31 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Worst Accents in Film

  1. While there are bad “British accents” like those you played (really Keanu?!), another bad aspect is how limited they are. The media British accent is typically posh toff or cockney despite both being only sections of London City. There’s a whole country besides the South East, of various accents, dialects and slang but many wouldn’t think that from the media alone. Same goes for Ireland.

  2. Ever since I heard Portia deRossi say “anuhthing” on Better Off Ted I hear it all the time from people with British accents playing Americans. Why can’t they say “anything” if they can get the other words right?

  3. Great episode as always guys. Also, this episode really shone light on a situation. Nic Cage needs more money. And therefore, he needs to be in more movies.

    How has nobody kickstarted Nicolas Cage: The Movie yet? It’d essentially be Jack and Jill, but with much more Nicolas Cage and much funnier.

  4. I LOVE those soliloquies in House of Cards. It’s pretty cheesy, but it’s just so rare to see any show dare to do something so cheesy any more.

  5. Thing about Irish accents is a lot of actors could do it properly, but American audiences wouldn’t recognise it, so they have really play it up to be recognised as Irish.

    And by “recognised as Irish” I mean “confused with Scotland”.

  6. I hope they cover Julia Roberts in “Michael Collins”… I do not know now how Liam Neeson did not use all his specific set of skills to kill her for butchering his countries accent, it makes it impossible to watch the movie.

  7. Stellar, as always.

    More to consider:
    Kevin Costner’s and John Candy’s Louisiana accents in “JFK” (Oliver Stone strikes again!)
    Kevin Costner’s Boston, Hah-vahd accent in “Thirteen Days”
    Kevin Costner’s frontiersman accent from “Dances With Wolves” (“Why don’t you write?”)
    Josh Hartnett’s and Ben Affleck’s southern(?) accents in “Pearl Harbor”

  8. Havent listened yet but Jason Statham’s american accent in Jet Li’s ‘The One’ better be on here. It’s the rare reverse of ‘American does terrible English Accent’

  9. Had to comment RE: the Scottish accents in Alexander. I live in Scotland and they were pretty much spot on, and we do indeed all say ‘aye’ here all the time.


    1. Yes, and I think they were doing Scottish and regional accent so as to kind of parallel Alexander and his Macedonian troops being not- Greek, as Scottish is not-English , if you see what I mean.

  10. HBO did play Congo and the making-of all the time. As a 9 year old I liked the ridiculous action scenes at the end but it really is a shitty movie.

  11. Chris, when you did an impression of Willy Wonka for a sec there, you accidentally did your Jason Statham voice.

    PLEASE the next time it comes up: do Jason Statham in a remake of Willy Wonka.

  12. So, so many bad Russian ones to pick through…how about Harrison Ford in ‘K-19: The Widowmaker’?

    Also, from that one tangent…a Music Video episode would be great, especially as a quasi sequel to ‘Shame Songs’

  13. Oh my God, the Jamaican Fresh Princes and “Lets go back to Babylon!” pretty much killed me.
    I was dying laughing.

  14. This was definitely one of my favorites in a while.
    Please bring back Diannersaurus-Rex back for more episodes

  15. This was fun episode guys! Seriously, thanks.

    One thing though: what was that ending song? It sounded kind of familiar but I can’t quite pinpoint where I’ve heard that before. If I even have.

  16. Great episode, great topic! I always think of the bad accent Harrison Ford did in the submarine movie, Such-and-such The Widowmaker.

    Loved hearing the Musha VGM around the hour mark.

  17. When it comes to bad accents, I always think of Sean Bean in both Silent Hill films. His American accent keeps slipping into his native Scottish accent

    1. Sean Bean is not Scottish , nor is his accent. He is from Yorkshire in the north of England and has ,well, a Yorkshire accent.

  18. Anyone know the song that played during the half time break? sounded like an nes song but dont know the game.

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