Cheap Popcast #13- Banned from the Summerfest


Dave, Henry, and Chris recount two-and-a-half decades of the WWE’s second-biggest yearly show with plenty of awful comedy and raps before talking about their own personal interactions with wrestlers during the blockbuster event…



6 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #13- Banned from the Summerfest

  1. Love the show guys, it’s potentially my favorite show on the entire LT network, so thank you very much for doing it.

    I’m waiting until Tuesday to watch Summerslam, so I can watch it with my dad. Me and him have always disagreed on which wrestlers we like, but Bryan seems to be the first wrestler we both agree on so I’m really pulling for Bryan in this, as absolutely everyone seems to be. Have fun at the PPV guys!

  2. I got to Lasertime through this podcast thanks to a friend of mine telling me I should listen. Really big fan already. Was starting to get worried the new episode would be too late for the new PPV, especially with how great the build-up towards it has been.

    I’ll likely not see the PPV until tomorrow. We don’t get wrestling shows here, and I don’t have internet at home. So I usually have to grab a download the night after a show.

  3. wrestlers look so… normal nowadays.
    you think they’ll ever return to being over the top comic book like characters in look?
    they still seem to have big personalities somewhat… i just miss the look.

  4. Thanks to this podcast, my interest in wrestling has been rekindled. Ever since the death episode some months back, I have been watching botchamania, been reading up on blogs regularly, and recently attended my first live show (which was awesome). I truly appreciate this podcast.

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