Vidjagame Apocalypse- Arts and Crofts

In this week’s episode of Vidjagame Apocalypse we talk Lara Croft wannabes and some sad news. We’re also doing a giveaway! Yay!

Question of the Week

Which LucasArts game do you have the fondest memories of?

Also, what should the name of our skull cartridge logo be? We don’t know what to call him.

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77 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse- Arts and Crofts

  1. “Us only”? What’s the point of telling us about this givaway if the only people who can get it are you guys?! You’re just teasing!

    I’ll stop now, but I had to make that joke.

    1. It took me longer than I’m proud to admit to figure out you were talking about your heart and not your penis. That said, blood potato is my new term for penis.

    1. We really like to class it up in the kitchen studio. That is just a small sliver of what the whole space looks like.

  2. I admit that I still have fond memories of the ps1 The Phantom Menace movie game.
    It was an awful, awful game that no one should ever be forced to play. But given that it was one out of the only three games ps1 games I had as a kid, I grew to accept it, much like one eventually grows to accept a cancerous tumor. But still, I can’t deny my nostalgia for it.

  3. I’m only 16 and only recently got a PC(It can run almost any recent game on max and I got it for $530 with S&H, just saying) so I haven’t had much exposure to LucasArts games. I do remember that we owned Star Wars: Dark Forces for the original Playstation. I also remember being like five and having no freaking idea what to do so I wouldn’t call it a “fond” memory.

    Also when I was around 11 I got the white PSP bundle with Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, unfortunately that was during the time when our household didn’t have internet so I never got to try the multiplayer. I still had a lot of fun fighting the bots.

  4. I had great memories of coming home from school and loading up Star Wars Battlefront and playing splitscreen conquest with my sister all afternoon long. So sad there won’t be a third in the series. 🙁

  5. I haven’t played too many Lucasarts games so I’m gonna cheat a little and say KOTOR. That was an amazing game which I still play every year or so.

  6. It’s gotta be Secret of Monkey Island by default as its the only one I’ve played. Unless you count them and Rovio making Star Wars Angry Birds (which of course you shouldn’t).

    Its name is Vapula (after the demon) but it prefers to be called Teddy (after Prez 26).

    I may only have 4 followers who randomly follow me but by god they now know about VGA!

  7. For me my favorite/ most fond of LucasArts Game was Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike for Gamecube, I love the cheat where you can use Rudy’s Car in the Multiplayer mode!

  8. How timely for me, since I just finished the new Tomb Raider this weekend. Fantastic game, serious contender for game of March 2013, even against Bioshock Infinite.

    For the QOTW… Skullface should be named Crimshaw, or perhaps Skullface McFacebones.

    Favorite LucasArts game, uhh… I guess Republic Commando, that game was pretty awesome and I’d love to see more Star Wars games where you don’t play as a Jedi or Sith and save the world against a mega evil. Tone it down and make it like 1313 would have been. Sad times.

  9. My most memorable LucasArts experience is much like one that Mikel has recalled earlier. After beating KotOR for the first time, I ran through it again to see what the “bad” ending would be like. Little did I know how ridiculously evil one has to be to be a proper Sith Lord. In Mass Effect your choices are between Paragon and Renegade, and as selfish and egotistical as those Renegade choices can be, very rarely do they approach the sort of dark, soul-tainting evil choices you make at the end of KotOR. After *spoiler* forcing Zaalbar to murder Mission in cold blood, essentially for no other reason than CUZ EVIL, I literally felt sick to my stomach. Counting up all the people I’ve killed in videogames, you could populate entire planets, and all of them combined don’t hold a candle to killing a 14 year old Twi’lek scoundrel through the proxy of her best friend. It still gives me the chills.

  10. My answer is KOTOR. I once had a date with a girl I thought I had a chance with (I didn’t) to go to the movies the day after KOTOR came out. I called her and cancelled it after playing KOTOR for hours to tell her I wasn’t going to be able to make it to the movie because I was playing KOTOR. She was not pleased, to say the least, but I made the right decision. That game was worth it.

  11. Which LucasArts game do you have the fondest memories of?

    Also, what should the name of our skull cartridge logo be? We don’t know what to call him.

    To combine the two: Murray.

  12. My fondest memory of LucasArts is “Star Wars Kinect”. Seeing Han Solo dancing on screen made me realize that games can indeed be classified as art.

  13. Zombies ate my neighbros, Sam and Max Hit the Broad, Broblazer, Bro Sky Trooper, day of the Brotacle, Monkey Brolan (especially BroChuck’s revenge), Bro Throttle, Grim Brodango, Indiana Jones and the fate of Brolantis, Broom.

