Vidjagame Apocalypse- The Musical Episode

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Things get musical on this week’s episode of Vidjagame Apocalypse. That’s not a joke. There’s a LOT of singing in this one and we’re not even drunk. Well, not all the way drunk. Maybe a little drunk.

We also play a little trivia game in the second segment. We reached out to our listeners on Twitter (follow @VGApocalypse to be included in the future) and had our very special guests each play for one person. You’ll have to listen to find out who won our swag bag.

Question of the Week

What is your favorite easter egg in a game?



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49 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse- The Musical Episode

  1. QOTW:
    Probably the Lost and World of Warcraft easter eggs from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Although they didn’t do anything they were still cool to find.
    The skulls from Halo games also come to mind.

  2. QOTW:
    From pre-Halo/Microsoft Bungie, their dark violent fantasy strategy game Myth: The Fallen Lords, in the second level had a modern day redneck trailer playing country music with a man outside greeting the player, hidden in the woods. Over a decade later and it’s still random and jarring for the tone of the game.

  3. QOTW: The Arkham City plans hidden away in Batman Arkham Asylum completely blew my mind. The game already had plans for a sequel tucked right under our noses for about so long after the release.

    The Heart Of Liberty City in GTA IV was pretty cool! I found by accident and nearly had a heart attack!

    Also, the Final Fantasy XXVII posters in Deus Ex Human Revolution.

  4. I just saw Songbird in the Uncharted level on PlayStation Allstars, which is pretty cool, but he was really big so I don’t think it’s much of an Easter egg.

    I like the classic warp whistle in Mario 3 was the same tune as the whistle in the original LoZ, which can be heard in the title screen sequence of Ocarina of Time, which can be heard when you play the Skyward Sword theme backwards. You get the point. Nintendo recycles. It’s wonderful.

    1. Found a mistake. It was Zelda’s Lullaby you heard when playing Skyward Sword’s theme backwards. Also a cool Easter egg.

  5. Maybe the scarface one with the shark and the lady. In south miami or something there is a long pier that you walk to the end of and there is an ingame cutscene with a lady swimming up to you swearing for no reason and a shark follows and eats her.

    It’s pretty stupid but only happens once in the whole game but because of that and her onset of tourettes i found it funny when i discovered it by accident.

  6. QOTW:
    I’d say 3D Game Hero that game was a game created on a pile of snes era easter eggs, heres a few:
    -One of the guards in front of the castle thinks he’s in the original bionic commando and asks you to help him save super Joe
    -If you bomb open crack in the final area you’ll fall into the developer room and hear there comments in the game
    -Finally there is a room hidden behind a crack that when entered has a couple of demon souls references such as finding a note on the ground asking you to recommend him in order to get healed, a dead soldiers soul on a body to name a few

  7. qotw

    The gta series is famous for having many easter eggs. They were mostly hidden cars and pop culture references though. Hot coffee anyone? My favorite thing to do is not really considered an easter egg, but I loved leveling up in gta san andreas to the point where I could recruit at least 7 or 8 gang members and then wreak havoc. There was also a cheat code where you could recruit anyone you want and I created a gang consisting solely of cops and it was funny watching cops killing other cops. I also received endless amounts of joy from pushing people down stairs in gta 4 and racing to the bottom of said stairs to watch them fall in like rag dolls. I hope gta 5 is better than all the previous games combined.

  8. Huzzah! VGA came early! 😀

    Also…that image… OMG, are you guys gonna sing cara mia? : O

    Only one way to find out! *goes to listen!*

  9. QOTW:
    Mafia 2 – Guy in prison yard will say “All your base are belong to us.”
    Skyrim – A display case in a vampire keep in the Dragonborn Dlc has a ring, a heart, an eye, a
    ribcage and a claw which are (sort of) the items needed to fight Dracula at the end of
    Castlevania 2.

  10. QOTW: I’ve never played Skullmonkeys but ever since I heard the bonus room song on tdar it’s become my favourite easter egg. The perfect mix of creepy and awesome.

    I don’t know why but the line that sticks with me is: “…me, I’m like your Dad, and a little like your Mum”

  11. QOTW: Here’s the most recent Egg I’ve found. In MGR: Revengenace their are 5 Men in Boxes that you collect by slicing in half. When go into the collectible menu and examine them they each take a pose from MGS 1-4 and Rising.

  12. It might sound sad, but the first Easter egg I ever stumbled my way across was the “Heart of Happiness” in GTA 4

  13. QOTW:

    Naughty Dog….boobs. On a serious note though, I always enjoy the Easter Eggs that pay tribute to someone kind of in the same way as the one mentioned from Counter Strike. WoW did the same thing with a mountain top memorial, and more recently Borderlands 2.

  14. Episodio magnifico! The Easter egg I like the most is the message at the top of the bridge in GTA: San Andreas saying there are no Easter eggs up here. Pretty clever, I thought.

  15. Qotw: I would have to say any time that the Ratchet, Sly, or Jak referenced each other. I have a huge connection to those games growing up and I lost my shit whenever they would even acknowledge each other. My favorite would have to be at the start menu of Ratchet 2 or 3 (can’t remember which) where Ratchet is playing a game. Normally it’s just the first level of the game, but if you wait long enough, he’ll play Sly 2 or Jak 2.

