27 thoughts on “Laser Time – Your Humble Narrators

    1. The basis of one of those episodes IS on here? Community ain’t got no narrator… with the possible exception of Keith David… SHIT!

      1. The Ken Burns (Pillow/Blanket Fort) Community episode is one of my favorite single episodes in the past few years of television.

  1. I have yet to listen to this episode but the premise alone makes for a great subject of a discussion. I’ll be looking forward to this one.

    1. Apologies for the pretensions as well. I love that movie! Read the book, have the movie memorized, but yes, I’ve been afraid to rewatch it due to Bro Dogma

      1. Its very rewatchable but since its so cynical its draining as well.
        But I had fun finding east eggs and learning trivia about how the movie was made.
        Every scene shot so well, pace nonstop, humor hilarious, actors very in character, dialogue very well written/adapted/improved.
        It balances being gritty/real/fun/sad/meta that other films fail at.

        I should point out its not my favorite but it is THE BEST MOVIE (made) ever
        (so far) with Dark Knight a close second.

    1. My first reaction is to tell you how wrong you are.

      BUT my second is to ask why you dislike it? I like civilised discussions of film.

      (but my third reaction is to tell you you are wrong.)

  2. I hope the narrator from Winnie the Pooh is mentioned. He’s probably the only one who calls himself a narrator, and he does it in such a nice, British way.

  3. I used to love reading what wacky genre the new podcast is listed as every week but now I just find it irritating when I have to change the genre every time I download a new podcast.

  4. No Taxi Driver? I mean in the main character’s narration there is a part where the character messes up and restarts his “badass hero” monologue.

  5. I really like the Dexter books, but as Mikel said, the 3rd one is all crazy magic god shit but after that it gets toned down a lot.

  6. That Morgan freeman impersonator isn’t just some guy. That is Ze Frank. He practicably invented vloging in its present form. He was the host for TED talks one year.

  7. Nice one.
    Two things: How I Met Your Mother is heavily based on narration and it is a shame that just because you didn’t like it you didn’t really talk about it. Same goes for Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy.

  8. Wait, did A Christmas Story get mentioned? Can’t remember. If so, you can delete this, as my comment would be irrelevant, and I’d look like a schnook.

  9. What about Sin City? The movie is nothing BUT narration?

    Also, when Tyler made the point about heroin addicts writing multiple books, I had the exact same thought he did as he said it. “I haven’t written A BOOK let alone MULTIPLE books, and I’m NOT on drugs.” We all know what the answer is to this dilemma?

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