Cape Crisis #61 – Disney Owns Everything


Chris is back from his beloved Disney fan convention, Henry read a bunch of comics, Dave Rudden read Walking dead, and Vin Diesel joins the festivities a bit later in this week’s podcast…


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Cape Crisis #61 Question: What comic character would you have Vin Diesel play?

18 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #61 – Disney Owns Everything

  1. I really hate it when I listen to this podcast and you guys talk about everything else except comics. I mean its called cape crises and you guys advertise this podcast as talking about comics. and you guys go on for 30 mins about mitt romney, newsroom, arrested development, etc. im sorry but Im done with this podcast. go on and hate on me , “its free,” blah blah. better to say How i feel here instead giving you idiots a bad review on your Itunes.

  2. Glad to see a new Cape Crisis (You’re on a good streak, fellas!), but way to alienate the hell out of an audience right out the gate by talking down the Walking Dead show. That’s damn fine television right there.

  3. Hey I’ve been pretty hard on Henry since the Brett hosted episode so just wanted to say that this episode was just the right balance of informative, funny and unpolitical tangents, and great co-hosts. Excellent episode overall Hank!

  4. XD chris’ story about the “fan” who made him do duke lombardi… i can’t believe he’s been keeping that story from us all this time. gah!
    i listen to radio radar, it’s no talkradar but i’m okay with that.
    i listen to all the stuff the old gang appears on now… i think.

    also… henry… chris… can we get a cape crisis RSS up in here?
    i’m gonna keep asking for it. forever.

  5. On the subject of “exclusive contracts”:

    A lot of higher-up talent at Marvel and DC will have them, especially writers. In most cases, what they really mean is “listen, don’t work for the other main guys, okay?” Many of them (Hickman, Millar, whoever,) are allowed to go off and do creator owned stuff at Image or somewhere else.

    Marvel have Icon, and DC have Vertigo, to allow their really big guys to flex their creator owned muscles, but they’re not used that much. This is why you see something like Powers or Scarlet (both written by Bendis), technically published by Marvel – mainly so he doesn’t take his work to another company.

    So yes, “exclusive” really just means “don’t play with the other team, you can still guest in the smaller leagues though.”

  6. I haven’t ever seen a single episode of newsroom, and even I am getting sick of listening the same shit over and over again in this supposed “comic” podcast. YES WE GET IT HENRY, YOU HATE NEWSROOM, YOU MUST HAVE SAID LIKE 20 TIMES IN THIS SHOW NOW.

    Y’know what, from now on I’m only listening to the episodes that have Brett in it, those are the only good ones lately. Otherwise this show is become little more than a fucking echo chamber.

  7. Fun episode guys good mix of on topic and off topic discussion. I hope next episode you guys talk about kickass 2 the movie. I always seem to agree with the cape crisis review more than most.

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