  14. oh jegus the sad news is Lucas Arts thank god I thought Lasertime was dead. GOOD SHOWS GUYS PLS NEVER STOP

  15. Since nobody’s called me on incorrectly saying Le Chat Noir was painted by Toulouse Lautrec, I’ll do it myself:

    Hey wikiparez your an stupid evreybody know its Theophile Steinlen.

  16. I’d have to say Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Rampaging through the suburban themed levels and all the crazy weapons like soda can grenades and a weed whacker. It had a great arcade feel to it, rescuing hapless suburbanites for points, grabbing keys to pillage houses and finding extra loot to help fight the hordes of strange enemies including a giant baby for a boss. One of my favorite Snes titles for sure. Metal Warriors is another great Lucas game on Snes.

    I did still wanna give a shout out to all the adventure games Lucas Arts put out over the years and though they are disbanding they will not be forgotten. It’s also encouraging to see iOS games like Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold, by Replay Games. It’s very similar to the Lucas formula for adventure games. I’m glad people are still making games like this.

  17. In order to better represent the content of Vidjagame Apocalypse I believe the skull’s name has to be based off a bro pun of a video game character’s name.

    As such I nominate Maribro or Broshi.

    If the skull is actually a female then I apologize for my insensitivity.

  18. Fond memories eh? How about Shadows of the Empire on N64. I remember when there wasn’t a whole lot on N64 playing and being like yeah that’s decent.

    1. I have an extremely vague memory of when I was around 6 of playing a star wars game on the N64 that involved me falling into a bottomless pit 10,000 times and then getting my ass kicked by Boba Fett when I was able to get through the level alive. Is that the same game you are talking about?

  19. Zombies Ate My Neighbors was one of the first games my entire family played together. My two brothers and I played anything and everything, my mom liked platformers, but my dad was never interested in playing games until this wonderful game came along. I never thought I’d ever say the sentence, “Dad, when will it be my turn to play?”

    God I love that game. God I love LucasArts. God I’m sad about this.

  20. QOTW: So many Monkey Island 1&2 memories. I love them both so much. “How appropriate, you fight like a cow” is a standard in conversation for me.

    I also loved DOTT, Sam ‘n’ Max and Grim Fandango more than a human being should love video games. I’m replaying DOTT for the first time in years right now, it holds up ridiculously well.

  21. Rebel Assault cause I remember thinking it looked awesome before it came out. Then I played it on my Sega CD. It was not awesome.

    Also you should name it Skull: The skull that likes to play video games.

    The End.

  22. I can’t go back to it today but god damn Republic Commando was some good fun. Obligatory Kotor and Jedi academy shout out too.

  23. Question of the week: I loved Armed and Dangerous for the Xbox (not 360). It was one of the funniest games that I played. If you have not seen it check out the cut scenes on youtube.

    I also love the super star wars games for the snes. I loved those games as a kid.

  24. Off topic but when I always think of Lucas Arts I always think of Howard Philips from Howard and Nestor leaving Nintendo for them. I miss the SW Battlefront games, maybe they will license out a new one. Also love Maniac Mansion and Zombies ate my neighbors, they made so many great games that were n’t just star wars.

  25. This podcast is so great.

    My favorite Lucas Arts game is by far KOTOR. The world and characters really drew me in. Watching Taris get completely destroyed, after having spent several hours getting to know the city and its people, is one of the most affecting moments I’ve experienced in a game. It was actually more shocking to me than the Revan twist was.

  26. “We were doing fine until you killed those drunks!” I said this to my best friend after he earned a bunch of Dark Side points for killing a group of belligerent drunks in KOTOR. I still frequently say it to him now, a decade later. As someone who remains stubbornly butthurt about the prequels, KOTOR was such a revelation: a fantastic and huge RPG that managed to be a better Star Wars story than anything ol’ George had produced since Jedi. I absolutely adore that game.

  27. Q of the Week

    I really loved KOTOR. The intro was awesome, very DND how it just threw you in. The reveal of you being Revan was the SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDOR of its time. Meeting Bastilla and having to save such an ungrateful, but super sexy, Jedi that used the first yellow light saber to be a star. The combat was unique because it was based on the d20 system and you could que up abilities and actions. It was one of the huge bastions of defense for western RPGS.

    Also: great replay-ability and did I mention it was a biowarfare game before EA stuck its muddy hands in.

  28. Aw man, my game reboot suggestion didn’t get mentioned. Do you guys really hate Gex the Gecko that much?

    I’m still enjoying the show but I’m starting to get a little irked by all the long sighs going on in the episodes nowadays. I would honestly prefer more bro puns over the use of elongated sighs or “ooooooh”.

