Cape Crisis 53 – It’s An Illusion!


It’s time for more comic talk, including the newest Man of Steel trailer, Invincible, and boys kissing boys. Also, we still can’t shut up about Arrested Development…


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Cape Crisis #51 Question: What’s the funniest comic you ever read?

14 thoughts on “Cape Crisis 53 – It’s An Illusion!

  1. Currently, the funniest comic/graphic novel I’ve been reading is Kangoku Gakuen/Prison School on an online manga translation.

    It’s about 5 boys that get enrolled in an all-girls high school hat is in the process of becoming co-ed integrated. Stuff happens, and they get put into an actual prison in the center of the schoolyard. Hilarity ensues in their attempts to find romance and plan an escape. Tons of boob and panty up-shot fanservice from the student council Vice-President, who is their acting jailer.

  2. Dunkin donuts serves breakfast all day, plug.

    I dont/didnt like the aquaman og the justice league cartoon, mostly cause they threw out his whole design and characteristics for a more edgy look(could he be any more 90s?) and just basically made him namor.

    It annoys me that Kevin Michael Richardson voices every black, big, or deep voiced person, who usually is black.

  3. Chris, that Phil Lamarr/Green Lantern impression.. I think I found a voice I like better than sexy Dr. Claw.
    Also, I love when you guys talk about Invincible.

  4. QOTW: Brian Posehn’s current run on Deadpool is probably one the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. Almost every other panel contains a hilariously well timed joke or an esoteric pun that covers subjects that range from history to memes to the Marvel Universe itself. Plus the letters section is almost always partially composed of letters from other comedian friends such as Patton Oswalt with replies in the character of Deadpool.

    The best issue so far has to be number 7 which is a “lost issue” from the 80’s (a decade prior to his creation) where Deadpool is tasked with getting Iron Man drunk. However, pretty much all ten issues at this point are must reads for both fans of well timed nerdy humor and of comics themselves. Between it and Cape Crisis I’ve started really getting into comics for the first time in my adult life.

  5. Henry, don’t you listen to the critics: tangents and random asides are what makes Cape Crisis so great!

  6. Y’know, I don’t like Superman as a concept, I like him even less as a character, and the only times I’ve enjoyed seeing him is when Batman kicks his ass or outsmarts him. So even though most of the trailers shown for Man of Steel so far looked solid, I wasn’t really interested.

    But holy shit, that last trailer? definitely grabbed my attention, and now I AM excited to see it, if only because it promises to have a memorable villain this time around, and action sequences more exciting that watching superman carry a giant rock into outer space.

  7. Yeah, I think I’m about done with Brett Elston.

    Has the guy ever been tested to see where he falls on the Asperger’s spectrum? I’m not saying that to be glib.

    His appearances on these shows consist of him rattling off encyclopedic airdates and which seasons of shows had shorter episode counts owing to work stoppage; belligerently correcting assertions made by others, based on absurdly personal criteria like “No, I distinctly remember waking up in this house when that TV show was on, and I only lived there from X year to Y year, so…” and on and on until the other person somehow audibly shrugs and gives up; and dismissing as garbage anything introduced to him that he doesn’t already know everything about.

    This last one has been referenced repeatedly over the years, with respect to anyone’s attempt to recommend things to him, and underlined with the Antista anecdote at the end of a recent Cape Crisis involving Elston deriding some Star Trek crossover on the grounds that he wasn’t already an expert on it.

    I get the distinct feeling that I’d punch this guy in the mouth within about ten minutes of meeting him. As a proxy, I’m just bowing out on shows he’s on from here out.

    (Chris, Henry, and Mikel are still the bee’s knees and likeable as hell. I feel I should add that to counter the overwhelmingly negative tone of this post)

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