Cape Crisis #48 – We [heart] DC

It’s true, we talk WAY too much about Marvel on the show, but we promise we have a ton of fun conversation about DC in this episode! Get ready Super Friends…


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Cape Crisis #48 Question: Man of Steel vs Iron Man 3 – which will be better?

26 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #48 – We [heart] DC

  1. I personally think Man of Steel has the potential to be better since we haven’t Snyder’s version of Superman. As much as I love RDJ and Iron Man, this will be the 4th movie we’ve seen him play Tony Stark. While the third movie is tricky (just ask Sam Raimi), I have faith that the new creative team will do a good job.

    TL;DR version: 99% sure Iron Man 3 will be good, but new Superman movie could be GREAT and NEW.

    1. to be fair, he talks about gay men, also, and with much more regularity–i noticed this back on old Laser Time, Cheap Popcast, and even some TDar episodes.

      1. I faded out during the real world talk and then thought, henrys been talkin about lesbians for a long time now.
        Mightve actually been shorter.

  2. Honestly, thank you guys for having a DC centric episode. I like your opinions on all things pop culture, so it’s kind of a bummer when you dislike things I like. Anyway, I hope you guys do more like this every once in a while.

  3. I can’t say which will be better, but I am more excited for Man of Steel, I don’t like how there seems to be a gray filter over the entire movie though.

  4. Thank you for doing a DC centric episode. I’ll take partial credit for this one since I’m usually the guy complaining about the lack of DC talk.

  5. It’s great to hear an episode where isn’t devoted to Spider-Man. I mean, he doesn’t even wear a cape.

  6. Relistening to the ep I hadnt noticed brett complimenting Green Lantern, which went unabashed. Yes it had fanservice but was a pure shit, hopefully Man of Steel wont be anything like it.

    1. I’m with Brett, GL really isnt that bad. It’s not great but it’s better than say Daredevil, Ghost Rider 1 & 2, Elektra, Superman Returns

      1. I’m also with Brett. Green Lantern isn’t great, but you can tell it was made by people who cared even if they were a bit misguided overall. It would be nice if it got a sequel, but it looks like that won’t happen.

    2. I take umbrage with Brett’s assertion that critics weren’t ready or willing to like Green Lantern. That’s something a former critic, like himself, would get mad at. Critics have shown they will love crazy comic book things if they’re done well, like the Avengers.

      GL is really bad. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, though.

  7. It’s interesting with the discussion of voice actors when discussing Injustice: Gods Among Us. For one, it was rather heart warming to see that two of the voice actors from Teen Titans reprised their roles Cyborg and Raven. I kind of hope we get to have Starfire and Beastboy in DLC. Another interesting voice is Phil Lamarr as Aquaman. Only shame was the Joker being played by the actor from MK vs DC. I really would have liked to hear John DeMaggio reprise his role as the Joker there.

  8. I’d like you guy to talk more Image and Darkhorse and just more books that aren’t DC/Marvel. The best stuff on the shelves right now are mostly from Image. Glad to see a 100 Bullets nod. Most of my fav books are from Vertigo as well… I mean jeez, just don’t talk about Spider-Man and X-Men or Avengers for an hour. Freakin snoozecast when that happens.

  9. I actually didn’t really like spider-man 1 or two but sm 3 was entertaining to me. I became a fan of spider-man by reading the movie novelizations, but the movies never really caught me. I really really really liked The Amazing Spider-Man though.

  10. My vote is Iron Man 3 because I have loved everything that Shane Black has directed. Zack Snyder is too hit or miss for me

  11. I don’t hate the DC. In fact I enjoy hearing DC news and stuff. But in the end I still prefer Marvel. And that is one of the reasons I love this podcast so much.

  12. Seriously, thanks for playing that clip of “Get Lucky”. I can’t get enough of that song right now.

    This is going to sound silly, but I kinda hope Man of Steel is bad. I don’t care at all about Superman right now, and I don’t want to have to. When Batman Begins came out, it reignited my interest in the character and I just couldn’t get enough of Batman. If Man of Steel is awesome, I’m going to have to catch up on years of comics and scrounge the depths of the internet every week looking for any details on the sequel.

  13. I think Man of Steel will be the better movie. Being able to breath new life into material while combining the many time periods and origin elements of Superman seems to be working in it’s favour…which ironically was one of the elements that made Iron Man so successful.

  14. As a non comic reader I pretty much listen to the podcast because it’s with people I love to hear. But i started watching Justice League Unlimited and I must say I’m surprised and love the characters. I just want to say thank you.

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