Laser Time – Human Body Odor


In honor of the tragic passing of James Gandolfini, we’re headed to our Home Box Office! The Sopranos, Deadwood, Mr. Show, Dream On, The Wire and other television classics that wouldn’t have been possible without HBO…


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29 thoughts on “Laser Time – Human Body Odor

    1. I thought James Gandolfini was just a generic Italian name until I read the IMDb page for Zero Dark Thirty a month or two ago.

    2. this is literally how i found out he was dead just now when i came to the LT page.
      i live under a pop culture proof rock apparently.

      also… i didn’t watch the sopranos. but i’m aware of it and things that happened in it.

  1. I’m only half way through, but this is a great episode so far! I’m on my rewatch of the Wire, on season 2, and it’s the best you guys. I love it.

    I watched Mr Show for the first time last year, and I think it holds up, as someone who saw everything it influenced before I saw it.

  2. Downloading now while in the pub, does this episode feature Grimm? All podcasts are improved 76% with extra Grimm.

  3. oh and just so you guys know. i grew up in a house with nothing but girls and the official name for little girl private parts when we were kids was “tweezers”
    that’s what we called them in my mom’s house as kids, and that’s what we’ll call them in MY house for my kid(s) if ever i should create a little terror spawn.

  4. Such a great topic, Al Swearengen talk here we come!

    I have finally been getting through The Wire recently and am starting the 3rd season, should I be aware of any spoilers in this episode?

  5. Its a shame you talked about great HBO shows and didn’t mention Carnivale, usually considered one of the best shows ever to be on cable television. (like all great shows, hardly anybody watched it.)
    It was canceled after the season 2 cliffhanger finale, and after all these years, I’ve lost hope of any continuation. (-_-)

  6. wasant carnivale a mini series? Maybe they were just going for regular shows. But yeah carnivale was excellent. I know its not an old show but boardwalk empire is pretty good as well. Don’t know if the laser crew are fans are not

  7. I think we’re going to need a part two, because a) there’s so much more to talk about and b) every time Dave or Michael said, “Nope, never watched it,” I bit my first like a cartoon. We had HBO going back to ’81 or ’82. I watched Tanner ’88 and Not Necessarily the News, because I am fucking old.

    Need to talk Larry Sanders, Carnivale, Rome, Flight of the Conchords, Big Love, Extras, Ali G, and Tales from the Crypt. Maybe Comic Relief too? And those depressing/titillating shows about hookers?

    1. Damn, really wished I had brought up FotC and TftC.

      I also enjoyed Larry Sanders, but the onus was on “Hey Now” Hank Gilbert to bring that one up.

  8. I actually watched “Killing Them Softly” on Grimm’s recommendation and thought it was excellent. Gandolfini is so good at playing a complete Id-driven mess, who’s reveling in debauchery as his life falls apart. And he’s great in the beautiful trainwreck that is 8MM, too. I fucking love that movie (and not just because parts of it were filmed in my hometown).

    1. Personally I really dug that movie, but I totally understand why people would hate it. Glad you were in the former group!

  9. I was hoping you would talk about Tales from the Crypt and Bored to Death. Bored. to Death is the most underrated show in the last ten years.

  10. I feel like my age is starting to take its toll on how much I can follow these podcasts now. The past few podcasts have left me lost as heck, mostly the ones were you guys throw out actor names like crazy. I don’t wanna complain cause this is your show and you guys can talk about whatever you guys want but it would be nice for some of the younger listeners to jump on another type of topic.

  11. BRAIN GAMES!!!!! I was so happy to hear Dave bring that up, I have a lot of happy memories watching that show.

  12. OMG!! Lasertime u forgot one of the best shows to ever come out of HBO!!!


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