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  1. I agree on the comments made about Les Miserables however my major problem personally was the translation. To but it simply, what works on stage might not work on film and vice versa. This mostly relates to the first half, which I liked and the second which i didn’t since I was told to suddenly care about characters with little to no development.

  2. Without listening to it yet, I’m afraid that you may give Life of Pi too much crap because of religion thing, which would be a shame, because i actually thought the movie was pretty good, visually stunning, and attempted something thoroughly different.

    But we’ll see, I’m hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised and proven wrong, and if so, I’ll be more than happy to correct myself here XD

  3. I have seen Point Break many times, and it’s ex pro surfer “guy-who-was-in-cyborg” (don’t remember his name) who is in a face or no face lawnmower match against Johnny Unitas.

  4. Hooray, an Oscar cast that doesn’t crash halfway through! There was so much fodder for Laser Time Quotes in this episode, too. So good.

  5. My prayers have been answered! The Oscar special has become a seemingly annual fixture! I’ve seen all of this year’s Best Picture nominees already, so I’m looking forward to giving this bad boy a listen.

    1. Impressions! I know a big part of the show is predictions, but that meant I had to listen to tons of praise about movies that don’t deserve it (see: Argo, Lincoln). Also, Chris being all negative about Beasts of the Southern Wild, not cool. Still entertaining as usual, though I would have liked a bit of Hank.

  6. It’s still Christoph Waltz, not Christopher. Chris called him Christopher on another show, too. Something Freudian there, probably.

  7. Oh my god, THANK YOU FOR RIPPING ON ZOOSK’S YOUTUBE AD. I haven’t had cable in months, so YouTube is one of my primary sources of video entertainment. Every video I click, I immediately mute because I am being driven to insanity with that obnoxious heart fuck.

    Also, to add to the theater chatter PSA, when my wife and I saw Drive, there was a pack of women who probably consider themselves cougars, who were constantly gasping and moaning when Ryan Gosling was on screen. A group of guys would rudely tell them to shut up, making the women do it more often in spite. Worst movie experience I’ve ever had.

  8. I have reached a point where this is the first I haveheard about the Oscars and unless you guys mention them again I hope the last. ParadoxicallyI was super happy to hear this podcasr cause you guys always manage to entertain me no matter the subject matter.

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