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  1. You really got to update the lasertime link with the new episodes, its still at bestest threequels.
    Also, the last few lasertimes are just like cape crisis. Got to split them up more.

    Minorities and stuff is cool but please bring back the funny and do a crossover with the comedy button.

  2. Aww, nuts! I thought this was going to be an entire episode devoted to deep discussions about Psychonauts rather than a mildly amusing title for a show about paranoia and politics. Whatever. I still expect this episode to be fantastic, so keep up the good work.

  3. When the Star Control 2 music kicked in, I just about stood out of my chair and cheered YES!
    Awesome break music.

    Also, the show was good stuff too.

  4. Just saying it now before people start complaining, but I’m honestly not off-put by the podcast’s more liberal stances. If you actively disagree with what they stand for, take a step back and consider what you’re getting mad at.

    They’re not telling you how to live your life, just that you think about what you do more. Is that so bad?

    1. Oh, i don’t get mad at them. Annoyed is a better word. I’ve loved these guys, and i’ve loved them for years. I just don’t agree with 99.9% of their political beliefs. This podcast hits home more then i think they intended.

    2. This is definitely true.

      But the group mentions in the episode how a lot of people try to hide behind jokes so they don’t have to be accountable for their words. Chris makes incredibly broad generalizations of conservatives quite often, and if one of them wants to take him to task for that he should own it.

      Otherwise they are being a bit hypocritical.

    3. Is it really progressive if they only share one side of a controversial issues? If it is then I hope you all never complain about Rush Limbaugh again. At least his listeners expect to get one sided political views.

  5. I really am a big fan, but I can’t really listen to this show. I got about 20 minutes in and realized that there are no jokes and I just turned it off.
    I respect that you guys want to talk about this, but I really wish you could have balanced it out in some way.
    I look forward to next weeks episode.

  6. I like when you guys discuss political issues and stuff besides cartoons and video games. Not that those things aren’t great, but episodes like these have their place too.

  7. Re: Mike Nelson, I don’t think I’ve really heard him state his views outside of that one interview where he was like “Yeah, I vote Republican, etc.” I think he realized that maybe it was a bad idea and just decided to clam up and not let it become what he’s known for unlike TenNapel, because I’ve never really heard him say anything particularly polarizing on Twitter or in a riff or whatever recently.

  8. I truly am a supporter of love the art not the artist. Walt Disney, Roman Polanski, Sean Connery, I love there work. Doesn’t men I support there beliefs but I will not condemn a man for stating his opinion.

    1. I can get behind Walt and Lovecraft and the like, again that was a different time and while Lovecraft’s views definitely bled into his work he did marry a jewish woman so at least he wasn’t a die hard crazy.

      Roman Polanski on the other hand did something that is incredibly disgusting by any standard and is a criminal act. You can’t forgive that, and you can’t ignore it.

  9. Where did Bob come from? I’m black and from Cleveland, way too black for anyone to be openly racist

    1. Also, WOW Chris Antista you are WAY off base. I didn’t realize how left you were. Just “give” people stuff? Who’s stuff are you going to take to give? Since when is “need” a claim to a right?

      Man. I might have to stop listening to this show now. What a bummer.

      1. It’s a gross oversimplification of the reasons crime exists. Sure a lot of crime would be eliminated if everyone magically had everything, but this is ignoring the fact that crime is often done for reasons other than monetary benefit. Sometimes it’s done for the rush, sometimes as an act of rebellion, or sometimes because someone is just fucked up in the head.

      2. You take the money from people with plenty and put it towards people without much. You give those people stuff to make up for the fact that most of them haven’t been given so much in the way of means or opportunities. Rebalancing for an unequal society.

        Why does a wealthy person have a right to all that money anyway?

        I’m European, so sorry.

        1. “Why does a wealthy person have a right to all that money anyway?”

          Well, assuming they acquired it through legitimate means…it’s their property and they can do with it whatever they please? Even if they’re massive dicks about it, it is their prerogative to be massive dicks. Freedom can be a double-edged sword. Unless you were being sarcastic, in which case, hah, good one.

