Cape Crisis 52 – Suck it, Braff!


Now in the afterglow of Iron Man 3, we talk the future of comics, buying new hardcovers, Arrested Development, and Zach freaking Braff…


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Cape Crisis #51 Question: What’s your favorite super team?

23 thoughts on “Cape Crisis 52 – Suck it, Braff!

  1. Maya Hansen shouldn’t have died.

    I loved the suits of armors showing up, as I expected there to be just one.

    Loved everything else, too.

    1. I felt like it was surprisingly dark even though it was really funny, and I don’t think that was diminished with the removal of the Mandarin. In fact it was even more cynical and twisted.

      One other thing: the min villain’s plan was reflective of his motivations and his unstableness. It was impractical, but to him it felt like the way he wanted to do things. He wanted to manipulate the fears of the world.

  2. Zach Braff is sittin on a goddamn quadrillion dollars, don’t give em any leeway Chris, he’s a fuckin dirtbag.
    If this guy shopped around to get a movie funded, there’d be a BIDDING WAR on that shit, he doesn’t have to ask joe nobody. Big Bang Theory guy is in the video, he’s right there! That guy is a GOLDEN MONEY GOD!

    1. He doesn’t want to shop HIS movie around. He wants to OWN it when it’s all said and done. Not that hard to understand dudebro.

  3. I’ve been saying for YEARS that Stan Lee’s writing doesn’t hold up. I appreciate it for what it is, but I do not enjoy reading it nowadays.

  4. Favourite Super Team?

    Hm, a bit of a tossup. Especially since Marvel has had so many variations of different teams (and I’m going to pick Marvel and not DC for the purpose of this).

    I really did enjoy Bendis’ New Avengers for the majority of it’s run. I have also enjoyed the Young Avengers, for being a little more diverse in their choices. In the end though, I really have to say that I love (and miss) the Runaways. The first 3 volumes of that book were so good and I know it sounds blasphemous to say, but I feel like it started going downhill when Joss Whedon did his run with the comic. Still love them though – hopefully they’ll be revived by someone capable and return to form.

  5. My favourite team is definitely the 1992 men’s basketball dream team. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Scottie Pippen, David Robinson – great dynamic and they brought the gold home to the U S of A

  6. I wonder when we’ll get a cape crisis where you guys spend 90% of the show talking about God Damned comic books instead of turning it into “What Really Grinds Henry’s Gears.” You guys DO know what comic books are right?

    1. I mean don’t get me wrong, I USUALLY love the show. But this really isn’t the right place or outlet for all this kind of stuff.

      1. I listen to all the Laser Time podcasts, and look at it all as a big Talk Radar. I don’t mind each show getting derailed from what it’s supposed to be about. I think the bandwidth limits are what cause problems, when everyone spends too much time off-topic the on-topic talk gets cut because it’s time to stop, or pay more to post the show.

  7. Is it just me? or is Henry’s complaining and “mwaaah I don’t like this person/thing!” getting too annoying? I mean, to the point that it ends up derailing from topics more interesting and more related to the show, such as Agents of Shield being not talked about at all because instead Henry decided to bitch about Whedon’s brother for no reason, and ended up derailing the conversation to something completely unrelated.

    I know a lot of the charm of these shows lies in those kinds of tangents, but I also find it kind of annoying when it gets in the way of what the show is supposed to be about.

  8. I usually agree with you guys on most things but I don’t get the Zach Braff hate, I like Scrubs and Garden State is still totally a fine film, any of the criticisms aimed at it could also be aimed at any other indie film.

    Also is Cape Crisis really the best place for this discussion, would LT not be better for this. You could get a whole episode on films that people once liked and hate now. Napoleon Dynamite came out the same year as Garden State and is another film that everyone was in love with when it came out and now people hate on it. Most recent example of that I can think of is Juno.

    Sorry for the rant, I love you guys (been listening to you guys since Talkradar 1) and everything on the LT network but I feel this show was not the time or place for Zach Braff hate

  9. quick, someone tell me which Amazing Spiderman Ultimate Collection trades to buy. there’s a bin of them used at a store in the town I’m visiting and they’re dirt cheap. picked up Big Time but don’t know where to go from there. Grim Hunt, Spider Island, Brand New Day, End of the Earth? noob needs guidance!

    1. Hopefully in time… I’d say start with Brand New Day (which is the start of the “modern” era, Big Time is post BND), then Grim Hunt, then perhaps Ends of the Earth just so you can then jump into Danger Zone/Dying Wish, which leads into Superior Spider-Man.

    2. Brand New Day is worth it, but if you want to catch up quick Ends of the Earth ties up everything to Superior and only leaves a few issues of Amazing to catch up with. And it’s great.

  10. I was looking forward to the community episode you guys promised, to catch up on the QOTW you guys had to skip because of time. Instead we got Zach Braff.

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