  29. QOTW

    Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast: Redundant Title
    I broke my ankle in the summer of 2002, so this became the perfect time dump. I learned about online multiplayer with friends, mods, PC gaming, basically all the stuff I don’t care about now, from this game. whether or not this could still be, or ever was a really great game, I spent more time with it than any other Lucas Arts game.

    in reality Battlefront 2 was the better game.

  30. bros are fine, elongated sighs are fine.
    everything you are doing is entertaining to me, so don’t change, cause I said so

  31. I see a lot of people mentioning KOTOR as their favorite LucasArts game, but LucasArts was just the publisher. I think Bioware (the developer on KOTOR) should be getting the majority of the praise on that title.

    1. Sure, but that’s the case with nearly every game people remember as being from LucasArts, so we just let that slide.

  32. Defiantly playing Grim Fandango . Not only the first adventure gam I played but the first game my mom liked. Growing up my mom never liked me playing video games, but when I brought that game home her being Mexican she really enjoyed the visuals and style of the game and we played most of it together.

  33. RE: Question of the Week

    Grim Fan-freaking-dango, all the way everyday! I was one of those weird kids who was a big film noir fan (watching Casablanca with my dad is one of my earliest memories) so I absolutely lost my shit at all the Bogart references when I played Year 2. To this day it remains my favourite game of all time and it’s had a profound and lasting impact on me (it’s my desktop background, my ringtone and my first tattoo and I’ll probably get ten more a la Brett Elston). Also, that soundtrack is PHENOMENAL, am I right?

  34. QOTW: Afterlife.

    Serious answer:
    Star Wars: X-Wing. The original.

    I played games on every home computer we owned pre-90s. I have fond memories of some of those games, but those are childhood memories not associated with my “gamer” (ugh.) identity. I had also owned a few consoles by then–a 2600 and a SNES–which I regarded as toys that, again, predate my game aficionado status. By high school, playing games of ANY kind had been completely abandoned in fear of ass kickings from boys and being completely ignored by girls. And then…

    As a very young adult, with those childhood gaming memories still fresh-ish, I stumbled upon a PC running a demo of the X-Wing game in the far back corner of the store where I went to buy my music CDs and VHS movies. After realizing I was entranced, I self-loathingly scoffed, went on my way and then wouldn’t shut up about it. My incessant pondering of this game caught the ears of an acquaintance who not only owned a PC, but also the game and allowed me to play a few minutes of it. The very next day, I purchased my first PC and a copy of the game. THAT is the first day of my gaming existence.

    X-Wing also introduced me to the modding community. It blew my mind all over again that we, the players, could make our own missions. This led to me to creating serious fan-made content for other gamers much later and ultimately to today where I am working on being a fledgling one-man indie dev (following Laser Time advice of “just start doing it”).

    Grim Fandango and Full Throttle are my contenders for the “greatest LucasArts game”, but X-Wing will always be my “fondest memory”. And not just out of LucasArts games, but all games. Ever.

  35. my response to this week’s QOTW remains the same as that of last week’s, though when i said “Monkey Island,” i was referring to 1 and 2, exclusively, and nothing after that in the franchise.

    here, i just wanted to make a suggestion for all podcasts on the lasertime network: why dont you ‘sell’ episodes to listeners, so people can sponsor an episode for a fixed price and get you to cover their choice of one videogame title, movie, artist, or whatever? Yeah It’s That Bad is a relatively new podcast that has three guys talking about a movie that scored badly on Rotten Tomatoes, and they struggled, but started making actual money when they started an active facebook presence and aforementioned episode sponsorship (at $50 per episode, but they had a bigger fanbase). lasertime network makes that show look like something you scrape off the bottom of your shoe, and it’s just too unfair that lasertime stuff –and old TalkRadar–hasn’t gained the popularity it so rightly deserves.

  36. I really like the podcast. I also lie a lot if other podcasts and can’t listen to an episode more than once without getting behind on the others. As a suggestion, I would put the top 5 as an article on the site so I could look them up on the fly.

  37. To date I’ve always been a HUGE Star Wars fan, so I’ve loved all those games, but The Curse of Monkey Island is really the Lucas Arts game that holds my greatest memories. Playing it for the first time was such a great experience; I loved the jokes, the cartoony art, and how unique and memorable all the characters were (Especially Murray!). I usually play it once a year or so and it never grows old!

  38. For QOTW: probably Star Wars Republic Commando. Always been interested in Storm Troopers/ Clone Troopers and love shooters so it was a perfect combo for me. Plus I have a lot of fond memories of playing with friends, one of the last big split-screen games before I made the jump to XBL.

  39. The real soul crushing Deviantart game is to type your favorite videgame/tv/movie character’s name and then hedgehog or lion.


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