10 thoughts on “VGMpire Episode 51 – F-Zero GX

  1. Oh boy! October is going to be another “Month of ” month!

    I wonder what series have enough awesome music to fill an entire month.

    Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter?

  2. Really enjoyed this episode and really enjoyed this game. Based on Grimm’s recommendation, I just ordered RedLine on Blu-ray USING THE AMAZON LINKS IN THE SIDEBAR.

      1. Redline was just insanely drawn blasphemy. Definitely entertaining, though I had to sit through the credits before I believed that ending wasn’t a joke.

        I just dug through the attic to find my copy of GX. After a couple hours of play my eyeballs began to hurt. “Now THIS is pod racing!”

  3. Oh MAN! This episode was amazing. About 4 years back a friend and I found this in a bargain bin at a local Game Stop. I knew right then and there that I had to have it, as I was only able to find it previously at Block Buster and Family Videos and those where scratched beyond recognition. We played this nonstop! It has, hands down, the best racing game sound track ever.

    Great episode Brett, and welcome back after your long break.

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