        2. Because as long as human’s exist and are competitive and ambitious, their will be no such thing as an equal society?

          I had to live in a hotel for a year when I couldn’t afford rent, I didn’t expect someone to give me a house.

          A wealthy person has a right to their money because uh they made that money? If you work harder than everyone else, you are entitled to greater rewards. It’s basic laws of nature. I don’t see how it’s socially just to expect 10% of society to prop up the other 90%. They can pay a bit more in taxes sure, but no they shouldn’t be cleaned out just because they have money.

          And no i’m not one of those nuts that thinks their should be no safety net programs, everyone pays into them and it’s available to everyone.

          And to speak on the crime thing a bit I have a personal story on that front. I went shopping with my cousin and her friend once, they each had a couple hundred dollars on them. They walk out of the store with a couple things of cheap makeup; not a single one paid for. My mom flips on them and asks why the fuck they would steal if they could easily pay for the things they took; my cousin and her friend went into the store specifically to steal because they found shoplifting ‘fun’.

          The notion that all crime has a financial motive is incredibly naive. You can’t stop crime period because crime has as many reasons for happening as people perpetrating them.

          1. I’m not questioning how legitimately they’ve made the money, just that there are all sorts of reasons why that person has made the wealth they have. Early years education, their parents/family life, region, connections, loads of things that determine what opportunities are available to them. Maybe they just excel in the industry where the money is. You might have great natural talent for carpet fitting, but you’re not gonna make 200k a year. When many people are ultimately successful for reasons mostly beyond their control, why do they feel such a claim to that money. It’s a really prejudiced sort of Freedom then.

            And SpadesSlick, I don’t know the personal circumstances of when you were living in a hotel, but I imagine something like that would be much tougher if you had children with you. Maybe having to live in a hotel is indicative of a lack of affordable housing in your area. If it was me, I’d want the state to come in and do something about that, but I guess if you want a small state, that’s not for you so much. I know fuck all about social housing in the US anyway.

            Redistributing wealth doesn’t end crime. Like you were saying, the stealing in the example you give, as well as bigger things like fraud, aren’t necessarily linked to personal wealth anyway. Plus there other things like drug policy and social inclusion, that probably play some part. Wouldn’t hurt though.

  10. If I was to pick one person whose works I enjoy but I can’t agree with as a human being, it would be Richard Wagner. Made some of the greatest operas ever, creator of the song “Flight of the Valkyries,” and a great operatic. But he was a known anti-Semite, an arrogant prick, and his number 1 fan will always be Hitler. So yeah, it’s hard to like him.

  11. If you are just now realizing they are liberal you might be “special needs,” I’m sorry my bad, I meant retarded.

  12. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought it was Henry that was the massive smoker with all of that coughing.

    And I mostly disagree with this. I’m a conservative (who agrees that liberals have it right when it comes to civil/human rights topics and feel sick when I hear conservatives talking about it) and I’m more than willing to support liberal people I disagree with on the other topics. The part where it’s mentioned that although the music composer to DQ is conservative, it’s at least balanced since the lead designer is more liberal than many, does that mean if the lead designer of DQ believed in smaller government, you’d suddenly stop paying attention to the series? I do get that most of the time your complaints are stuff like anti-guy, racist, sexist, or antisemetic and I see those as things worth fighting against, but there were other times where the only thing brought up was the guy was “conservative” which doesn’t need to mean any of those things when looked at from, say, economic perspectives (although I’m going to assume conservative is a catch all for all the -ist terms).

    And for the most part, if their messages aren’t in their media, I’m fine with enjoying the media. Boycotting a single person who said a sexist thing sadly won’t kill sexism.

  13. this wasn’t a bad episode. i liked it.
    it wasn’t funny as most eps, but at least it was well thought out
    and very true from the heart.
    i appreciate that good sirs.

  14. I want to head this up by saying I am not against gay marriage and am mildly conservative. I am also Catholic. With that out of the way I would like to just say that though I did find this episode funny, I was also slightly offended by this. This does not strictly apply to this episode, but most times you guys discuss politics. I only really take issue with the fact that there is ZERO representation of the COnservative or religious side and a lot of the time it comes off as a bashing of my religion and political viewpoints (IE: Conservative politicians are the worst people in the world- Henry or using terms like Bible Beaters or Crazy Christiansto describe a religion that (for the most part) attempts to encourage love and loyalty to other humans. It often seems to me that you all only point out the flaws in the Conservative political system such as the refusal to accept gay marriage, when the liberal system condones abortion which is the murder of a child.
    Anyways love you all except Henerey, and keep doing awesome shows.

