The best Cosplay feature to ever come out of Comic-Con


As if you couldn’t already tell by that picture…

No, I’m not trying to trash websites that post massive Comic-Con Cosplay galleries. Hell, I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. Plus, I’m well aware that the traffic generated from those simple, slightly cynical galleries of lightsabers, capes, and chesticles can often times often justify one’s entire trip to San Diego. But this? This is sooooooo much better:

It’s interesting to see cosplay go from being mocked by the mainstream media to frantically exploited by the enthusiast press for Comic-Con click bait, but what makes sneakyzebra’s beautiful salute to wigs and hot glue so refreshing is that it treats these folks like the stars they are. Having attended so damned many of these cons at this point, I’ve gained an overwhelming amount of respect for the work and dedications that goes into the creation of these costumes, and dare I even say the creativity that goes into attempting to best represent love for a preexisting character. This video not only makes cosplayers fucking cool, it showcases them like the stars I feel they really are, which outside of promising on last week’s Cape Crisis, is why I’m posting it on the front page. It really does deserve ALL THE VIEWZ!






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