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  1. I should be working. But, LASER. I guess I’ll go listen to the Backstreet boys after this.

  2. i’m only 23 minutes into this episode, but YES.
    a MILLION TIME YES, to this episode.
    the 90’s beat us over the heads SO MUCH with these songs.
    i have a strong connection to a lot of what’s been played so far.
    XD X3
    i’ll be back at the end, but so far beautifully awesome episode.

  3. Barely 6 minutes in and already im cracking up in sympathetic shame. Especially at Puddle o’ Mud and now Breakfast at Tiffanys

  4. All American Rejects is my thing. Their new albums are pretty good, but Move Along is hard for me to listen to now

  5. Ha ya ha o ha ya ha
    o hay o ha aa aa aa aa
    o ha aa ya
    o ha ee ya o ha ee ya
    ha ee ya ha ee ya

  6. Loved the show.

    A~~~~ E~~~~
    eh…ah… yi…i…i… hi… oh…i… yi…ya… (yi…ya…) (yi…ya…) (yi…ya…) (yi…ya…)

  7. Is this up on iTunes yet? not seeing it D: looks like such an awesome topic though, LaserTime has been on a roll since returning from their little break

  8. Oh man, How Bizarre?! As a New Zealander, yeah that’s a pretty beloved song around NZ, and I don’t think anyone would feel bad about loving it… but man, I had no idea anyone overseas would ever have heard of it!

  9. Love these guys every week and this one had me singing to most of their ‘Shame Songs” 😀

  10. Great topic!! Carpenters yeah! I love all that 70s singer/songwriter stuff. Seals and Crofts, Michael Martin Murphy, Marty Balin, Gerry Rafferty, Bread… all unironically! No guilt whatsoever! And there should be!! My god I am old. But at least, was super young when I heard that stuff, advanced for my age I think. Even my friends of the same age don’t remember those songs so much.

    PS I just bought a Zebra shipping printer on Amazon through the LT link, I hope it shows up.

  11. Haven’t listened to this episode yet but I’m already dreading where it is going… in good way strangely enough.

  12. This sounds great. I still have copies of Limp Bizkit’s Chocolate starfish and the hot-dog flavored water and Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory. I wish I go back and punch my 10 year old self in the face for being into that shit

  13. WOW this episode is funny. Brelston, hearing how your college relationship was held together by alien ant farm and your undying devotion to enya makes me cringe and nauseated.

    judgement night soundtrack was super weird, but man if that cypress hill/sonic youth song isn’t completely legit. By far the most shockingly weird was the dinosaur jr/del the funkee homosapien collab, i can only hope they actually did that in the studio together.

    and filter’s take a picture is an awesome song.

    my idea for an episode: 90 minutes of things in life that irritate mike grimm. seriously nothing is more entertaining than hearing him explode with rage.

  14. Man, yeah, this is definitely one of my favorite shows so far! Even though it turns out that I like around 90% of the songs you guys made fun of here completely un-ironically and without shame XD

    Man, I didn’t even know Enigma’s “Return to innocence” was considered to be a cheesy song… I live in Mexico though, So I guess anything that comes from over there just feels cool and Golden compared to the croc of shit that is Spanish Music overall…

  15. One of the best episodes ever… I about lost it when Brett tipped his hat early and Kiss Me started playing. I went back in time back when I was an emo 14 year old.

  16. Damnit…I fucking love most of these songs. If I hadn’t been laughing so hard, I would’ve been really embarrassed while listening to this.

  17. Damn Chris I Was Totally GoinG To Tell You About My Third Eye Blind Obsession But You Beat Me To It At The End Of The Episode. I Also Listened to The Background, God Of Wine, And Narcolepsy Off Of That CD Which Were All At The End. I Actually Sang Motorcycle Drive By To A Chick In High School And She Cried And Then I Got Laid. You’re Not Alone On That Song Is All I’m Saying Though Man.

  18. It is sad how much of these I share with Brett. It’s truly embarrassing how much puddle of mudd I used to listen to when I think about it. But then I always listened to that stuff because there was something I liked about the music even though I knew that the singing and lyrics were total shit. And I still listen to Filter’s old stuff from time to time and don’t think its really bad (save for a few sons I can think of.) I thank you all for this episode for it has pointed out how sad the point in my life in which I discovered music I liked (outside of music in video games) actually was! That was my pre-teen years in the late 90’s. Luckily at least not much of that shit stuck with me but it is sad that in some way, it shaped my musical preferences today. I don’t want to be that old man who says, “back in my day we didn’t have all this new fangled music; we listened to limp biskit!” At the point that music has aged now it makes me wonder how much worse it will be in another decade or two.

    For my bit to throw in I would imagine it’s pretty sad that I still like linkin park’s old stuff.
    There’s my bit. I’ll show myself out…

  19. I remember going out on a date with a chick I worked with and stopping at the warehouse to pick up the new sugar ray cd with every morning on it. After she dumped me I played it once over the work music system while we were stocking clothes. Did not go the way I thought and I looked like a dumb ass. Every time I hear it I get embarrassed.

  20. So I listened to this episode by myself in my car on my 45 minute commute to and from work and had so many feels. There was the perfect combo of this’d sic an the sun settig over all the trees as I was coming down a big hill. Almost ha to pull over and just stop and look at it.

  21. So I listened to this episode by myself in my car on my 45 minute commute to and from work and had so many feels. There was the perfect combo of this’d sic an the sun settig over all the trees as I was coming down a big hill. Almost ha to pull over and just stop and look at it.

  22. So I listened to this episode by myself in my car on my 45 minute commute to and from work and had so many feels. There was the perfect combo of this’d sic an the sun settig over all the trees as I was coming down a big hill. Almost ha to pull over and just stop and look at it.

    1. I actually did take one picture of it while driving. Something about that music mixed with the long, empty road in front of me and the sun and clouds and trees made me want to capture that moment.

  23. This episode, man.

    Here’s the thing, I work as a DJ at a pop/Top 40 FM station here in Manila, and about 75-80% of these songs fall under our Wednesday playlist. It’s like hearing you guys dissect our Playback library!

    Also, I completely lost it at Return to Innocence. I still love the video, too.

  24. Curese you Brett…. I’ve had enigma stuck in my head all day now. EEEEAYAYAYA OH YAYA OH YAYAYAYA DAMMIT!

  25. I looked at a Chris Benoit video: “I don’t care what Chris benoit did he was still a great wrestler” 14 thumbs up.

  26. Too bad about the Don Mclean bashing. The original version of Vincent is great. I know Grim can be persnickety but he should give the original a chance.

  27. being in college right now, I think my guilty pleasure song is Clarity by Zedd, Foxes. I have no idea why but its too damn catchy and its just another shitty club pop song that is everywhere now.

  28. Imagine if Mike Grimm was actually Bruce Banner, he would smash everything after getting enraged over something! Also, please do a one hit wonders episode of songs from the 90’s. This episode reminded me of so many songs I forgot about, especially the super gay but entertaining Kiss the rain song. Now I want to be a teenager again, and know everything I know now. Life would be so fun. Oh, and finally remembered to click through before buying something on amazon! Unfortunately I just had a bunch to drink so I don’t remember what I ordered. I call that “Pulling an Antista”

  29. You guys need to just set up an amazon link to all the songs you talked about so we can all just click through and buy them. Also, still drinking.

  30. This episode was so hard to hear the music that you were talking about because the mixing was so bad. Your voices were very loud and most of the music was too low. Please adjust the mixing of music and commentary in the future! I could not even tell what some of the songs that you were making fun were!

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