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Ride to Hell: Retribution is already being hailed by critics as the worst game of 2013, which has been enough to get most outlets to forget about it. Most outlets, however, are not run by masochists for whom the phrase “worst game” is a kind of catnip, so we used it as a jumping-off point for a Top 5 about biker gangs. We also talk about The Walking Dead: 400 Days, bring back our random-debate format, and talk about some of the worst things you’ve ever done in a game. (Turns out some of you are real sadists, so this was a treat.)

Question of the Week

What time, place or setting would you most like to explore in an open-world game, and why?



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55 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 23 — Hog Wild

  1. QOTW: I would like an open world game set in pre-history, with either dinosaurs, pliocene mammals and birds or both at the same time because you can always bring time travel into the mix. I think it would make for a great game as the whole open world would be incredibly dangerous to explore, with he player having to sneak and hunt appropriately to survive.

    1. What would be even better is a prehistoric setting with time traveling mechs. And the game is you fight dinosaurs with mechs. And mechs with dinosaurs. No story necessary.

    2. Ever hear of a cancelled game called ‘B.C.’? Peter Molyneux was making it for the original Xbox, like, 10 years ago. It had all that stuff, and was promised to have a living ecology where the dinosaurs would interact and behave dynamically within their own food chain? *sigh* It was the first of many, many times that Peter Molyneux would lie to and disappoint me.

  2. QOTW:

    Mesoamerica, AKA Pre-hispanic Mexico and central America. Why? First and foremost, because no open world has even attempted to represent that culture or time period, and thus it would be new and refreshing. But also of course, because it could be super interesting and different.

    Think a world in which you have the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Olmecs and other smaller groups and cultures warring against each other and developing their society in different ways. It would be a place rich with lush jungles and forests to explore and survive in. Throw in the mystical element of say, Aztecs Gods such as Quetzacoatl and Huichilopoztli that could give you powers or curses depending on your alignment, and you’d have a fairly refreshing, unique open world experience.

    Also, it’s my homeland, so I’m obviously biased 😛

    1. I think you might get a lot of protest from people complaining about the portrayal of old Mesoamerican people, though, since a lot of it probably wouldn’t be real positive. It sounds cool to me, though, the art could be awesome, if it were stylized sort of like Guacamele.

      Parker Wilhelm always makes me think of Stoltheim Rheinbock III from Suikoden. If Parker has a son he should just go for Parker Wilhelm III, Parker Wilhelm Jr. doesn’t sound right.

      1. Well, it largely depends on how it is portrayed of course. The people getting offended just because they show us wearing feathers and making human sacrifices can suck it and shut up, because whether we like it or not, that DID happen. But of course, that doesn’t mean they were a bunch of savages, in fact, the Aztecs and Mayans were both very spiritual, and scientifically minded people in their own way, so if you showed that side of it as well, unlike say, Apocalipto. (which I get the feeling is the one film you’re basing your comment from.) People wouldn’t show that big of an outcry.

        And well, yeah, you do right in using Guacamelee as a good example of how to do it right. That kind of stylized art goes well with the colorful Mexican culture, and would also fit with the old Mesoamerica. And see, that games showed several Mexican stereotypes in it’s design, but it was done in a way that isn0t demeaning, and so you don’t see people taking issue with it.

        1. The depiction of Quetzalcoatl I’m thinking of is kind of boxy and flat, and that’d be a cool look, not necessarily as colorful as Guacamele, but more painted looking, something like Okami would be great, a native art style for the game.

          Most of what I can think of, just from the top of my head, as an American (native of the country with a really dumb name, the United States of America, that sometimes irritates others who live on the American continents,) about ancient cultures south of Texas or so, tends to be sacrifces and bloody wars. I’d love to learn more about the people who didn’t fall into that category, in an Assassin’s Creed 3 sort of way, since you wouldn’t have the tall buildings, you’d have more wilderness and cities built into the sides of hills and stuff.

          It’s nice to see you agree with something I posted, BladedFalcon, I see lots of your posts here and on GR, and you always seem to be confronting people, instead of adding to whatever whoever said. It sounds like you’re reasonable about portrayals of things that did happen in history, I’d like to see more positive comments from you, instead of just fighting. But, that’s just how I see it, use the internet however you need to.

