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Hot off of viewing Iron Man 3, we’re recapping the best and worst of comic book super heroes turned cartoon stars…


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41 thoughts on “Laser Time – SuperToons

  1. I’m probably going to see the third Ferrous Homo Sapiens…it’s mah birfday on the 10th!

  2. see, i love that we can get episodes like this from the LTN
    you would think this would be an episode of CC
    but LT is all about pop culture across the ages
    and iron man is now more than ever a part of pop culture.

      1. I think I’ve seen every episode at least a dozen times. I have it on when I work from home

  3. Loved the episode but there was no mention of madballs? I still own a vhs copy of the only two episodes ever released. Maybee a madballs episode in the near future.

  4. Something is wrong with the player, scrubbing through it destroys the episode. it makes it all disjointed and stuff

  5. This was a good one. Had me start watching those old Superman cartoons, so thanks for that.

  6. Loved this episode! One of my favourites fo’ sho’.

    The more I think about it, the more it seems Batman TAS was a major influence in my development – I still love Batman and am pursuing a career in animation, and I blame TAS for both. Vurrently in a rewatch of the Timmverse (never seen Justice League, looking forward to it) – it’s all so great.

    I watched Batman Beyond for the first time for work a few months ago and was surprised at how good it is! A must see for Batfans.

    That Iron Man theme is wonderful as well – have you guys ever noticed it makes an appearance a few times in the first few minutes of the first Iron Man film? First time I noticed I squealed with glee.

    Glad to hear Henry recommend Marvel Comics: The Untold Story – I just finished it a month or two ago and was meaning to mention it to him!

    Yes cartooonnnnnssssssssssssss. <3

  7. Fun fact: Batman TAS had animation by TMS (Tokyo Movie Shinsa) who did a LOT of anime work and was outsourced for a lot of Western animation too. There’s a rumor that one episode of Transformers season 3 (Call of the Primitives) was by them.

    1. That show was great, but the LT crew most likely never heard about it. I still sing the song randomly to this day. The new Ultimate Spiderman show is pretty good, although I never finished watching the first season.

  8. Well, now I feel like marathoning every superhero cartoon on Netflix.

    And you guys need to watch Young Justice! YOU NEED TO WATCH IT SO BAD! SO BAD, YOU GUYS!

  9. Speaking of Teen Titans is anyone else sad at the ending of teen titans? The titans come back from that fight against some super evil league, everything is somewhat different and beast boy finds Terra no longer sealed in stone, but she lost her memories of falling in love with beast boy, fighting with the titans and having powers. Beast Boy finally gets Terra to fall in love with him again but then Slate, who essentially made a pact with the devil, shows up reveals Terra is his daughter, or at least she thinks so, and essentially cock blocks him and says they will never be together. Finally qeue credits then there were tons of loose ends like what was in the case of the wacky races episode, who stole Robins super suit and will Beast Boys finally save terra?

    1. Yeah, I really wanted to see a more fulfilling ending than that too. Thought that show was really great. Initially jumped in because I liked the look of it and it actually had a nice mix of fun stuff and serious moments. I thought they technically ended it on that Trouble in Tokyo movie, but I don’t remember what even happened in that movie. They also left the Red X thing open if I remember right, but then that may have been better left a mystery.

  10. I never liked the action cartoons too much, but I loved it when the WB Batman style turned into Freakazoid. It’s not a comic book based show, but it is great, and super hero based, and looks like the WB super hero shows of the time.

    Also, the Tick is fantastic. The live show was good, but I didn’t like the Tick played as Randy Savage. I thought Patrick Warburton was the perfect person to play the Tick, he just played him wrong, in my mind.

  11. I love the podcast and a few others that I subscribe too from Laser Time (Network?). My co-workers all think I’m a insane because I’ll be sitting at my desk with headphones in then start laughing uncontrollably. I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve had to just pause so I could catch my breath and try to re-compose myself.

    This podcast and the previous reminded me of the dark early years … how I wasn’t allowed to watch FOX until X-Men cartoon released.

    My parents were incredibly frugal and didn’t have cable because they refused to let us watch any of the whole 8 channels of TV at all on weeknights. FOX wasn’t allowed because FOX had the Simpsons so we missed a lot of decent TV until X-Men came out when I was in the first-grade. My mom only hated the Simpsons because the pastor at our church watched one episode and then always used the Simpsons as an example of a bad family dynamic. Years later the sons of the Pastor forced their dad to watch and after that he was a fan. The sons are also the biggest fans of the Simpsons that I personally know.

    My brothers and I learned about the X-Men show about the same time and but they actually knew who they were from comics as they were 5 and 10 years older than me. My brothers were able to make the case to allow us to be allowed to watch FOX on weekends – I think now that my Dad helped because he has always been a huge Batman fan. X-Men cemented my love for comic books and Marvel. The X-Men have had a huge impact on my life, shaping the characters I like, the way I view the world. They always seemed like real people with problems, weaknesses, and flaws.

    I don’t know what it is but I remember watching Batman TAS and would pick it if it was on but I never followed it the same as other comic cartoons. I watched X-Men religiously, Spider Man, Static Shock, and Batman Beyond but I don’t have the memories of making sure I was there for Batman (I blame Saturday soccer games –in my shitty house league). The Arkham Asylum game when it released brought back my desire to re-connect with the Animated Series and it is still so great. Held up so well the animation, art style, music, voices acting are amazing. I’m now proud to say that I have 2 daughters (3 and 5) and their obsessed with Batman. They argue about which Batman I should turn on for them (Batman the Animated Series or Batman Beyond).

  12. I got the reference of the christian song disturbingly quickly. I grew up in South Dakota in the kind of church that encourages speaking in tongues. That song is drilled into my head so deep it would be the last thing Alzheimer’s would take from me.

  13. Going off what you guys said with the Xfiles and Superman weird predictions, there is this game I used to play as a kid (my dad had it from college) called Fortress America. The setting is essentially world v. America in a very advanced risk-style turn based board game (it takes days to finish, imagine Axis and Allies but in the 80’s + GI. Joe and Star Wars satellites).
    Anyways on the cover is a ton of..war stuff, most noticeably a picture of Saddam Hussein in the foreground and a picture of the World Trade Centers with smoke coming out in the background. I always thought that was an interesting 15 year early correlation.
    Great podcast guys!

  14. No mention of Ultraforce vases on Malibu comics of the same name? For shame! It was an average show at best but it was still fun to watch.

  15. The scene that was described where Flash was circuling around the planet – that episode was the Justice League were battling against Brianiac, not Darkseid. It was a different episode than the Superman “cardboard” scene. It’s the internet so I need to point out when something is wrong even 7 years after this LT episode was released.

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