Cape Crisis #57 – No Henrys Allowed


We’re a man down, but try an persevere with Age of Ultron, tales from the Anime Expo, Walking Dead chatter and more


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37 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #57 – No Henrys Allowed

      1. And even if it didn’t, no death in comics is ever permanent, and usually never lasts more than a year or two, specially if the character has at least more than 1000 fans in the whole world 😛

        Which is why I no longer follow comics and I’m mainly interested in comic movies only. Almost nothing that happens in comics ever has any real consequences, because they always have to keep a status quo or please fans.

        1. sounds like you might be reading the wrong comics.
          there are tons of comics with consequences along the lines of permanent death and taking responsibility for the wanton destruction an awesome over the top fight creates and the numerous lives it affects.
          hell… i make one.
          you have to get out there and read beyond DC and Marvel. they can’t afford to be progressive in their storytelling, only maintain the fragile order they’ve created.

          1. Well, I was talking about Marvel and DC specifically, the big, “mainstream” comics that is the meat and bones of this pod-cast to begin with. But I will agree that I should have been more specific, because yeah, by generalizing I was being unfair to the non-mainstream,d darker kinds of comics.

            And it’s true that I do need to delve into those. Main reason I don’t though, is that my free time is already consumed by videogames and movies as it is. The days I used to read marvel and DC comics anyway were like 5 years ago, when I was still at school and had tons of free time to spare. Right now, I don’t think I could afford to invest time an money to yet another hobby.

  1. I enjoyed this episode more than I have for a while, Brett gets the right mix of reigning it in but still letting a bit off off topic conversation happen. (Still love HENEREYG though)

  2. That Ant-man footage is floating about on the interwebs – I can find a bunch of articles saying “here it is!”, but the actual videos have all been taken down since I saw it back in March. It’s out there somewhere though, I’m sure.

    I’m thinking Vin Diesel is voicing Rocket Raccoon, maybe. Complete speculation, but it was the first thing I thought.

  3. see? this is what i was saying when henry had to miss eps a long time ago, let the show go on but with guest hosts. they’re not going to usurp the CC throne, just keep the kingdom from falling apart.
    brett knows his shit, and that’s what’s needed to keep this ship afloat, it’s also one of the reasons i wish he showed up on more episodes of CC. I love hearing both henry and brett just overflowing with comics knowledge. it’s always entertaining.
    given chris’ self deprecating comedic nature, i would have assumed he read more comedic comic series and web/online comics of that sort. you guys should broaden your horizons a little.
    just a smidge. i know the internet’s big and time is short between work and play but i’m sure the great people here that listen can point you in some good directions.

    also… can we get an RSS feed link up in here? Lasertime core has one and so does VGA. i don’t subscribe to you guys via itunes. itunes kinda sucks.

    hehe you guys are silly.

  4. Hey man, I just love everybody. You all do
    A great job. Be excellent to each other and party on

  5. Great episode! Honestly, Brett should become a mainstay of Cape Crisis >> Chris and Henry desperately need someone to keep focus or else the show turns into a glorified personal blog with sound.

    Also, kinda tricky, since it’s not really a comic book property, (unless you count the comics created specifically for the movie…) but do you guys ever plan to make a Pacific Rim spoilercast? Honestly, despite all the good stuff coming, that’s easily my most anticipated movie of this year, and I’m definitely curious to hear what you guys think of it, good or bad.

  6. In my dreams Vin Diesel is going to be Luke Cage. A mega-Italian Cage sounds hilarious.

    As for Henry being gone, it was SOOOOOOOO nice to not devolve into complaining about some minor thing being sexist and bitching about politics.

    Seriously, Henry buddy, KNOCK IT OFF.

  7. The hosts are more important to me than the in-depth comics discussion.

    Thanks for stepping in and putting a tent on this circus, Brett!

    Feel better stronger faster sooner, Henry!

  8. I missed Hankleberry, but I loved Brelston as the sit-in host! If anyone should host the comic show besides Henry, it should be Brett. I really dug the DC movie discussion too.

  9. I love my Henry but honestly this is the best show in awhile simply because, while I like the occasional aside, it’s what made “That Other Show” so great, I feel this show has quickly become “What’s on Hank’s Mind Featuring 2 Minutes of Comic Talk” (I outsourced the title to Square Enix, this is what I got -_-).

    This show, along with Atop The Fourth Wall, got me back into comics at age 26 after nit reading for 12 years. Ironically due to the things said on this show, I read DC shit more, especially Batgirl and Green Lantern. But the point still remains.

    Keep up the good work… oh and Chris and Brett? I’m sorry about Capcom. Hope things look up 🙁

  10. Really good episode guys. As much as I like the off topic stuff, having Brett reign it in works really well

  11. I like any of the shows, hosted by any of you, talking about anything at all.


    -plays air guitar

  12. The iron fist of Brelston shall keep Cape Crisis on topic, come hell or high water! Great episode, guys, though I look forward to Hank’s triumphant return next week…if Chris isn’t in a convention-induced coma…

  13. Brett is definitely the best host, sorry Henry and Chris. Definitely the best episode in a while. Much less bitchin and more fun.

