Vidjagame Apocalypse 24 – Apocalypsing the Cancel


This week, we pay our respects to five hotly anticipated games that were shut down before  ever really seeing the light of day. We also chat about a little iOS oddity called Deus Ex: The Fall (and other new releases, sure), freak out over the revelation that Microsoft’s been handing user data over to the NSA, and talk about which times and settings you’d love to explore in an open-world game.

Question of the Week

Now that the Steam summer sale’s in full swing, what’s the most memorable or valuable deal you’ve ever gotten on a game?



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72 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 24 – Apocalypsing the Cancel

  1. about 10 years ago I saw Mega Man 2 in a friends garage. I said “can I have that?”, and she said “yes”. best deal ever.

  2. The video store was shutting down and selling a bunch of games as a result. As I browsed through the mostly mediocre movie tie-in titles, something caught my eyes.
    The three disc limited edition copy of MGS3: Subsistence, which had one disc have the game’s cutscenes edited down to a three and a half hour movie. the original MGS games and a documentary on the making of the game. How much were they selling it for? A measly 10 dollars, where I had seen it on ebay priced at $60+. Not a bad deal if I say so myself.

  3. QOTW: What’s this “video game” contraptionajiger you speak of? This podcast is supposed to be about board games and the apocalypse, right?

  4. I recently bought Kingdoms of Amalur for $5 at Best Buy thanks to an @gamer coupon. After doing all that can be done in the game, I returned it to GameStop for $18. 80 hours of fun, platinum trophy, and $13 in my pocket.

    I also remember getting Mario Sunshine, a guide, a Wavebird, and a Nintendo Power subscription renewal for something like $120 or so. Wasn’t a great deal, but I remember the heck out of it.

  5. Best thing about friends is there’s always a dumb one! Rewind a few years ago to the launch week of the PS3, caught up in hype of the launch of the next-gen console my friend was unfortunately €50 short of the asking price. Instead of waiting another week, he spat in defeats face and sold me his PS2 and his ENTIRE game collection! Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Resi 4 and Okami were only a handful of the titles included! These games sit proudly on my shelf to this day, and I can’t help but see what happens come the launch week of the PS4!

  6. I remember waiting in line for a few hours to buy a PS3 on launch day. I bought the 60GB $599 version and experienced the exact situation the Mikel has described before on various podcasts. I was so angry at the console and was so embarrassed that I had just spent $600 (which was a very large percentage of my bank account at the time) on this system. I had instant buyer’s remorse and decided maybe I should see if I could sell it and get my money back and maybe revisit it some other time.

    I crossed my fingers and sold it on eBay hoping to make the money back and ended up getting $900 for it, making $300 for absolutely nothing, just a couple of days after buying it on launch day. I waited about a month and a half and bought a new PS3, effectively for $300 cheaper because of my profit from selling my initial regretful purchase.

    What a weird time.

  7. Here we go again…

    *Braces himself for the condemnation and whining of the cancellation of MML3, a game that most people never even saw in action, and those who did didn’t see anything particularly special.*

    QOTW: The one I can remember the best right now, was trading a 9 months old Dragon’s Dogma copy for a brand new, just released copy of Metal Gear Rising for only 15 bucks with my local brick and mortar retailers in Mexico. I may have had better ones, but this one is the one I remember the best, and goes to show why trading is still such a big deal in places like where I live.

  8. Did something happen in the past few weeks that everyone was watching Evangelion? First Laser Time and now here. Why is it suddenly coming up?

  9. When Game Crazy was shutting down, I went and picked up about 10-11 Xbox 360 games for close to $20. I was sad to see my favorite game retailer go, but I couldn’t pass up the sales.

  10. I was fortunate enough to get Super Metroid for $40 with all the paraphernalia in it back in 2010. The store in North Beach I got it from subsequently closed down…

      1. Fourth’d. Although I had similar early impressions of Anne, whom eventually became a great host 😉

  11. this one time i went to a beer store and they had three bottles of Dogfish Head 120 Min IPA
    each 12 ounce bottle was 12$, so i was like cooool and snagged one.
    while being rung up the cashier scanned the bottle and was like ‘oh that cant be right it’s supposed to be part of a 6 pack’
    i titled my head to the side like a confused dog and realized she had no idea what this 20% ABV monster was, so I got the other three bottles and she charged me 2$ a piece.
    then i went home drank two while watching ‘Robocop’ and went blind in one eye

    good deal

  12. What is my most memorable deal?

    Honestly, it was when I became established as a games journalist and received my very first game to review. I was incredibly psyched when I received “Sunrise City” in the mail (a board game with a SimCity theme) and sat down to review it with the kids. I had a similar experience when I received my first video game to review (“FTL”). I suppose both games marked a sort of milestone in regards to my progress as a writer, of which I’ll always have fond memories.

