan since the early days, and have been listening to LT since it’s started. I like this a little more than LT cause it’s more relatable for me, but I really wish antista and brett were more than guests on this. I totally get that you guys wanna do your own thing though, so all the power to you. Gonna try to donate some moneys soon. Keep up the great work.

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