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  1. Sick Barak beats at 47 mins. Great episode though, i’m Australian but grew up watching The Young Ones, Mr Bean, Monty Python and Blackadder. That is all.

  2. oh weird. i looked up bagpuss the second you guys started talking about it, and you know what?… I’ve seen it before. i don’t know how, but i clearly remember having seen episodes of it. i have memories, but i don’t know when or where they come from.

  3. Why isn’t the episode banner all taking place on top of Jason Stathem’s head while hes chewing on a battery and fucking a horse

  4. You utter bastards. You utter utter potatoes.

    top gear? You give that xenophobic/racist Clarkson a chance to make even more money you cunt enablers.

    shows you should watch:

    brass eye
    monkey dust
    Nathan barley
    Alan partridge

    the only episode you should watch of the it crowd is the first of series 2.

    Richard ayoade, the dude from it crowd, made a film called submarine. Watch that.

    i hate all of you. First time since talkradar began i can relate to an episode and you fawn over top gear. You quadraspazzes.

  5. I’d just like to say that the character Alan Partridge was actually created for the show ‘The Day Today’, a satirical news show in which he was an inept sports reporter, created by Chris Morris, who also played the lead anchor. Chris Morris also created Brass Eye which you guys kind of talked about when you talked about the “Paedogeddon” Brass Eye special. If you haven’t seen The Day Today or Brass Eye in full you need to. They are the closest to comedy perfection you can get. Another writer on The Day Today was Armando Iannucci who is the creator of The Thick of It and all of its spin offs. He also had a show in the early 2000’s called The Armando Iannucci Shows which was and very funny. Christ, I’ve gone a bit long and haven’t even mentioned Blue Jam and Jam, Morris’s Surreal postmodern ambient comedies.

    1. Should have read this comment more closely as I go on about Iannucci in my post further down, its amazing how much great comedy Morris and Iannucci are responsible for and it all stands up really well. The surreal levels of dark humour in Jam I don’t think have been matched anywhere since, except maybe in Tim and Eric or Wonder Showzen. Shame there was no mention for Reeves and Mortimer, in some ways they are like an earlier British version of Tim and Eric.

  6. Love that Blackadder got a mention, but I can’t believe nobody brought up QI. By far my favorite British show, along with Top Gear, and it’s what basically made Stephen Fry the treasure that he is today. Additionally, Alan Davis had a show that didn’t really get much praise, but Whites was really good.

    Also, for more of David Mitchell and Robert Webb, you have to watch That Mitchell and Webb Look. Another show which didn’t get as many episodes as it deserved.

  7. I haven’t listened to the episode yet but I already know this is going to be one of those episodes where you guys talk about things as if strange and even new but to me completely normal and unassuming…

    …and that’s a good thing. Looking forward to it!

  8. As a British Laser Timer i am fucking ready for an episode about British Comedy/Entertainment. Listening now…

  9. Such a good episode, as a huge British comedy nerd i love pretty much everything you mentioned (Apart from Little Britain). I could seriously write pages about why The Young Ones is such an important show, it’s so subversive and meta, the first of its kind and arguably the start of British alternative comedy. Got to disagree with Chris and Hank, Red Dwarf is great and i think the first 2 series are the best, the antagonism between Lister and Rimmer drives the show and it’s at it most pure at the start. Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace is also fantastic, it would fit right in with stuff like Eagleheart and NTSF SD SUV now. Tyler you have such a good taste, you made my fucking day mentioning Black Books. Graham Linehan is a comedy genius.

    1. Glad you agree with us on most of that stuff. However, I want to clarify that I LOVE Red Dwarf. I watched every series and read both books. I just think the opening seasons feel a little empty after seeing Kryten join the show. I thought that robot completed the team, though “Ace” Rimmer is my fave member of the group.