    1. Your RELIGION dictates to you what to you believe these guys don’t have that burden.

      They don’t buy your religion. It follows that they don’t buy your anti-science human=zygote(fertilized egg). Not everyone shares your dogmatic worldview.

      I could go on, but I just want you to answer one question:

      If the only way to save a child’s life would be for a parent to give blood would you force that parent to go through with the procedure?

  15. So, you won’t purchase Shadow Complex, because of Orson Scott Card (who you even admit is barely involved) making some off the wall gay remarks, but Dragon Quest is a-ok, even though the composer is the Asian equivalent of a Holocaust denier?

    Also, we should just “move on” from Roman Polanski drugging and raping a child, just because he was rich enough to escape the law for an extended amount of time, and because he’s made some decent movies?

    I like you guys, I really do, but we’ve been sledgehammered over the head with the excessive liberal stuff this week all across the network. I come here for discussions by clever, funny people on fun subjects, not a heavily biased morality lesson. I get more than enough of that in videogame “journalism” nowadays, to the point where it’s starting to sour my view on what’s always been my favorite pastime.

    I acknowledge that comments like mine are just going to make you dig your heels in harder (especially Henry), but I had to say something.

    1. “I get more than enough of that in videogame “journalism” nowadays, to the point where it’s starting to sour my view on what’s always been my favorite pastime.”

      Exactly! It was Patrick Klepek’s unending hyper-feminist bullshit propoganda last year that made me swear off that site permanently. Now that he’s moved to Chicago maybe some of that will chill the fuck out.

      Also, I was a little disappointed that while we got plenty of condemnation of the “crazy conservatives,” we didn’t even get any lipservice about how Obama is a lying piece of crap fascist war hawk asshole. I don’t believe anyone has to be “fair and balanced,” but we didn’t even try. And if we’re going to mention Bill Maher, we should note how he has turned into a crazy lunatic supposedly on the “liberal” end of the political scale, just like the people on this podcast.

      1. Any mention of women as equals is “hyper-feminism”. As I recall, No member of Giantbomb thinks the term feminism applies to them. Also, ALL OF THEM ARE WHITE STRAIGHT CIS MALES! Patrick wrote about women in gaming. How would moving change lessen his article output?

        “Feminism is the radical idea that women are people.”
        -Cheris Kramarae & Paula Treichler

        If you can’t call yourself a feminist your are coward, ignorant of the meaning, or a misogynist (or something else I can’t think of).

        Bill Maher is an anti-vaccine proponent so he is a horrible human being…he isn’t that funny either.

        Your complaint is that the hosts don’t share your partisan viewpoints? So, you’re seeking affirmation (not information).

  16. Y’know. What amuses me so much about this kind of stance you guys take, is that you criticize and generalize that most concservative, republican, etc, people are all bigotted monsters because of their intolerance of gay people and gay rights… And then you are nothing BUT intolerant to anyone that has said anything that goes against your beliefs and ideas. Going s far as to say “So this product might be good and is totally unrelated to the creator’s stance, but the creator said something i don’t like, so I’m not going to buy it” Really guys? is that your idea of tolerance?

    Everyone has stances and opinions, that’s fine, it’s what makes this word interesting. But what gets to me about how you guys have been talking, is that you’re SO CONVINCED that your views are in the right, that you feel justified in calling anyone who disagrees a monster, or a homophobe, or a bigot, or simply less of a person. Like seriously, when Chris brought up Mike Nelson, and says how great of a guy he thought he was, and how funny… “Oh but then I found he’s a republican…” And suddenly your opinion is lesser of him just because he’s in a different mindview than yours? Again, how is that logical?

    Also, there’s the fact that a LOT of what was talked about here, has beena lready mentioned more than once in previous podcasts. unlike a lot of people here, I’m perfectly fine when the crew talks about things I might not like or disagree with, but it’s kinda tiring when you go about it again, and again, and again… And that point, it honestly feels like you’re just trying to push your own personal beliefs into others.

