Cape Crisis #45 – Minnesota Attacks!

We have a special guest all the way from the snowy Midwest, Mr. Tim Turi, which gets us talking about some new topics, though we still find room for movies, Spidey, and Sam Raimi…







Cape Crisis #45 Question: Who is on your ideal Superman creative team?

14 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #45 – Minnesota Attacks!

  1. Someone did shoot Joker point blank in face, all the way back at the start of Grant Morrison’s run on Batman. And I’m pretty sure it only made Joker worse.

  2. I know it sounds a bit dickish, but Spaced is a Channel 4 show, not BBC. We do have many more channels in the UK than just the BBC ones.

    Also I think Mandarin’s voice sounds kind of like Carl Sagan.

    1. He sometimes does it consciously and sometimes he does not, but I think it running gag that Henry mocks “brittoes”. I’m pretty sure he said all British stand ups weren’t funny on one of the recent podcasts.

      Still love you Henry… you sneaky bastard.

  3. Regarding the whole section where you talked about Orson Scott Card And Superman. I definitely think that people should keep the product and the author as completely separate things. A product is not sentient, it doesn’t have values of it’s own, and as such shouldn’t be at all judged by what the author is, it should be judged by the merits of the product itself.

    So just because you think the author is a dick and an asshole, that doesn’t make his product inherently bad. Likewise, someone that might be the nicest person in the world can produce something shitty, and regardless of how nice the person is, the product should be treated as such.

  4. I’m flabbergasted that Chris didn’t go for, “Tim Timiney, Tim Timiney, Tim Tim Turi.” It’s the first thing I thought when I saw his name.

  5. The real problem with Orson Scott Card is Ultimate Iron Man 1 & 2. I started feeling stroke symptoms a few pages in and had to stop reading out of fear of death.

  6. you know what… i don’t MIND that you guys got into to the orson scott card thing.
    it’s different then the episode where you guys went off on a political tangent.
    this is relevant to comics right now.

    also… you guys gonna just fill out the lasertime network family and give us an animation podcast? cause you guys seemed to reeeeeally be having a good time talking about animation.

    this episode was really tangential but it was the good kind of tangential that kept finding its way back to comics in a really good way. cheers for that. C:

    also… henry, no… you too chris…
    you know DICK ALL about indy comics and their creators from what you said in this episode.
    all you know and see is mainstream “big 3” work, so all you can say is no one will ever hear of you is total bullshit. just cause YOU never heard of them doesn’t mean these indy guys don’t have really big fan bases and aren’t making a living. because they DO and they ARE.

    an independent guy would do a MILLION times better self publishing versus joining a partnership with comixology. i mean wouldn’t you guys prefer just getting your digital comics from marvel or dc or image or any creator directly?! why the hell are you renting your comics through comixology? i make more money selling my digital comics by avoiding them.
    comicxology, graphicly, all those services don’t assure you anything at all. and a lot of smart creators offer their digital work directly to their readers no middle man what so ever.
    psh! whatever dudes, think you know what it’s like on this side?! NOPE!
    hell… maybe i’m misunderstanding what you guys were saying, but it sounded like you should have stayed away from a topic you don’t know about.

    anyway… good show.
    passive aggressive for the win!

  7. It’s a lovely 36 degrees and only about a foot of snow piled up (and that actually is nice weather for the season). Why do I live in Minneapolis again?

  8. Maaaan Chris being down on Ghost Adventures, I understand it’s pretty dumb but that’s why it’s awesome.

    1. Also I’m not sure why Chris loves Daniel Way so much. His Deadpool run was horrible and so is Thunderbolts, he needs to be on less books, not more.

  9. I’m sure it’s been pointed out on Twitter, which I haven’t checked yet to double-check, but this episode is actually Episode 45.

    Just a heads up!

  10. I’m kind of behind on Cape Crisis episodes, and maybe I’m crazy, but I thought Mandarin sounded like Liam Neeson. I haven’t watched the trailer, though, all I’ve heard was what Chris played in the podcast.

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