No Guts, No Glory: What the inside of your carts look like


Ever wonder what the inside of your carts look like?  Anyone with security bits already knows, but there are probably some people out there that have never seen the inside of a cartridge.  KREATIVEassassin takes you inside at the guts of some classic games!  Take a look!

4 thoughts on “No Guts, No Glory: What the inside of your carts look like

  1. Interesting! I have never opened up any of my carts just out of fear I would ruin it. Maybe I’ll give it a try with 10-Yard Fight or another I know I’ll never want to play again. Do you have any pictures of a cartridge that is nasty and needs maintenance? Also, when you show a more advanced NES game and the one with “a lot of guts”, just for reference, which games are those? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for commenting!

      The four NES games that are opened up are, in order of appearance: Nigel Mansell’s World Championship Racing, Metroid, Crystalis, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2.

  2. I think the only cart I ever took apart was a Dragon Warrior that the battery had died out. I wondered if it was possible to replace the battery, but it didn’t look easy enough to me all those years ago. Plus, I’d rather just play the GameBoy version that didn’t make you use steps from the menu, anyway.

    What other pointless articles can KREATIVEassassin offer us? I look forward to finding out.

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