Vidjagame Apocalypse 20 – E3plosive Decompression

Last week was crazy, but it’s over now, so your exhausted hosts gather before the firelight and trade harrowing stories from the blood-caked trenches. Ha, just kidding — we sit around and complain about video games, just like always! This week, we talk about the best stuff we saw at E3, chat about developments in the new Sony-Microsoft console war (NOTE: This episode was recorded days before Microsoft backed out of its DRM plans), and talk about the stuff that got you excited from this year’s show.

Question of the Week

Now that we’ve heard about your favorite things at E3, what were you looking forward to seeing that ended up being a no-show?



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33 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 20 – E3plosive Decompression

  1. I had secret hopes that a Gravity Rush sequel would make an appearance this year, but alas, it did not. I had forgotten that they set themselves up for a sequel until I replayed it a few months ago. Maybe one day Sony will remember the Vita…

  2. Nothing really, saw what I expected to see. Anything I would be interested to see that was a no-show are things there are no reason to expect would be there like Left 4 Dead 3.

  3. I’m still waiting on Nintendo to deliver on new console F-Zero, Star Fox and Super Metroid… although I suppose Smash Bros. will still have their characters… or at least I hope so.

    1. Fan: Hey Nintendo can we please get an F-Zero game?
      Nintendo: Naww we’ll just turn Mario Kart into F-Zero instead.

  4. After a kick ass trailer for Guilty Gear Xrd I was hoping to see more of it at E3. Welp wasn’t there. I was also hoping for Darkstalkers 4 or a next gen fighter from Capcom since they’ve been teasing it for a while now. Nope wasn’t there either.

    Guess I’ll have to settle for the Killer Instinct that doesn’t really look like Killer Instinct, and is being made a by a company with a less than great track record, and is on the Xbox One.

    Guess I’ll watch the Guilty Gear Trailer again

  5. Jesus, after that hint at one of the E3 RadioRadars and now this, I’m beginning to think you lot did see a new Half-Life secretly. =/

  6. While not the pontentially-in-production game I looked forward to the most, Beyond Good & Evil 2 was the potentailly-in-production game to be teased few days before E3 that I looked forward to the most. that was a nasty move.

  7. I’d have to say the lack of any F-Zero game. I wasn’t really expecting it, but its still disappointing that it’s skipped out a generation already and probably won’t be coming back any time soon.

  8. QOTW: I was hoping Naughty Dog’s next game would be there. Now I know that sounds odd since The Last of Us just came out, and is fantastic, but that game was only worked on by half of Naughty Dog, so I’m curious what the Uncharted team is working on for PS4. Maybe another Uncharted, maybe another Jak and Daxter, or maybe a whole new IP. Whatever it is, I’m excited for it, as Naughty Dog has been one of the best, if not the best, developers of the past decade in my opinion.

  9. The Last Guardian because every year there is a rumor that it will be at E3 and it never shows up. I forgot that Sony still hadn’t shown off Destiny at their press conference so when Jack said there was one more thing I thought it could be The Last Guardian running on PS4 but it was just Destiny (not bad mouthing the game, I think it looks awesome) so I was left heart broken again. I now live in hope that it shows up at TGS in some form.

  10. QOTW: I was really hoping to see Barkley’s shut and jam gaiden 8: The Reckoning

  11. As a new fan of Bethesda I was hopping to see the new Fallout. I know this is sounds somewhat stupid but I would like to see a sequel to Jak X Combat Racing which I think was one of the broest games ever!

  12. I was really hoping for Capcom to announce something fighting game related.

    MvC4 was rumored, but what I really wanted to hear was that the upcoming SSF4 update was going to be more than a balance patch and was actually going to have more characters and stages and whatnot.

    Hopefully they’re just saving that stuff for Evo.

  13. Mike Grimm’s speech about Demons Souls/Dark Souls fired me up to give the former another chance earlier and i’m not constantly eating shit for a change. You tha man Grimm!

  14. how do I accurately convey how much I want The Last Guardian to exist?
    didn’t it feel like it was really gonna happen this time? at a time where PS4 would really benefit from exclusives, that sumbitch would be a console seller.

    I still watch the trailers periodically, and as time goes on it feels like the inevitable tragedy that lies in the game’s story couldn’t possibly match the heartbreak of the entire project vanishing into the ether.

    it’s a flying dog! why do I care so much!?
    best me to death with a nerd stick, jesus christ.

  15. More than anything I was hoping to see The Last Guardian. I was hoping and praying to see a glimpse of it during the Sony conference but the gods of gaming are cruel and the game is now on hiatus.

  16. Half life 3 Will just show up on the steam store page with no announcement or marketing campaign And the steam servers will crash.

  17. I really wanted to see a new starfox. I really really wanted to see a new starfox. Now I didn’t get to see starfox. I was also hoping for an update to TVii so dvr functionality can be added in. Something from nintendo that was pretty much totally unknown before the event. Unfortunately most the announcements were things I was previously aware of.

  18. You fall down when you run in animal crossing 3ds when its raining, like in real life dumby.
    Dont run when its muddy.
    And I play my 3ds exclusively at home and since it took forver to get one make it a high priority to never lose it.
    You guys should stop generalizing, your bad at it.

    Tyler is weirdly defensive of the xbox one….

  19. 2 huge no shows for me at E3 2013

    First one is a reason to buy a PS Vita. You got more PS3 ports? Great! Don’t Care about buying a vita to play GOW HD or Flower. Not even a trailer for Tearaway? Oh hey, Sony is forgetting to promote a cool looking vita game with the potential to become a killer app so it’ll probably be forgotten. And still no price cut or bundle announcements (with more memory)? Time is ticking, Sony.

    Second no show was Beyond Good and Evil 2. The beginning of the Tom Clancy trailer gave me #girlwood because I thought this was the Beyond Good and Evil 2 reveal I’d been waiting for but nope.

  20. QOTW: Mine are all 3DS or RPG related
    New Golden Sun
    New Advance Wars I’m guessing will be called 3 DimenSions (3DS)
    A completely return to form Paper Mario
    A full fledged sequel to FF Tactics
    and finally for the 3DS to finally support N64 games

  21. QOTW: I was really hoping to hear something about either a new Advance Wars, also was hoping to hear about a new Metroid or something on WiiU from Retro.

    But I loved Donkey Kong on Wii and will hopefully have a WiiU by the time the new one rolls around cause that looked just as great, just wanted Retro to be doing something totally new (that sounds really dumb when I put their name in that statement).

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