14 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #47 – Marvel Team-Up

  1. More Spider-man on the cape crisis recommends? Can we get at least a little bit more diversity, I’m pretty sure over half the recommends so far have been Spider-Man.

    1. I’m pretty sure they put up the recommends mostly based on what comics they talk about in the shows. They’ve been interested in his latest Superior adventure, so he’s been coming up a lot.

  2. You will never get books that come out exclusively in trade because that ends the crossover entirely.

  3. It’s funny that the Gamora actress (Zoe Saldana, for those keeping track at home,) got announced presumably the day after you recorded this. Such is life!

  4. Finally, like a character killed off randomly in a crossover event, Cape Crisis returns to us.

  5. Oh look. They’re talking about Marvel some more. They don’t do that a lot, so I’ll give this a listen.

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