          1. Hey, thanks for the compliment ^^ And well, I sincerely apologize if I come off as confrontational more than anything else. I want to believe that if you pay attention, both here and in GR, you’ll be likely to find as many posts of me being positive, and congratulating, complementing or cheering stuff on, than the ones in which I’m arguing with people. Which I guess people tend to notice more because..well, let’s face it, negativity brings much more attention to itself than negativity.

            And well, I know I often come off too strong at others at first. And i definitely need to work on that. That said, for better or worse, I always say what I mean, and that often means my opinions clashes with others, don’t think I’ll ever shy away from that, since I find arguing as long as it’s somewhat civilized to be fun. But I promise I’ll try to be more civil for my own sake and others.

            Anyway, believe me when I say that there’s a lot more to the mesoamerican culture than just turf wars and human sacrifices XD They had their own math system, where actually pretty good at astrology, and even made innovations in many areas, such as agriculture, with the creation of chinampas for example. Which were small patches of land used to grow stuff near lake beds.

            And yeah, and okami style, but perhaps with less broad dark borders, and maybe a more loose kind of painted aesthetic would look great, even even original. One that can facilitate maybe more surreal kind of vistas around the many Jungles and valleys and mountains around meosamerica.

  3. QOTW: I’m still campaigning developers to set a game here in Nebraska. Just think about the possibilities! You could watch the corn grow, you could stare at cows, you could …
    Well, I guess that’s it.
    Awesome right!

        1. Yeah, that’s basically all I got.

          By the way, I’ve always wondered: where are you in Nebraska? I’m in Lincoln.

          1. Omaha, so in reality I don’t just watch corn and cows all day

            (Also, sorry that my username tries to negate your existence)

  4. QOTW: The future, games like Deus Ex try it, but really, not much about the gameplay or how you get around is that affected by the setting, they kept everything as down to earth and believable as they could, which was great, but….. Every future game goes for a post-apocalypse or dystopia, what I’d love is a pristine city, with weird and wondrous way to travel and fight or whatever. Games rarely take an optimistic view of the future like, Mass Effect is the only one that comes to mind.

    For now I’ll just have to settle for games set five minutes in the future like Watch Dogs.

    1. Also, as a Dublin listener, yeah that was pretty awful, we don’t actually force an extra letter U into every single word.

      The French guy trying to sound American in Heavy Rain did a better Irish accent.

  5. QOTW: Any of the (potentially) habitable planets that the world’s space programs have been finding recently. Who knows what we can find out there….

    That, or the rest of the Bay Area. Or the rest of San Francisco for that matter. I don’t get out of my house often enough just for pure exploration. Then again, who has time these days for that?

  6. QOTW: I think that exploring the worlds of the French or Russian Revolutions in a game like Assassins Creed would be pretty awesome. There are alot of interesting historical figures that could play into both sides of the Assassin/Templar conflict. I’m also a history nerd so this would be even more cool for me.

  7. QOTW: I want to explore a Cyberpunk future. Not more modern up to date ones where everything feels sleek and stylish, but the gaudy, bright, gritty worlds from the early 90’s before the Internet was really a thing and people never would have imagined the cool stuff we have now. There’s this beautiful mix of awesome future tech and clunkiness in a world where you can get a robot arm that shoots missiles, but cellphones are still as big as your head. These are the neon-lit streets filled with netrunners and street samurai that I’d love to walk down.

    …and I don’t want Shadowrun, because I don’t really want magic elves and dragons in my open world unless someone got a lot of weird cosmetic surgery.

    1. So, I answered this before getting to the QOTW in the podcast and apparently I somehow psychically combined two answers from Tyler Wilde into my own.

  8. I want an open world set in the old Arabian times. If R* made an amazing game with RDR despite the limited civilian space, then by god we could a whole game in the desert.