    Lastly, just for the record. don’t think I align into any political party or set of beliefs, there’s stuff from both sides in which i agree and disagree with. I heavily disagree with the use of guns and gun laws that are in place in the country, but at the same time, i don’t really like or necesarily approve of gay marriage, and not becaus any religious beliefs, simply don’t like it nor feel it natural. And yet, this being said, I don’t discriminate against homosexual people, and I don’t condem if the destruction of DOMA, and heck I come here every day, liste to the podcasts, and i don’t thing I’ve ever said anything disparaging against people’s personal beliefs, have I? Do I count as a horrible person just because i don’t share in a lot of you people’s beliefs?

    Again, I’m just annoyed at the repeated hipocrisy of thinking how horrible people is when they discriminate aganst, say, homosexuals, and then you guys shamelessly discriminate and condemn anyone that has any political views or beliefs that don’t match yours.

    1. Ah, the old “You’re just as intolerant too! Why? BECAUSE YOU HATE BIGOTS!!!”argument. Chris and company, you go RIGHT ON quoting regulations…

      1. So just because a person has a biggoted stance on something that immediately makes the entire person wrong or undesirable?

        Also, you’re operating on the stance that you’re completely in the right, thus you’re justified in attacked what you see as wrong, regardless of whether it really merited such an attack. “Oh, he’s a conservative biggot, so it’s okay if I say whatever to him”.

        Tell me, does that sound like a healthy position to take, on anything?

      2. So just because a person has a bigoted stance on something that immediately makes the entire person wrong or undesirable?

        Also, you’re operating on the stance that you’re completely in the right, thus you’re justified in attacked what you see as wrong, regardless of whether it really merited such an attack. “Oh, he’s a conservative bigot, so it’s okay if I say whatever to him”.

        Tell me, does that sound like a healthy position to take, on anything?

    2. I agree with you BladedFalcon. I’m annoyed with Chis and company keep criticizing conservative and republican just because they have different ideals. I thought a liberal was a person who is open mind about things and don’t criticize people because of their beliefs. Now I’m like you I’m don’t align myself with any political party. I thing about both I like and hate. I love LaserTime and all the cast but I believe no one (at least I don’t) really cares to hear about their political or religious beliefs.

  17. (great points, BladedFalcon)

    I love ya, LaserTime. I’ve listened to every episode (some multiple times) and, for the most part, I don’t mind when you guys do the “we’re liberal” thing. I appreciate hearing different views and support your right to freely say what you want on your podcast. Make NO mistake, I am a HUGE fan, guys.

    BladedFalcon had a good point when he observed how intolerant you guys can be of people that think differently than you do. Honestly, all I could really think of during this podcast was how much it sounded like reverse-McCarthyism.

    When you guys started to talk about Vice & Gavin McInnes [57:05-mark], it was weird how ashamed you were of his conservative-leanings. The guy had VERY VALID points concerning liberal-extremism in the form of censorship & political-correctness. Why did you guys feel the need to dismiss it as a “punk-rock/contrarian” attitude? Couldn’t they just be valid points? (And, wow, how does “strong immigration stance” IMMEDIATELY equal “racism”?)

    The word-association that you guys have is baffling to me. Human beings are so much more complex than that. It bums me out whenever I hear people couch EVERY aspect of the human condition into “liberal/conservative” paradigms. It really cheapens what could be a healthy discussion. Such a gross oversimplification.

    When someone is a racist or homophobe, I don’t think “wow, what a conservative”… I think, “wow, what an ignorant bigot.” When I think of social-justice, I don’t think of it as a liberal cornerstone… I just think it’s the right thing to advocate! When I’m watching a classic episode of “Twilight-Zone,” I don’t see Rod Serling as a liberal… I see him as a brilliant writer presenting a beautiful morality screenplay for people of ALL races, colors & creeds!