  13. Speaking of deals, I’d like to go in the opposite direction and talk about worst deals for games. Two examples that come to mind are how I was probably a nightmare to my parents:

    1. I never owned Ocarina of Time. Kind of blasphemous, I know, but I did beat the game! One summer I made a habit of going to blockbuster and renting the game for $5 each time. Well 10 year old me wasn’t very MLG, so it took me about 3-4 months to beat the game. At one point, the guy working at blockbuster commented on the fact that I could’ve just bought a used copy of the game for the same price we paid in rental fees. My dad wasn’t too happy about that.

    2. On a side note, do you guys remember how some N64 games cost $70! I specifically remember nearly throwing a tantrum because my parents wouldn’t get Mario Party since it was too expensive. And that’s $70 before adjusting for inflation. According to the inflation calculator on the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s website, that’s nearly $100! I can’t think of any game I would pay $100 outright for now a days, especially considering the fact Mario Party is just a collection of minigames!

  14. When Batman: Arkham Asylum came out, I noticed it was listed at $7.99 on FutureShop (Canadian Best Buy, even though we also have Best Buys, but anyway) so instead of me going to buy a $60 copy for 360, I ordered a copy for 360 and PS3, and when I went to pick them up the manager said it was a glitch on the site but I argued that since I had already purchased them they have to honour their deal and walked out with two copies of Arkham Asylum for less than $20. Best deal ever.

  15. in the land of podcast bombing, Parker is king. I’m posting with an alternate name because I feel that bad talking shit about him. he seems like a nice guy, but he punctuates everyone else’s comments with a loud, aimless, unfunny roadblock of a joke.

    maybe he’s just nervous, in which case I empathize. I’m not cut out for radio either. but I hope he doesn’t become a regular, because it’s bringing the show down from one of the best, more unique video game podcasts, into just another show

    I’M SORRY!!

    1. In other words, you’re posting with an alternate account because you don’t have the balls to say what you think upfront? Well that’s brave and honest… Specially considering that most online accounts are anonymous as it is. That means you are DOUBLY brave, and not a spineless wimp at all! bravo sir!

    2. Whoever you actually are Dugget you nailed it. I take no joy in shitting on people but i find Parker really annoying. Sorry!

  16. QOTW: I’m going to go for my first fully-embraced Steam Sale in winter 2011.

    Due to what I can only believe was a pricing error (it was corrected after the second day of sales), the Warner Bros Publisher Pack was an absolute belter of a deal – roughly $50 for every one of the publisher’s games on Steam.

    That’s great, but what made it amazing was that it “accidentally” included the just-released Batman: Arkham City, Lord of the Rings: War In The North, FEAR3 and Lego Harry Potter 2, all of which I wanted and all of which went for $40 each separately. Bad luck Warners, but a great deal!

  17. This may not be the best deal but I was really happy with it. The week that GOW ascension came out, the local Fred Meyers offered the assassins creed 3 PS3 500gb for $250.00. If you bought any playstaytion platform that week you got ascension for free. So for my $250.00 I got a PS3, AC3 and GOW ascension. After I got home I found a code in the box for a free year of PS plus. I went and traded the games to pay for my preorder of Bioshock Infinite.

  18. Dude, CAG has spoiled me, soo many deals It’s all a blur. I actually don’t even read the deal forum anymore because I have a huge backlog on 3 different platforms.

    1. Oh yeah I also got in on the 3DS price cut and ambassador program deal, (you guessed it because Cheapassgamer).

  19. “Evangelion sucks, by the way!”

    Kill yourself, Parker. (sort-of kidding)

    QOTW: I got an NES and two games for 5 bucks at a garage sale and then sold it on ebay for 74 bucks.

    1. Evangelion DOES suck. So what, you’re gonna wish me and everyone that disagrees with you to die too? That’s very mature and tolerant of you! (I’m sort-of kidding as well!)