    1. At this point after the last few episodes i would be totally fine with Brett taking over. Relaunch as ‘Cape Crisis NOW!’ and give Hank the Wally West treatment…

  14. It’s nice to hear you guys (Brett) read the comments so much, even when it’s not your show.

  15. For a long time I thought “Why is DC trying to force out a Justice League movie before building the universe? Why do they want to put out an ensemble movie without doing the necessary work like Marvel?” Now I understand they don’t want to be seen as aping Marvel’s strategy and also want to quickly capitalize on the goodwill Avengers (and possibly Expendables?) lent to ensemble films. My previous naive idea was you have a Batman or Wonder Woman reference in Man of Steel, a Wonder Woman movie with cameos, Green Lantern 2 (space opera, no Earth), and then a Flash movie. You keep Reynolds as Green Lantern and introduce Aquaman and Martian Manhunter in Justice League. A universe mostly built in four movies without excess money thrown at the problem: no reboots or unnecessary re-introductions. The way I’d do it now is just make a Wonder Woman movie with Aquaman in a small role and make reference to Superman Batman and GL. then in “Justice League” you introduce Flash, Manhunter, and whoever else. More time would have to be spent on introductions and initial character interaction that way, but DC wants and needs it done quick while Marvel had the luxury of taking their time. Anyway, what I really want is a Wonder Woman movie.

    Also Brett, I really want to make you that “Hank’s Corner, Chris’ Cavern, Brett’s Basement, Dave’s Dungeon” infographic, but sadly my art skills are nonexistent.

  16. While I don’t know very much about the Guardians of the Galaxy, those casting rumors still got me hyped. Although I wouldn’t be able to buy Chris Pratt as Starlord, I still like the guy. Plus Lee Pace (star of one of my favorite shows [not for pedophiles], Pushing Daisies), Benicio del Toro, and FREAKIN AMY POND (Karen Gillan). They’re really going at the “co-star of awesome TV shows” theme if any of it proves true. I’d be ecstatic if even one of them comes through.

  17. I seriously paused the podcast when Chris mentioned Attack on Titan. Watched the entire series so far and loved it and just resumed to cast now. I love the series so far!

    Also so far a great episode y’all!

  18. I really liked Man of Steel’s approach. “screw it, send in Zods and World Machines right off the bat.”

    I have no problem with that, because it means that what they’ve done is throw a younger Supes into a fight that he could very easily have lost, forced him to see how far he might have to go sometimes, and immediately deal with the consequences of his heritage.

    and now they can’t do the lazy thing and say “OK, now lets just go bigger.”, now they have to bring in Luthor, and SHOW why Luthor is such a threat, why he’s one of Supes’ greatest enemies.

    One of the reasons the original Spidey movies were kinda meh for me is that Spider-Man killed almost EVERY villain he faced in those movies. There was no sense that he really cared about keeping them alive at any costs, and in venom’s case he threw a freaking grenade at him. (The new ASM movie actually ends up with the bad guy in jail, which is a first for a Spidey movie and rare in superhero movies, which is one of the many reasons I love it.)

    But with Man of Steel, the fact that Superman was forced to kill someone to stop others from dying, and the fact that he wasn’t even able to save everyone in the face of the overwhelming force against him was a major story beat. They treated it with respect, and made it a thing, instead of just “we want the sequel to be simpler”.

    I think in a lot of ways, Man of Steel was learning from the very good points raised by comics like Invincible. It seems irresponsible to let someone with immense power and ability to kill keep coming back to destroy the earth. The complete optimism about how the public would see Superman and how few people would be impacted by his fights that I see in most Superman media is part of what I dislike about them. This movie seemed a lot more cynical in that regard, and I loved it. Several parts of it totally reminded me of panels and storylines from Invincible.

    1. Very good point on the Man of Steel movie. I thought it was too much for the first movie, but I feel you bring a good point throwing Supes into a fight he could have easily lost and therefore had to push himself, thus giving him that swagger and confidence that Superman has, instead of doubting himself. It showed in his attitude at the end. The whole movie he spoke to the Military General with an almost intimidated attitude, and at the end, he basically told the General how it’s going to be with confidence. Thus, at the end of the movie, he was more badass.

      However, I am going to respectfully disagree with you on one point. In the original Spider-Man movies (1 & 2) Spidey didn’t kill Green Goblin or Doc Ock. Green Goblin died by his own hand when his glider missed Peter, and Doc Ock committed self sacrifice to save New York. However, I will not defend Spider-Man 3, that movie was shit and you hit the nail on the head, he did purposely kill Venom, and then just lets Sandman go free. So, in Spider-Man 3, it was basically either “you’re evil and I need to kill you,” or “ah, you are a sympathetic person and I will just let you go free.” Which was the extreme of both sides of the coin. No justice was served to either villain.

  19. I think the Justice League movie should take a page from the TV cartoon’s book. They established Batman and Superman in their own shows (like they have in the movies), but they used the Justice League cartoon to introduce you to the other heroes. I know that the TV show had more time and multiple episodes to establish the heroes, but they need to trust that the audience is familiar with Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkman(girl).

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