VGMpire Episode 50 – Best of the Best


An obscenely long sampler of the show up to this point. A perfect jumping on point or a great refresher for longtime listeners!

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And if you happened to miss some prior eps, this tracklist also contains links to every show – many of which weren’t linked via LT, so there’s a chance you may have inadvertently skipped one!

0:07:10 – Inside the Whale (Super Adventure Island, Yuzo Koshiro)

0:09:57 – Control Center (GoldenEye 007, Norgate, Kirkhope, Beanland)

0:12:11 – Level 1-1 (Jumping Flash, Takeo Miratsu)

0:14:09 – Kraid’s Hideout (Metroid, Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka)

0:15:46 – Vs Mode (Mean Bean Machine, Nagao, Tsukamoto)

0:22:09 – Victory Lap (Mario Kart 64, Kenta Nagata)

0:24:52 – Scrap Brain Zone (Sonic 1, Masato Nakamura)

0:26:17 – Dogfight (Ace Combat Assault Horizon, Kobayashi)

0:28:05 – Jake’s Theme (Advance Wars Dual Strike, Hirano)

0:29:48 – Egypt 2 (Tetris Plus)

0:37:54 – Release of the Far West Ocean (Ys VI, Sonoda, Ishibashi)

0:39:33 – Mountain (Jurassic Park, Dunn, Evans)

0:42:08 – Town Where the Bells Chime (Atelier Iris, Nakagawa, Tsuchiya)

0:43:50 – Battle (Etrian Odyssey III, Koshiro)

0:46:31 – Theme of Laura (Silent Hill 2, Akira Yamaoka)

0:54:12 – Robo Manus (Battletoads & Double Dragon, David Wise)

0:56:27 – Knight’s Guild (Wizards & Warriors III, Wise)

0:57:42 – Jin Kazama (Tekken 3, Sano, Keichi, Okabe)

1:01:13 – Onett (Earthbound, Suzuki, Tanaka)

1:03:43 – Battle 3 (Shining Force II, Takenouchi)

1:05:15 – The Scientists (Mass Effect 3, Hulick, Mansell, Lennertz)

1:08:01 – Song 10 (Spider-Man vs The Kingpin, Nilsen)

1:14:13 – CHAD’s Broken Wind (Super Meat Boy, Baranowsky)

1:17:59 – 9pm (Animal Crossing, Nagata)

1:19:45 – Bazlisk Mine Field (Ninja Gaiden, Keiji Yamagishi)

1:21:20 – Colony (Axelay, Kudou)

1:23:58 – Firelink Shrine (Dark Souls, Sakuraba)

1:31:21 – Wicked Child (Castlevania, Yamashita)

1:33:20 – Young Nobleman of Sadness (SOTN, Yamane)

1:37:24 – Sinking Old Sanctuary (Circle of the Moon, Tomija, Mitsuoka)

1:39:12 – Abandoned Castle (Curse of Darkness, Yamane, Watanabe)

1:49:04 – Volcanic Zone (Popful Mail, Ishikawa, Shirakawa, Matsuoka)

1:51:55 – Krystal’s Theme (Dark Wizard, Jun Senoue)

1:53:33 – Port Town (F-Zero, Yumiko Kanki)

1:54:34 – Humming the Baseline (Jet Grind Radio, Naganuma)

1:57:59 – Star Base (TMNT Hyperstone Heist, Hidenori Maezawa)

1:59:34 – Option Screen (Golf Power)

2:03:49 – Bloodpool (Actraiser, Yuzo Koshiro)

2:04:36 – Zora’s Domain (Ocarina of Time, Koji Kondo)

2:07:23 – Prison (Loaded, Neil Biggen, Pat Phelan)

2:10:51 – Wrestling (WCW, Kenji Yoshida)

2:12:36 – Beatnik on the Ship (Streets of Rage, Koshiro)

2:17:39 – Magical Sound Shower (OutRun, Hiroshi Kawagushi)

2:19:33 – Stickerbrush Symphony (DKC2, David Wise)

2:21:58 – Bosque (Lords of Thunder, Ts Music)

2:24:24 – Stage 1 (Sparkster, Uahara, Ikariko, Yamane, Yamaoka)

2:30:20 – Space Station (Turbo Turtle Adventures)

(Somehow I forgot to post a songs from Episode 17: Mighty Virt Force and Episode 42: Mario RPG Music Hour)

Thanks to everyone for all their kind words, comments and in-person thanks. Still love doing the show, glad everyone’s enjoying it, and here’s to 50 more 🙂

14 thoughts on “VGMpire Episode 50 – Best of the Best

  1. Awesome!
    I’m glad you are still recording in spite of your personal agendas. Long time listener here, good show : )

  2. I’ve never personally been a big listener of this podcast, but I had to stop by and say congrats on your 50th guys! It’s so awesome you guys have been able to go from a single podcast back at GR to this entire ever-growing network of casts that cover everything from wrasslin to vidja game music.
    Thanks for all the time and effort you guys have put forth into making these all free and frequently updated!

  3. I’m going to use this to get my friends into VGMpire just as I used the 100th episode to get them addicted TalkRadar. Thanks duuuuude!

  4. Not being a N64 kid (I favored the Playstation at that time), I never had any strong connection to N64 game tracks. Every time I hear Victory Lap, I think about when Brett left GamesRadar. Hits me right in the feels and I almost choke up.

  5. Not being a N64 kid (I favored the Playstation at that time), I never had any strong connection to N64 game tracks. Every time I hear Victory Lap, I think about when Brett left GamesRadar. Hits me right in the feels and I almost choke up.

  6. Thanks for doing the show, Brett! Also, I LOVED the Rocket Knight episode, so great to see one of my favorite games get a highlight. Keep doing the show!

    Also… can we get some NO MORE HEROES up in here? 🙂

  7. It’s been a great 50 episodes. The sheer the variety is excellent, ranging from well known classics to obscurities from the past.

  8. I love Y’s. I have bought all of the ones that have been imported. Thanks for this. Also maybe do a Shin Megami Tensai episode. Lots of great game and music in that series.

  9. Release of the Far West Ocean is a bit less epic without Brett saying “YEEEAAHHH!!!” at the end. I did it for you almost on reflex. I love this show and listen to every episode no matter what the game is. Brett, you are gentleman and a scholar and I salute your awesomeness. And I know you won’t do it, but once again, I must ask for a Halo episode or a least a short segment.

  10. I listened to the Cavalcade of Sports episode recently and couldn’t resist picking up a copy of Jordan vs Bird when I saw it at Goodwill. Here’s to another 50 and more.

    Also I was out for a run when I was listening to this episode and when you guys started playing the Tim and Eric sports song I was laughing so hard I nearly got hit by a dump truck. Thanks for the episodes guys!!!!!!!

  11. 50 episode no Street Fighter, Mk or Metal Gear that I already know and love and instead I’m exposed to great music I’d never heard of otherwise.

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