  20. QOTW: I bought Blood Dragon, Bioshock Infinite and Crysis 3 for about $450. It was a good deal cause it came with a free graphics card.

  21. Megaman Legends 3 still hurts, got cancelled on my birthday, I had promised several friends to buy the $1 demo and 2 friends the entire game for them. It was one of my most anticipated games ever and cancelled on birthday….sigh.

    1. I think he’s just not used to their timing and energy when podcasting. I’ll cut him some slack.

    2. Yup. This week specially. It was almost sad listening to his repeated attempts at humour followed by silence. Reminds me of Hollander Cooper in latter days of Talkradar.

      1. Yes, thank you, that’s exactly who he reminds me of. I hated Cooper when he came on Talkradar, but luckily since he took over on Radioradar he’s massively improved. I’m sure Parker will too, he just needs to CALM DOWN :).

  22. The best deal I have ever gotten was a result of the poor reception of Bionic Commando. I was in a local retail liquidation outlet shortly after the release of the full disk release of bionic commando and noticed a bin filled with new copies at 2 for $10. Knowing that the game had come out only a month prior, I called in to the local hollywood video to see their trade in value; it was $10. I bought 180 copies for $90 and offloaded all but one at hollywood video, then put all the Credit into preorders of red dead redemption and two other hotly anticipated games that I no longer remember. In the end I got bionic commando for $5 and three high end preorders for half price. The best part was seeing three full shelves full of 175 used bionic commando copies for about eight months before the whole chain closed down entirely.

  23. also, re garding anyone who might be complaining about parker… he’s actually pretty funny when you pay attention to the underlying foundation pf his jokes, he just needs to become more confident on podcasts to enhance the delivery of his jokes and that just takes time and experience.


    Microsoft also said that they never provided full access to any sort of skype videos or anything, and they also said that they would take the government to court if they asked for any access to kinect videos. Also, Kinect will never send video data back. If it needs to send data to a server, the camera interprets the information you’re giving it into text and then sends it.

    If microsoft ever changes their TOS to allow kinect data to leave your console without express permission and information about what’s going on, and the thousands of paranoid tech nerds who monitor the kinect for years after its release find out that data is leaving their house or the kinect is not disabled when the light is off, then I’ll stop using it.

    Until then, I don’t think there’s going to be any problem with this. Microsoft gave very specific data on certain email and skype communication, none of which involved giving the government or themselves unfettered direct access.

    The fact that every bit of the kinect can be disabled is enough for me to be OK with it. I’ll never buy anything with a camera or mic that can’t be turned off.

    The fact that it’s required is very obviously an attempt to make kinect games and features less bad, by guaranteeing devs that everyone who has an xbox one will have a kinect, and not have sold it on ebay because they need it nearby but turned off.

    I have no idea if they’ll not stick to that and make it work without the kinect, but I think that would show a lack of confidence in it as being part of the xbone package, and that goes against their reasons for having it in the box.

    The steps they’re taking in the article that I linked are a good start to making their privacy policies more clear.

    Bothers me that so many people treat this issue as “Xbone confirmed spying tool”, when it’s much more complex.

    1. I don’t really see the fact that this is even a discussion as being so crazy or scary. We’ve been having these conversations for years about any electronic device which connects to the internet or a cell phone service or whatever.

      More information is taken from my google searches than would be gleaned from a several hour long of me silently playing a game and then turning the system off. Which is not to say that recording me in such a way doesn’t set a dangerous precedent, but the amount of microsoft statements talking about how much that’s NOT happening and how they’re taking steps to make their privacy policy even more explicit is so overwhelming. As technology gains more capacity for evil, the restrictions around their use will increase in number scope, and thoroughness. That’s the plan, and maybe it might go wrong at some point, but the gosh darn kinect isn’t going to be the tipping point into telescreens.

    2. It’s just far too easy to blow everything out of proportion. THE GUBMENT WATCHIN US! NSA GUNNA SEE ME IN PRIVACIE OF MUH HOUSE!

      Are people really so ignorant to believe that any company can tell the NSA to piss off if it has legitimate requests for data? Being a technology company doesn’t make you immune to a warrant. Even precious Sony relays information to the NSA. They don’t have some untapped vein into the lives of every person in america. You guys are so hilariously paranoid about the kinect it’s almost adorable. The way you talk about it in such Orwellian terms i’d think you are a step away from being one of those people that goes out in UAV proof metal clothing.