    Aside from what BladedFalcon already pointed out, it really gets me down when you guys say conservative people aren’t funny, can’t create and aren’t artistic. I mean, after seeing what happens to even MODERATE conservatives in the creative/entertainment industry… ISN’T IT IN THEIR BEST INTEREST TO PRETEND THEY’RE LIBERAL??!?! Isn’t that discrimination? For god’s sake… you guys managed to find something that bothered you about MIKE NELSON! …Mike Nelson, braah…

    Honestly, I need to be VERY clear… I hate the terms “liberal” & “conservative”. They so inadequately, inaccurately and ineffectively describe people & issues. Why not simply use varying degrees of “good/bad” and “right/wrong”?? Toss the “lib/con” jazz. At least TRY it 🙂 I don’t think you could piss off more people, anyway.

    Even though I disagree with a LOT of what he has to say, I actually think Hank (then the rest of you) made a great point at 1:26:31 that really helped put things into perspective. Thanks Henry.

    I also appreciated how Brett pointed out the “Catholics for gay marriage” people. I’m Catholic and I dug hearing that. There are a LOT of Catholics (and other Christians) that tend to be (as you would call it) “socially-liberal” on a lot of issues… it was nice to NOT hear us all lumped into the “crazy, stupid, fundamentalist evangelical” category for once.

    The worst thing someone can do is isolate themselves in a social echo-chamber, so I think it’s healthy to listen to what you guys have to say. Keep up the great work, guys… I still think the show’s bad-ass. Thanks for all you do.

    I am a USMC combat-vet, so I have to at least say “Uuh-Rah & Happy Fuckin Fourth, motha-fuckas!” Be safe.

    1. damnit… paragraph-4 was supposed to start:

      “The liberal=good conservative=bad word-association that you guys have is baffling to me…”

      No, the way I sent that lengthy bullshit w/o proof-reading is baffling to me… fail.

      1. You still made extremely good points.

        As for the content of the episode, my impression was:

        Everyone- Racist, classist bigots and religious nutjobs

        Roman Polanski (who raped a little girl)- Don’t care.
        Dragon Quest dude who denied the horrific things Japan did to China- Don’t care.

        Hmm… gross over-simplification on the subject matter? Funny how it looks written. Oh and for demographics sake, I am a southern liberal. So sterotypes are kind of shitty thing to lump onto people.

        1. > When Holocaust deniers pop into the discussion “How the fuck can you deny something like that?”

          > When Dragon Quest composer who denies the Japanese equivalent of The Holocaust comes up “Oh he’s just from a different time.”

          One of those is a justified reason to take celebrities to task over something so profoundly stupid as to deny such a thoroughly documented event.

          One of those is being a hilariously blatant apologist because you like the work of the ignorant stooge in question.

          I wonder which is which.

          Assholes like the dragon quest composer hold his country back with their ultranationalist bullshit that refuses to admit that imperial japan ever did something wrong. Their bullshit continues to drudge up painful memories of the families effected by such a profoundly loathsome event that saw women gang-raped (Japanese soldiers would even force sons and husbands to rape their mothers and daughters while they watched), mutilated and murdered by having bamboo shoved into their privates, but hey the guy makes fucking video game music that I like so his opinions can be brushed off as crotchety old man speak.

          1. Not to mention that his ilk are the kind that defend Imperial Japan’s policy concerning comfort women (aka. abducting and forcing women into sexual slavery to be used at the pleasure of the soldiers) by stating that they either wanted to be prostitutes or that there was nothing wrong with it and that such policies are needed in war.

            I literally don’t get how you can at all defend such people unless you are completely ignorant of Japan’s history of atrocities.

          2. And if anyone wants to bring up the whole Japanese sense of national honor and all that stupid bullshit please don’t. You know what other nation had a great sense of national pride? The Germans. But they owned what they did in the Holocaust. Fuck, national shame is practically an ingrained facet of the German culture now. When the Germans started playing their national anthem during the world cup, that was a big thing. German’s actually showing off pride in their country for an international event was something that had not happened in some time. They made denying their crimes and the holocaust an offense punishable with jail time.

            Asshole’s that deny Japan’s wrongdoings keep the country mired in the past. It strains relationships with their neighbors for no fucking reason other than a bunch of old men refusing to acknowledge the wrongdoings of their country. People that try to brush off past atrocities are ones that would look the other way in the case of another.