  9. QOTW:
    Futuristic world that has developed giant mechs if possible in a dessert setting, forest setting and maybe a mechanical alien fortress. You can run around on foot or ride the mech which consumes fuel, also you can modify and upgrade your them to fit your needs such as weapons, armors, accessories. You’d essentially be a commander of a small mercenary squad which means ones your base is big enough you could even call in mech, assistant air drops, even artillary strikes and carpet bombs depending on what your base develops and research. Finally since the jungle and dessert areas are so harsh and under developed you will fight lots of animals and even giant ones that can crush your mech if you aren’t ready and fight to early. so essentially a little mercenaries, saints row 3, and a load of lost planet 2 with a rpg level of developement.

  10. QOTW:
    I would like a game set in the mid to late 1800s. I am a huge fan of the time period and it has very few games. There could be interesting settings in America, Europe or anywhere in the world (as a result of European and to an extent American Imperialism). The conflicts of Imperialism and US Slavery would both present an interesting possibility for a story (not to mention numerous horrific evil character choices).

    Bioshock Infinite and Dishonored fit into this general time-area, but it would be neat to see less sci-fi elements and have the game with a realistic world like Red Dead Redemption.

  11. They should make ancient history open world games. One example could be a game set in the Roman empire. The main storyline and missions would revolve around actual wars the Roman empire fought (maybe like Rome vs Carthage), and those missions would play more like dynasty warriors, but when one war ends you have to complete missions that incorporate other styles of gameplay. Perhaps the person who helps you advance the military storyline is a senator or general who gives you information about political strife, and a lot of the missions could be like using stealth to eavesdrop or framing other people for murders.

    Of course it wouldn’t be an open world game without side missions. You could become a gladiator, trader, pirate, or whatever else ancient Romans did. Furthermore, it would be really cool if trade routes could take you to other empires, like traveling on the silk roads with a trader to do missions in the Chinese empire.

  12. QOTW: I’d like to see an open world game set The Great Depression. There could already be one I’m unaware of, but if there is not, there should be one.

  13. Hi guys,
    I just signed up after listening for a while to make a reply to that Irish accent. As soon as It started, I was wincing. Although its not the worst of all the Irish accents I’ve heard attempted. Kudos for the father ted reference.

  14. QOTW: I’d love an open world game set in the Land of Ooo, from Adventure Time. Think of it, you could choose your species (candy person, hyooman, flame person, wizard, snow golem, etc.) customize their weird, Pendleton Ward-y appearance, and then go on epic quests. You could visit the City of Thieves, or the realm of the Ice King, or the Nightosphere. You could ride a fucking rainicorn! What more do you want?!

  15. QOTW: I’m a little biased because I’m from here, but I would really like an open-world game set in New Zealand circa 1400 AD. This was before European settlers came and the indigenous people, the Maori, were busy respecting women (that’s not joke), warring, telling their children really weird stories and hunting giant birds such as the Moa and the Haast Eagle. The game could include some fantasy elements, as Maori culture has a lot of weird and creepy myths (such as an evil old bird-spirit-witch-lady who lives in a forest) and they believed in curses and (sort of) magic. The main thing I’m interested in though is seeing those giant birds. Who wouldn’t want to see an eagle large enough to carry a child away (they used to do that), or a huge wingless, 230kg (510lb) ostrich-looking motherfucker that would swallow several kilograms of stones to help digest it’s food? You could even play a part in their eventual extinction! Y’know, if you’re that way inclined. Personally I’d rather hug them. And hopefully not be killed.

  16. QotW: I want to play an open-world game set in Disney’s Gargoyles.

    I imagine it’d be a lot like Arkham City. Gliding around a huge city at night. Beating up criminals, robots, mythological creatures, wizards, time travelers, cyborgs…

    God that show was great…

  17. I would like to see a game set in the falling skies universe. It would have to be a mix of skyrim and far cry 3. They could set it in the west coast of the united states so you could have varied terrain and climates.

  18. I would like to say 2 things. 1; The Island of Doctor Moreau would be so much better than Gilligan’s Island. It could be almost like Dead Island or any other zombie game. Really evil people that pose a threat, as well as some really horrifying creatures. 2; in the real world it would be great to explore the end of the 1800’s. This was the first time in world history when a person could conceivably go across the globe without having to risk their life. Also, this was the Age of Imperialism, so many countries were being conquered/exploited by European powers or America. I guess what I’m saying is make Around the World in 80 Days a game. You don’t have to make the ENTIRE EARTH open to play on, but just pick some spots along the way and have them be open world experiences, that’d be cool. PS: get Jackie Chan

  19. Qotw: I’d like an open world game set in cold-war east Berlin, where you play a Stasi agent tasked with snitching out potential escapees. This would entail tailing them through the city, sneaking into apartments to plant bugs and uncovering secret tunnels. In a nice twist, you eventually find out that you have also been under surveilance, and if you make a mistake, you ironically having to plan your own escape from Berlin.