      Still love you though.

    3. It’s just far too easy to blow everything out of proportion. THE GUBMENT WATCHIN US! NSA GUNNA SEE ME IN PRIVACIE OF MUH HOUSE!

      Are people really so ignorant to believe that any company can tell the NSA to piss off if it has legitimate requests for data? Being a technology company doesn’t make you immune to a warrant. Even precious Sony relays information to the NSA. They don’t have some untapped vein into the lives of every person in america. You guys are so hilariously paranoid about the kinect it’s almost adorable. The way you talk about it in such Orwellian terms i’d think you are a step away from being one of those people that goes out in UAV proof metal clothing.

      Still love you though.

      1. I understand why they’re upset and freaked out. The idea of surveillance is scary. It’s just that it seems as though most people are just building a narrative of what’s going to happen in their head.

        The actual facts about how the NSA requested certain data from Microsoft are far less terrifying, and have also been available since the very beginning of the reveal of the NSA. So I don’t get why people are freaking out NOW.

  25. I don’t think anything about the Ryse stuff said that the game would be made easier.

    They only said that there were more complex timing-related elements of the counter kills that could be ignored and just mashed through to get the kill without the xp bonuses and such.

    There’s a lot of misconceptions around Ryse.

    As with people jumping through hoops to refuse to understand that Killer Instinct is not a free-to-play game, I hope everyone finally understands it when the game comes out.

    1. “They only said that there were more complex timing-related elements of the counter kills that could be ignored and just mashed through to get the kill without the xp bonuses and such.”

      Um… you just said it yourself. You can “mash trough” to kill anyone, which means there’s no real challenge… which means it’s made easy 😛

      Or in the developer’s own words:

      “The idea is that anyone can play it and they can mash the buttons and fight”

      How the hell is anyone able to misinterpret that anyway?

      1. You interpret it IN CONTEXT.

        They are talking about the QTE system. After you’ve beaten the enemy through the normal fighting gameplay, you can either bother to correctly time your button presses, or mash through and get a more generic animation. There is nothing being said there about making the combat itself more simplified, though brawlers are rarely extremely complex in the first place. They were ONLY talking about what happens after you’ve basically killed the dude.

        It’s a QTE you can’t fail, basically. Nothing bad about that.

        No contradiction.

        1. Ummmmm… What normal fighting gameplay? You do realize that the entire combat is basically all a sequence of QTEs, right? And this is not just me saying it, it’s plain to see in the demo shown at E3, and with anyone that had a hands on with it.

          So once you take that into account… then yes, the game basically boils down to mash buttons to win.

          Also, even if it was “a QTE you can’t fail, basically.” that IS a bad thing, because then the QTEs become meaningless, and might as well not even be there to begin with.

  26. A friend of mine had a PSP 3000 with 3 games (the ratchet & clank, Jack & Dexter ports and some other game which escapes me atm) but he had no power cord for it. Acted like it was a big deal and that it was a pain to find a new one so he said he would sell it to me for $20. Found a powercord, hard carrying case, soft carrying case and cleaning cloth for $7 on amazon.

    TLDR: got a barely used PSP 3000 + 3 games and a ton of accesories for $27 because my friend was a lazy fuck.

  27. Mikel – the reason Ben’s voice sounds different in Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels is that the original actor, Roy Conrad, actually died. Tim Schafer reckons that one of the main reasons FT2 was cancelled was because it just didn’t feel the same without Roy.

    1. And I could’ve filled that top 5 with cancelled LucasArts games that were in development alone. Besides Full Throttle (which actually had two cancelled sequels!) you’ll find:

      – Sam & Max: Freelance Police (proper LucasArts adventure, made by the same team behind Hit The Road, cancelled for no real good reason, team left and became Telltale)
      – Indiana Jones & The Staff of Kings (360/PS3/PC version, Uncharted-style)
      – Indiana Jones & The Iron Phoenix/Spear of Destiny (two Fate of Atlantis-style adventures)
      – Zombies Ate My Neighbors 3 (in 3D, whose title I forget)
      – Imperial Commando (Republic Commando 2)
      – KOTOR3 (yep, was in development)
      – The many versions of Battlefront 3
      – Star Wars 1313, sniff

    1. Considering that in one show, they spent way more time singing the praises of an anime show than the time spent criticizing anime in general, I’d think it wasn’t THAT rough…

      1. Well, it is when the praise segment goes “Yeah, this show is great! It’s not like most anime, which sucks!”

        Great if you’re a fan of Attack on Titan…and NOTHING else.