  16. I just wanted to say, this was a fucking great episode. The trivia section had me completely cracking up.

    1. Also I would love it if you guys talked about iOS games some time in the near future. There’s been a lot of good stuff recently, like little inferno, ridiculous fishing, zombies: animales de la muerte, bastion, rayman jungle run, etc. Would be cool to hear you guys talk up iOS (especially since you guys kinda ignore it in new releases).

      Keep up the good work, this week was one of the best yet.

  17. Best. Episode. Ever.

    Also, the alien crash site in Fallout 3 has always been my favorite easter egg. I discovered it organically while playing the game (not looking online), and it was such a joyful boner experience.

  18. Was kinda surprised to hear a non-recommendation for Silent Hill 2 HD, I have only heard good things about it. Could someone explain further? I LOVE the game and have wanted to check out the HD version.

  19. I love when video games have pop culture easter eggs. Two examples that come to mind are:

    GTA Vice City was heavily influenced by the movie Scarface, and in one of the houses there’s a bathroom that’s covered in blood with a chainsaw you can pick up in the shower, which is a reference to the famous seen from Scarface.

    Also Blizzard loves to put easter eggs in their games in the form of unique enemies and items with special names. My current favorite example of this is in Diablo 2 there is a dirk (a type of dagger) named “The Diggler” (named after the fictional porn star Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights).

    Film references FTW!

  20. daaaaaamn did I miss the trio being on one podcast talking about video games. Also Grimm and Anne just flowed so well, this has to be my favorite cast combo of all time. As for easter eggs the only one I can really remember is the giant golden chicken from GOW3, and i think it’s actually based off this Japanese legend of a giant chicken that breaths fire…

  21. Still love the one in MGS3 where if you spin Snake around in the menu for long enough and return to the game, he would throw up in the game. Also anything to do with how you could kill The End in that game, moving the the internal clock of the PS2 forward a week so he would die of natural causes or just taking him out when he is in the wheelchair before you even face him. Kojima is the master of Easter Eggs in his games for players to discover.

  22. Best episode yet! Kudos for beating the heat to bring us Vidja-poc

    Favorite easter egg: Make the Statue of Liberty take all of its clothes off by shooting it in Twisted Metal 2 (Rooftops level.) It alternated between overweight and skinny if you continued to attack it, until it was completely destroyed. Pretty fuckin cool

  23. Great show!!!
    The trivia game had me cracking up. The impersonations were horribly inaccurately and horribly funny at the same time.

    My answer to the QotW is neither a easter egg nor my favorite. Nobody else is mentioning it but I like the audio logs in Halo: ODST. They tell a very elaborate and complicated story with more twists and turns than you can shake a stick at. To bad the game itself couldn’t tell such a good story.

    Some of my favorite easter eggs are:
    Otocon’s comments in MGS2 to the pictures you take.
    At the end of Halo:CE during the drive to escape the exploding Halo finding the Grunt splurting some random jiberish.
    In MGS: Twin Snake, in the room where you battle Psycho Mantis there are picture of Hideo Kojima and Dennis Dydack. Plus one of my favorite in game tricks ever was Psycho Mantis “predicting” you every move. (No spoilers)

  24. Sonic Adventure: Around Christmas time on the Dreamcast’s clock, an R&B group would sing the theme from NiGHTS (One called the “Kid Fucker’s Hoagie” by a certain CAPCOM employee) in the City Square and the world would populate with Christmas decorations. I love that cheesy song.

  25. QoTW:

    All time favorite? Axe armor in castlevania : sotn. To get it without naming yourself as axe armor is pretty time consuming and all your hard work nets you an unusable suit of armor.

    Also the the black jack mini game after the credits of ffix.

  26. One of my favorite Easter eggs is the Vigil theme hidden in the Normandy’s sounds in the war room. It’s very subtle, and I didn’t notice it until it was pointed out to me. The music was such an important part of my Mass Effect experience, and in particular that song. Since the Vigil theme was ME1’s main menu music, it’s literally the first thing you experience from the series, and it was a nice way to help the feeling of bringing things full circle in ME3, even though it’s so easy to miss.

    On another note, if you would like help editing the podcast, I’m an audio engineer and I would be happy to help, or at least until you’re able to get a new computer. If you need to keep it in house, I understand. I just thought I would offer my help on the off chance you guys could use it.

  27. I cannot believe noone has brought this up!!! My favorite easter egg of all time was in Chrono trigger. In order to get it you gotta beat Lavos the first time you encounter him in the story. In the battle you are supposed to die in.

    That blew my adolescent mind when I first saw it. You end up in room in tokyo talking to all the game developers all with their own secret messages that you only get to see because you beat lavos when you shoulda died. Because of that, The chrono trigger developers ending will always be a favorite easter egg of all time.

  28. QOTW:
    – I’d have to say Assassin’s Creed II when Uncle Mario says “It’s a me…Mario!”

  29. Dope fish:

    I found it in quake and its in a score of other related games. Just a fish that looks high as balls and is chilling in the wall of some sort of gothic/ cthulhu alien demon fuck fest.

    Blood had Jack Nicholson from the shining all frozen and stuff

    Deus ex HR had some cool shout outs to things like robo cop and shit

    Games are cool

    You guys are cool.

    Be excellent to each other. And… PARTY ON, DUDES!

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