  20. I would love to see an open world crime game set in present day London. The Getaway tried to do this accurately but was too limited by the systems of the time, and ended up a substandard GTA clone. As a former Londoner myself, I have never been to New York or LA or cities similar stateside, and i feel the British gaming public deserves to have their most notoriously crime filled city immortalised in this fashion also. Having said that, if you wanted to stray into more off the wall Saints Row territory, Glasgow would be a perfect fit, those guys are nuts.

  21. Speaking a native of Dublin… that accent is the typical Hollywood depiction of an Irish accent, which is terrible.

    Also i love how you guys know of Father Ted! 😀

  22. QOTW: Having just played Mass Effect, I’d like that game play in a political thriller set in the Mushroom kingdom. Like game of thrones the shit out of that place. What kind of crazy monarchy is it? Bowser can’t be the only enemy to the throne.

    Also. Seriously, what kind of fucked up dimension is the mushroom kingdom in? Are there other places like.. the bell pepper dynasty.. where all the people there are bland unless you grill them?

    Can I sex an unsuspecting mushroom headed political intern?

    Just in case that last statement sounds like I want to rape a toad.. I don’t I want to wine, dine, and charm my way into that toads life, then send her (or him, equality) on a suicide mission to the chocolate land.

    TL;DR – Toad sex

  23. Now Everyone! In your best Irish accent…

    Repeat: ” I’ll ride ya, I’d ride te fooking hole off you!’ (Co.Leitrim)

    Now, I don’t live in Erie, but ya’ll enjoy Bruce Springsteen this month!!!;)

  24. QOTW: Hello, everyone! I’m one of those “frequent listener, first-time commenter” guys, and I wanted to take a crack at the latest Question of the Week. I hope you enjoy my idea.

    I would set an open-world game in the wilderness. This will allow for more unconventional activities, such as kayaking down the rapids, hiking and climbing up mountains (for sport or survival), and (during the winter) skiing or snowboarding. Imagine a survival game in this element, and you could make campsites all around the world to rest up, eat, and prepare for the day. If you happen upon other survivors in the wilderness, you can decide to party up with them and go where they’re going, or convince some of them to join you in whatever you’re doing.

    TL;DR: If you put the potential for Tomb Raider + State of Decay’s survivors system + Man vs Wild + the wilderness parts of Red Dead Redemption together, you get my open-world setting.

  25. Charlie reads my comment about marriage licenses not being a human right, but uses my real first name? Was that some sort of intimidation attempt? Really strange. People who think state recognition of a marriage is a human right are wrong, let alone represented by a tiny minority. Was Charlie attempting to be like “Look at this Daniel guy! Look at what he thinks!”, and then follow up with homophobic remarks that I’d never make. Baffled, and a little offended.

    1. Nevermind. For some reason it posted back then as Daniel, but this time…it didn’t? WordPress is weird.

  26. I’d like either the dawn of mankind (Cavemen, Ice Age style thing) or the funkalicious 1970’s.

    For the caveman setting, it could be something like Dark Souls, where you’re constantly on edge for the weather, predators, or rival groups of cavemen. You need to move to hunt food, blah blah all that jazz. It’s a setting rarely explored deeply, and there is a lot of potential for things to do, especially if they took a cue from Dark Souls for gameplay and storytelling.

    For the 1970’s, I want disco, afros, dancing, funk, souls, brothers, check it out now. Make it like GTA only with more funk and/or soul and I’ll be a happy camper.

  27. QOTW: An open world game where you play as a Rockstar North employee in charge of designing an open world game.

  28. The first thing that came to my mind still hasn’t been said and that’s Ancient Egypt at its peak. The architecture of the pyramids, Sphinx and massive creations for the Pharaoh would be incredible to explore. The riches of the civilization would be great to uncover but there would also be the darker side this time in terms of the slaves and the abuse they endured.