        1. Fair enough. They do make it a point to say that it’s drastically different to most anime, which does make it sound bad for anime in general.

  28. On my 17th birthday I went to my local independent game store to rummage through their 3 for $50 table and their 3 for $30 bin. I managed to get six games for 80 dollars in the process simply because I combined the two “3 for” deals. The games I bought were Red Faction: Guerrilla, Gears of War, Perfect Dark Zero, Resident Evil 5, Bayonetta, and Assassins Creed 2.

    I remember this day vividly because I was listening to Talkradar 93 which was best known the introduction of shy Fonzie and remains one of my all time favourite episodes of Talkradar.

  29. My most memorable deal on a game was when we went and bought an xbox to replace our broken one.
    When we got home from the pawn shop we opened it up, we found a free copy of GTA San Andreas.

    Also, I am saddened that you guys didn’t even give Star Wars: KotOR 3 an honourable mention, after that first two games, many people were anticipating that.
    And don’t say “They turned it into TOR” they changed it severely from what it was originally.

  30. That guy who yells about Megaman was hilarious. Sad part is, he probably has hundreds of thousands of views.

    1. Just checked, (because I had nothing better to do… Yes, I’m that bored) he has 129,900. Not so many, all things considered.

  31. QOTW:
    I guess the humble bundle for christmas 2011 it had like 10 games near the end (meat boy, cave story+, can’t remember the rest) and only cost me about 5 bucks. What also made it special was that coincidentally all the games were in the steam Christmas sale 2011 achievement list so i also got a ton of coal just for playing them.

    OH! and mercenaries 2 and god father 2 for $1 each at my local dollar store about 4ish years ago boy, is mercenaries still glitchy

    Also 2 ‘deals’ i missed i wanna mention
    1st: about a year EA was doing a survey which got you a $20 off code for origin, apparently the codes had no limits and people started buy tons of games and paying nothing cuz they just spammed their codes at check out. EA quickly fixed the error and let the cheaters keep their games.
    2nd: About 3 days ago best buy was accidentally selling metro last light on steam for a penny sadly i arrived 1 day too late.

  32. About a month after it’s release on 360 I found a Left 4 Dead 2 that some unfortunate sap had priced at $20 with the greatest hits copies of the first game. That was a good deal but the best part is the ending when a few weeks ago I traded it in at the local used game store for $22 in store credit.

  33. Not really a game, but a game console(s). I won an Xbox 360 on launch day from my local game store. Then, I won a Wii U this past February from GameStop. Hopefully, my lick continues and I win an Xbone and PS4. Fingers crossed!

  34. Can we pay you guys to keep Parker off the show? I’m sure he’s a great guy but he makes for a lousy listening experience. As soon as anyone says anything, this guy launches into a horribly conceived character and loses the plot. Even the other hosts seem to lose their patience with it. Not trying to hate, but he does not add to the dynamic.

    QOTW: I got Bubble Bobble for watching a dude’s lizard.

  35. I just wanted to give an internet high-five to Triscuitable who came up with the Open-World-set-in-divided-Germany-idea on the last QotW. As I do with most episodes I was listening to the podcast while having a jog. As my mind got bored I started coming up with random video game ideas. Since I am German, “German GTA set in the eighties or nineties” came up to my mind as well. And like five minutes later I find out what was the question of the week, and you came up with a pretty similar idea. I was so amazed by the coincidence I immediately exclaimed “Mein Leben!” and dropped a blue magazine right on the street.

    Anyway, just a little hello from Germany, to Triscuitable and of course to the hosts at Vidjagame Apocalypse. Reingehaun!

    1. I wish I read the comments more often. Thank you very much for your kind compliment! I really appreciate it!

  36. Best deal I can remember was Fallout: New Vegas (Game of the Year Edition), pre-owned, for about 20 bucks. It’s an incredible value for so many hours of gameplay.

    And I still haven’t gotten over the fact that Mega Man Legends 3 was canceled. I really hope it resurfaces soon…

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