Patton Oswalt filibusters for Star Wars/Infinity Gauntlet crossover

I know a lot of you out there are both Parks and Recreation fans and very serious nerds. So unless I’m way off here, you’re going to fucking love this clip of this uncut improv from Patton Oswalt in an upcoming episode of Parks & Rec…

Fucks sake… 9 minutes was not enough!






23 thoughts on “Patton Oswalt filibusters for Star Wars/Infinity Gauntlet crossover

  1. “The uploader has not made this video available in your country”


    And Mexico once again gets the shaft…

    1. same in uk oh well
      i watch parks and rec need to catch up with this season
      to the pirate bay i go

  2. I have no idea what Parks&Recreation is about (+”not available in your country), but a SW/IG crossover wouldn’t be only blasphemous – it would be canonically impossible!
    Now I’m angry! Thanks a lot, Chris.

  3. I’ll mirror Brelston’s twitter comment. He had me until “The X-Men’s Quinjet”. Otherwise fantastic.

  4. Big Parks and Recreation fan over here.
    Looking forward to tomorrow (Thursday) episode w/ Patton Oswalt.
    Of course, it won’t be eight minutes long in the episode tomorrow.

  5. I have serious question. I seriously don’t understand parks and rec. I liked arrested development though. I tried to watch an episode of the first season and it just seemed so boring.

    This clip was awesome but so is patton oswalt.

    1. If you can push through the first season the show gets WAY better after that. I thought the first season was so boring it took me a few tries to watch it. Now it’s LITERALLY one of my favorite shows.

  6. I’d do anything for a spiderobot chewbacca as a side kick. Hell, I’d fuck MeatLoaf for it. Either one, food or bitchtits

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