Cape Crisis #59 – Wolverine Comes to Town


It’s a two man show, but we’ve got lots to say. We read some comics, talk non-spoilery about The Wolverine, and take your questions LIVE…


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Cape Crisis #59 Question: What New 52 DC title should Henry try?

14 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #59 – Wolverine Comes to Town

  1. I would recommend you check out Batwoman Henry, that book is pretty much all on its own story wise and is just one of the best looking books out there.

  2. I thought Origins Wolverine wasn’t that bad. The first three movies were absolutely horrible. Didn’t see all of First Class, but I didn’t like what I saw much either. Still not all that interested in this Wolverine movie.

    Give me a movie with a team-up between him and Andrew Garfield’s Spidey (ala superman/batman) then you’ll have my interest. (but I’ll watch The Wolverine when it comes out on DVD)

  3. Oh, and I still don’t get why people keep saying that Superman killed a bunch of people in MoS. The World Engine caused most of the destruction, and every building he smashes through is clearly shown to NOT result in a spray of human blood, so I don’t see how you could say that.

    I also don’t get how you could think he doesn’t care about the deaths of those people. He was rendered helpless during the beginning of the destruction, and the FIRST THING he does is go destroy the thing that’s causing it, and no, he’s not taking time to shed a single tear, but he’s confronting the problem unflinchingly and ending it as soon as possible.

    ALL of the human deaths in that movie are on Zod and his soldiers, and I don’t get why people see it any differently.

    Now, it could easily be argued that the fact that Zod came there at all was due to Supes, and that’s totally true, though extremely unfair to a boy who had no choice in the matter.

    Ugh.. I just really liked that there was a Superman movie where there was a REAL threat, and shit got really bad, and it was unclear as to whether all of this would be too much for Supes. The destruction is ridiculous, but to be perfectly honest, it happens all the time in the comics or cartoons. They just don’t portray it in the realistically apocalyptic way that it would seem in real life.

    And the destruction was important in showing us WHY they need Superman: the universe is full of crazy shit that humanity is not ready for. The World Machine is more violent than a simple explosion would be, because it’s a relentless pounding rather than a single impact. It was a horrifying weapon, and that made me cheer for Supes to disable it all the harder.

  4. And killing Zod in that scenario is totally justifiable and the only real sane choice. You just saw how much shit he cause the first time he came to earth, in what real-world scenario would you just send him off or try to imprison him when you know he’s literally born to fight, and will now never stop till he has revenge? No point risking this happening again, and no point letting even one more person die.

    There is not one single good reason why Supes should have spared Zod at all if he actually cared about humans. Just because they never really show the consequences of every single time a villain superman spared kills a bunch of people doesn’t mean it’s not there. Man of Steel says “fuck that, this is not a comic book, things have to actually make sense.”.

    Remember how Infamous looked at this exact same issue from a very real perspective? Man of Steel isn’t going to go that crazy, but what it’s established is that Supes will avoid killing unless he’s forced to do so to save someone. And even then, he obviously hates himself for doing it, and it goes against everything he believes in. So? Not every movie has to involve everything turning out perfectly and just like the protagonist wants it. If you, as a real person, dedicated yourself to protecting people, it’s not such a long shot that you might have to take a life to do that. Because existence is not pristine, and having super-human powers SHOULDN’T change that.

  5. Not sure there is anything to spoil in The Wolverine, its pretty much what you expect and everyone knows there is a sequel to First Class coming…

    Solid but not good movie, with some great some lame moments. That cgi bear looked so awful >< but that over the top silly bullet train sequence paid off nicely, it did feel like Wolverine was in a Quick Time Event scene though.

  6. Ok, new topic question I need help with. New to comic books (really, first time ever reading them) and I want to begin with Spider Man… Now where to begin? Im rather confused as there is ultimate, amazing, spectacular, spider-men? Any help would be appreciated… After doing some research, Ive only been told they are different stry arcs, but which one is current?

  7. hank, if you wanna be “sold” on new 52, the best books where every issue has been worth reading (mostly) are wonder woman, nightwing, justice league, aquaman, flash, green lantern. those are all good books and I didnt even include batman. wonder woman is probably been the most solid. so there you go.

  8. *sigh* I want an R-rated Wolverine movie. And an R-rated Deadpool movie. And a kickass dragon while I’m wishing for impossible things. I’m gonna go see Wolverine this weekend, but I’m just so melancholy about what could’ve been. Great show, guys.

  9. If I had to recommend a New 52 book, I’d recommend Batgirl. I had never read a Batgirl comic prior to the New 52, but Gail Simone does a good job at making Barbara Gordon seem like she is coming apart at the seams. Likewise, the Death of the Family tie-in with the Joker did a great job dealing with Barbara’s trauma upon seeing the Joker again.

  10. I would recommend the New 52 book “All Star Western”. It’s basically just a relaunch of Gray and Palmiotti’s pre-New 52 “Jonah Hex” which was my favourite book back then, and “All Star Western” is one of the best non-Marvel books I’m currently reading. Plus, Moritat’s art is beautiful and gives the book a very unique look.

    1. Jeff Lemire’s “Animal Man” is fantastic as well, and it does a good job of incorporating elements of Grant Morrison’s run while changing and adding other elements like the Red.

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