    I think an Assassin’s Creed-like game would be best suited to this situation in terms of navigating through pyramids/tombs to reach the treasures inside, as well as assassinating those in power who are abusing the slaves and commoners.

  29. I think an open world game set inside the human body would be.. well I’m not sure since no one has done it but it seems like an idea worth doing.
    Just imagine, the actions you take inside the body control the person you are inside. screw up the brain to make the person murderous. mess up their digestive system to give them constant diarrhea. This game prints money

    Get on that Rockstar

  30. Ready to add knowledge to your Wikiparaz brain? Polecat refers to members of the weasel and skunk family, my favorite being the Marbled Polecat ( [Source: I grew up on a street named for the breed and had more than one experience with a polecat’s anal glands.]

    Also, love that Tim Schafer made the list twice, but how couldn’t he?

  31. I would like to see a Terminator game(stay with me here) in the style of a stealth game (AssCreed, Thief, Splinter Cell) with the emotional aspects of spec ops the line.

    Consider this…

    A Human that had been fighting in the terminator war for years is offered the chance to go back in time for some reason… I mean to undo the rise of the machines. they are sent back to get rid of the tech that would eventually become Skynet… the thing is the main character is emotionally damaged when they realize they’re sent back to assassinate the developers as well. All their life the character fought machines. They get to the first destination and finds a section of the research…with a developer working on it, in his home…With his son/daughter. Breaking in and pistol in hand he character has a choice, to do a full messy job of deleting all the data (human element included), destroy the research data only and run; or plead for their help in destroying Skynet. These options could have a number of results in the end.

    Following hall #1: Your character is a mass murderer, they’re haunted by the faces and screams of the people they killed and is essentially on the brink of insanity… but stopped skynet.

    Behind Door #Dos’: Your a wanted terrorist across multiple states for grand theft, home invasion, arson, and destruction of public property. you get caught before you can stop Skynet and are sentenced to prison. You witness the Doomsday scenario play out from the window of a prison cell, just before getting obliterated by a nuke.

    And number 3: You have army large enough to destroy all the research and stop skynet… but not before Cyberdine Systems gets hacked and a foreign country gets ahold of the data.

    If someone could T.L.D.R this that would be great.

  32. Either a Driver game or some sort of open world action game set in Sydney, Australia. Sydney is full of inspiration and wonder for car chases and gang violence. I just hope Ubisoft still have faith in the Driver series to make a new one

  33. Among other meanings, a polecat is a slang term for a skunk. It was always my understanding that this was the joke behind the gang name in Full Throttle.

  34. The only thing I would want from an open world game is for it to be set in London. I’d love GTA to return to the city – would have loved to see their take given their resources now.

    But it will never happen as the Yanks wouldn’t be able to stomach something that isn’t New York/Los Angeles/Chicago.


    1. Dear Big Boss,
      I love your idea. I think that a GTA game that takes place in England, and the rest of the United Kingdom. It is an amazing idea!!! I would love to have a city that is like London, a city that is like Glasgow, a city that is like Manchester, a city that is like and features London’s organized crime instead of the American Mafia.
      With all due respect, I am a “Yank,” and I have always loved the idea of an open world game in England (and the rest of Europe for that matter). I feel that THE SABOTEUR is one of the most underrated games this generation.
      I am totally stocked for The Order: 1886, because it takes place in Victorian London. I too am getting sick of open world games that take place in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Miami type settings. I think open worlds games in the UK and in Europe, Asia, and even Africa would be an awesome idea, and a refreshing change of pace.

      Thanks for the wonderful idea.

  35. QOTW: I would love to see an open world (or Skyrim like RPG) set in the world of Blade Runner. I would prefer that it not be a sequel of the movie or take place during the events of the movie (ala The Godfather Game), and I would also prefer that you are not Rick Deckard. I just want to be a Blade Runner agent and be able to explore the world that Ridley Scott created in the movie. Maybe even have an LA Noire like interrogation mini game to determine if someone is a replicant (but do not make that the main feature of the game.)

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