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  1. I open the podcast app looking for the new RT Podcast but instead find a new Vidjagame Apocalypse?! Best upgrade EVER!

  2. I don’t know about their criticism on Bastion. It had great visuals, a great narrator, AND great music. The game itself was also plenty fun and satisfying. I know how something that gets super popular can sorta grind on your opinions of it, but ‘hype’ aside, s’goood.

    1. I love Bastion. It was one of my favorite games last year and had easily of my favorite OSTs of this console generation. We were just trying to point out the fact that it wouldn’t have received nearly as much acclaim without Rucks. He took an already good game to another level.

  3. Staggered releases like with Assassin’s Creed, where at the moment they have settled into a flow of planning so they have several teams working on separate installments at the same time, giving the most development time to their numbered titles, such as AC3 which had 3 years, and 1.5/2 years of development for games like brotherhood and revelations.

    I don’t get how some people didn’t notice how drastically different AC3 was from previous games in the series. It was the biggest change in mechanics and visuals ever in an AC sequel. I didn’t consider it a diminishing return at all. The combat is much more different and fun than I’ve seen it given credit for, requiring you to use all the face buttons and react to the composition of the enemy group that is fighting you. It’s a lot more mentally stimulating to keep up a killstreak against varied enemy groups

    1. But the story is a mess, the protagonist is uninteresting, the side-quests are repetitive and uninspired, and the game is filled with bugs. I think it’s understandable to see why most people would see that as a diminishing return. It certainly didn’t even get close to the standard set up by ACII

    2. I was referring mainly to the Ezio trilogy with that one. Here’s how I see it: ACII was fantastic. Brotherhood was hugely enjoyable and brought a few gameplay improvements, but its story – a crucial part of what made ACII great – was much less interesting. Revelations’ additions weren’t much fun, it actually featured fewer things to do than Brotherhood, and the game as a whole felt kind of unnecessary. I love the series, but each one was a little less impressive than the last.

      As for ACIII, it’s great that Ubi went really ambitious with it, and I like that the combat and exploration feel more fluid and organic, but not everything worked well, and I think the criticisms above are valid. (Although the naval side missions were a huge success, and I liked the homestead missions, even though I found the crafting impenetrable.) So while I’m glad they went for a series refresh, I think ACII and ACB are still better experiences. Would giving ACIII another year in development have changed that? I don’t know, but it probably would’ve helped the bugs.

  4. I don’t think that multiplayer is the solution for console games. The solution should be making good games, that people want to replay and keep with them. Multiplayer can be a strong element in games that can contribute to lack of reselling, but tacked-on multiplayer is no replacement for a stellar single player campaign.

  5. Hi,Chris from Spain here, big fan of the show, you guys rock, and Anne … you don’t laugh too much,whoever said that is obviously retarded, the way you laugh is so refreshing, I love it , don’t let anyone say otherwise, do your thang gurl :))) And as far as the podcast goes … it’s safe to say the funniest ever!! Vidjagame Apocalypse 4 Life

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