Laser Time – Star Trek 4 Dummies


Our Mission: A spoiler-free journey through stupid Trek trivia and a celebratory look at the series’ lasting legacy, concluding with a brief, spoiler-heavy look at Star Trek Into Darkness


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30 thoughts on “Laser Time – Star Trek 4 Dummies

  1. Good list, Brett. I always really liked TNG’s “The Wounded” with the corrupt warden from Shawshank as a renegade captain messing up the Cardassians. O’Brien was great in this episode, almost like it was his audition for DS9.

    1. “Meaningless” is s strong term I know, but I mean it in a grander, wider, decades-long inspirational way. Trek, well before I ever loved it, was a huge source of pride and inspiration for thousands/millions. TNG cemented that even further. Then through mismanagement and other factors, Trek died.

      2009 saw a massive reboot that’s immensely watchable (as is the new movie) but will ultimately not “matter” to anyone. It’s a great summer series, intense and exciting and all that, but it has none of the gravity or lasting impact for this generation. Possibly premature to say that, but it’s been four years and the ’09 movie doesn’t appear to have a lasting impression. It’s also not that type of movie, nor was it billed as one. So it’s not a failing of that movie, it’s just… not Star Trek.

      All that said, if it encourages people to watch TOS or TNG, that’s great. They’re pretty damn different but getting interested in the lore and the old stories is a good thing IMO, and these movies probably help that. It’s not like Godzilla ’98 or anything! 🙂

      1. Its the idea of trek, the sum of its parts that last, not the single pieces. These films revive the series and remind fans of the old and invite the new. Hate to say it but it wont leave a lasting impression on you because…well your too old to be impressed upon, but to newcomers it will down the road when they grow up. Plus, I actually felt for the enterprise in this film as it was shot to pieces, barely holding together through both sabotage and threats of destruction but finally prevails as the little spaceship that could even though its “not real”. You know whats also not real, a scale model ship, its not a real ship, its a toy at best, work of fine craftsmanship, but somehow that obtains your empathy.

        Im sure the slow burn of tv episodes that have time(and lack of money) to stop and ask “why” or brood and discuss philosophy/justification/morality of every action made creamed through your mind and has built up a good bulk of warm memories overall and thats fine, but stop denying the new and streamlined and give it its due.

        Also as you very well know, the media of today is different, your not gonna find the jokes, memes, discussions of trek(09) unless your searching for them but something tells me you arent, its not like that of the past where something had to be a sweeping phenomenon to pour over the public psyche.

        Also your biased.

      2. Brett, I should have listened closer. I figured you would be the voice of reason when it comes to Trek. You still give it more credit than I do though, it didn’t even engage me (get it! ENGAGE! Anyone? Hello?) on an action movie visceral level. The setpieces felt recycled (from the last one at that), and the one that did excite me (Vengeance vs. Enterprise) lasted all of…45 seconds total?

        1. future earth, the klingon planet and the desolate moon all looked cool to me, or are yout alking about the enterprise…cause they kinda have to ruse that set….its uh…their ship, though they did add new sets for it which also looked cool.

  2. As someone who hasn’t watched a single Star Trek episode or any of the old movies. I gotta say I like the new ones, but I do agree with Brett that they aren’t terribly memorable. Still, honestly, this was probably the only way I could have ever been inclined to watch anything Star Trek related since I find that entire universe and mythos too big and intimidating to get into. Maybe one day though.

    Also, I agree with you guys regarding Damon Lindelof, i really, really don’t like most of what he has done so far, and yeah, it’s pretty irritating how he seems to want to have twists for the sake of twists without actually seeing if they make sense.(Except in this movie, although i really didn’t feel his work so much here.) Fortunately, so far I don’t think HE is involved in any way with Star Wars VII, so that gives me a bit more hope that Abrams will be able to make a good movie without any of the bullshit Lindelof brings into his work.

  3. I hate typing this, but I’m kinda disappointed you guys (especially Brett) didn’t tear the movie a new hole. The last time I experienced this many WTF moments in a theater, it was May 19, 1999. I’m at the point if I see the Bad Robot logo anywhere else, I’m hauling ass in the opposite direction.

    1. Well, someone likes making mountains out of molehills…

      I have a feeling that the main reason you’re having this reaction is because of a certain series of sequences at the end. Which I’ll agree feel too on the nose, but to call the entire movie terrible because of that, and SPECIALLY comparing it with The Phantom Menace is honestly out of place.

  4. I’ve got no interest in Star Trek at all, but to be honest i’ll listen to you guys talk about pretty much anything and still be entertained.

  5. I’ve read all the Star Trek ToS and TNG comics and loved them. I purposefully knew nothing about the movie going in and the camera turn reveal of Cumberbatch as the villain was such a fantastic moment (I LOVE Sherlock).

  6. The only one I’ve really watched is all of TNG but I freaking love all Star Trek. I read all the TNG comics and loved them. I purposefully knew nothing about the movie going in and the camera turn reveal of Cumberbatch as the villain was such a fantastic moment (I LOVE Sherlock). I haven’t seen *the movie* this one heavily references yet the scenes mirrored are so iconic I knew them immediately.

  7. Just thought I’d throw “Measure of a Man” from TNG season 2 out there as a “must watch.” That’s one that got me hooked.

  8. Just to help, here’s Brelston’s TNG list. It’s probably posted somewhere else, but just in case:

    S01E01,02 Encounter Farpoints 1 & 2
    S01E11, The Big Goodbye
    S02E02, Where Silence Has Lease
    S02E16, Q-Who?
    S03E07, The Enemy
    S03E16, The Offspring
    S04E19, The Nth Degree
    S04E22, Half A Life
    S05E23, I, Borg
    S05E25, The Inner Light
    S06E15, Tapestry
    S06E25, Timescape
    S07E25, All Good Things Pt 1 & 2

  9. I think Into Darkness was definitely worse than the first one. They should have used this movie as a chance to deliver on the premise of the 5 year mission starting, rather than just retreading the whole “learn to be a captain, Kirk” story. Also, I’ve never seen the Wrath of Kahn, but I would assume that they butchered his character, because he seemed really poorly utilized.

    After the great opening and great Kahn intro where he makes that guy into a suicide bomber, everything just fell apart and it felt like they had no idea how to make a coherent movie. I was just bored with the rest of it.

  10. I can’t believe I’m the only one pissed about this, but where do you guys get off calling a show ‘spoiler free’ and then dropping details about the new movie in first 10 freaking minutes? I didn’t know about this Kahn business, and now I do. Thanks.

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