            … Wow I had a lot to say about this lol. Sorry I made it in this disjointed multiple post fashion. Every time I thought I was done I thought of something else.

          3. But most of what you had to say is correct to a degree.
            I always chuckle whenever Chris says he doesn’t get into politics, being the one that talks the most about politics or beliefs.

    2. I agree with you on most of your points. If our hosts are going to share their opinions, they should be better informed.
      I disagree that “BladedFalcon” is a coherent human being. I can’t understand most of what was said in their post.

      If you are socially liberal then why are you Catholic? Your DOGMA, the creed you are supposed to live your life by, says you must oppose equal rights. You aren’t a very good Catholic if you don’t do what you’re told.

  18. I think that the best thing about this is that you guys often lump Conservatives and Catholics into a bigot catergory when that in itself is prejudiced. Us Catholics get a bad rap on this show, which I think is hilarious since you have never said a bad thing about Jews, Muslims, Buddhists or any other religion. I really have a difficult time listening to this not because this is a liberal show, but since there is no representation of Conservative viewpoints. I’m not even really conservative I am more middle leaning, but this is almost unlistenable. Please, I don’t care if you disagree with my beliefs, but don’t insult my beliefs and religion. I know you don’t want to hear my reasons that you should believe in God, so don’t go off spouting why my religion is a joke, when it is clear from listening some of you (Hank and Chris) clearly know nothing about it. Not all Muslims are terrorists so please don’t do the same thing to Christians by saying we are all bigots

    1. They all live in the same area and have vaguely similar beliefs, also its their non-regulated show they do for free. They really can do whatever they want as is their constitutional right.

      Just as I’m sure there is a podcast with 3 Christians from Ohio and there is a Muslim man from Portland lamenting his lack of representation, and that is perfectly acceptable because as in this case, they have a right to do so.

      Not trying to offend, but if your faith is strong and supportable why does it matter what these three non-believers think and say? Wouldn’t you ‘know’ that you are the correct one and if anything, feel sympathy for them missing out on the true path?

    2. Exactly as Beals said. They live in a part of the world where the Religious right is a strong political force and is mostly made up of Christians.

      No one ever said all Christians are bigots.

      From what I’ve heard (I was raised Catholic and went to Private school for 11 years) your religion IS irrational. Don’t you find people who ACTUALLY believed in Zeus silly? I do.

      If you have proof of capitol ‘G’ God, I’d love to hear it. Convince me he exists. As I said, I haven’t heard a rational argument YET.

      1. Just out of observation but this is limited to very few people but your thoughts seem to match up with many former Catholics. Is this something that is common or do I just know too few of them?

  19. I’ve read the Orson Scott book that is the original frame for Shadow Complex where the left and right have a civil war. It’s called Empire and it is complete garbage. Instead of creating two legitimate sides that are humanized and actually fleshed out’, it’s literally ‘real men’ vs ‘robots’. There is almost no ‘leftist’ characters and their entire military is a bunch of bipedal robots that are located in Oregon or some shit. The drones are programmed to only attack people in uniforms (genius..) and eventually they kill a doorman (because he’s in a suit) which is then deemed THE reason that those rebels have to pay because now they have a reason to be hated because.

    The side character is a black man, and the only thing I remember from his extremely generic character is not one, but THREE times he makes a comment about how much of a problem his massive dick size is (there is literally a paragraph of derailment during the climax of the story about how he doesn’t have one of those condom-urine pouches they use in the military because his dick is so big that they don’t make a size that fits him and he has to go to the bathroom).

    I don’t remember a whole lot since it was extremely forgettable but the entire civil war I believe was fought and won by several men. Just…disappointing all around.

  20. Can’t we get back to the simpler time of fart jokes, baby sounds at pokemon and monkeys. I hoped to turn on some laser time for a good old laugh and end up turning off out of boredom. You guys can do what you want because we all have free will and choice but I did miss the fun this time T_T.

  21. Norm Macdonald. Not for his political views or anything like that. I loved him as a kid and would watch anything he was in. I recently listened to his latest standup and it genuinely made me sad how old and out of touch he was. It was brutal.

    My rose tinted glasses have been shattered.

    RIP my former hero.

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