      1. I see what you mean, i do love the other series too although they get pretty bad after series 6. Just finished listening and i need to add I’m a big fan of Alan Partridge, Knowing Me Knowing You is the talk show spoof you mentioned. You should see Alpha Papa hank, i think it’s getting a US release

  10. Oh man I was worried coming into this show it would just be you guys doing shitty British accents for an hour and thank god you didn’t. Just a little heads up for anyone interested in Misfits though; the Irish guy actually sticks around for two seasons not the one. I would even say that the best episode of the entire show is the season two finale (spoiler; the gang face off against a guy who can control any dairy product). It only gets really shit once you get to season 3. And for Alan Partridge, start with Knowing Me Knowing You, then I’m Alan Partridge. Other than that, damn good show guys

  11. Yes! Hearing you guys sing the Red Dwarf theme tune warmed the cockles of me weather beaten British heart. I also feel mildly offended by your terrible British accents, but in a good way. Here’s some suggestions for your viewing pleasure:

    The Inbetweeners (accurate, if somewhat extreme, comedy about the British teenage experience. There was also an American version but it’s utter wank)
    Green Wing (Surreal comedy set in a hospital. Really cool visual style plus it has Brian from Spaced and Fran from Black Books)
    The Mighty Boosh (Even more surreal comedy about… I don’t even know what, but it’s great)
    Nathan Barley (Created by Chris Morris, of Brass Eye fame, it’s basically a satire of media douchbags before that was a thing. Also has a guest appearance from a young Cumberbatch)
    Black Mirror (Super-dark comedy/drama that focuses on how technology can mess with our lives. Created by ex PC Gamer UK editor Charlie Brooker)

    This is England (Mike mentioning Made in Britain reminded me of this. It’s bleak British drama at its best, plus the soundtrack is top. There’s also two TV series sequels that are rather good)
    Four Lions (Chris Morris’s directorial debut, it’s a black comedy about suicide bombers)
    Submarine (Coming-of-age comedy that rips on all the coming-of-age comedy clichés in a delicious manner. Directed by Richard Ayoade from Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place)

    There’s so many more but that’s all I could think of off the top of my head.

  12. I’m glad Peep Show was mentioned because that show is amazing. All 8 seasons were recently added to Netflix if you’re interested.

  13. Not a bad episode, it’s a nice change to have an episode with cultural references that I get. Tyler’s incessant accent gave me a headache, but accents are fun to do so I can understand the temptation.

  14. Not a bad episode, it’s a nice change to have an episode with cultural references that I get. Tyler’s incessant accent gave me a headache, but accents are fun to do so I can understand the temptation. And I love Tyler, so it’s cool.

  15. 2001. 6th grade. 2nd semester. Shrek. Probably 6-7 times. Also, Top Gear. Just got into it. Cant get enough of it. That show got me into liking cars. It must be the accents… or the production values…. both!


  16. Also I honestly don’t think that Ricky Gervais is playing a character most of the time. He’s a weird dude. After listening to his podcast I started to get an understanding for who he actually is.

  17. Hey Hank, thanks for soldiering (HA!) through that description of Blackadder Goes Forth the finale is a powerful moment television moment, always gets me. Another reason peeps in the US might want to check it out is of course to see Hugh ‘House’ Laurie playing a jolly naive public school toff sent to the slaughter.

    I hate to be the ‘oh man you totally forgot blah blah’ guy as you only have a limited time to get your memories into the pod cast but any love for Faulty Towers? It may be my favourite sitcom of all time.

    Also I feel I need to take you guys to task because I don’t think you once mentioned Armando Iannucci’s name while you talked about The Think of it, (especially you, Antista) usually you lot are so good for name checking the creatives, (its like talking about Community for half an hour without mentioning Dan Harmon) especially considering how instrumental he is in British comedy having a hand in everything form the The Day Today, Brass Eye and Alan Patridge right up to Veep. Even his own thematic sketch comedy The Armando Iannucci Shows were incredibly inventive and original and still hilarious, I think full episodes are on Youtube.

    It might sound like I am really pissed off with you, that I have a bee in my bonnet and that the pod cast isn’t my cup of tea but I actually loved it. As a scouser (like Dave Lister) I am just glad somebody acknowledged that there is indeed a north of England even though all American attempts at a British accent are based on a beloved american actors bad attempt at cockney.

  18. Red Dwarf is great, but I have heard VII-Back to Earth are very bad. X apparently is up to par and XI is supposedly in production for next year which should be a treat.

    Also, QI rocks. You guys mentioned the host of British Whose Line (Clive Anderson) and he is a panelist on there sometimes. Bill Bailey from Black Books also is a regular. Never Mind The Buzzcocks also had Bill as a regular panelist and is a riot, watch ALL the episodes where Mark Lamarr is hosting because he just kills it. There’s one direct to video episode where he gets super angry at Jonathan Ross for interrupting him and just flat out yells “ROSS, SHUT THE FUCK UP” before going on a massive tirade about how people spent good money on a video.

  19. Surprised The Mighty Boosh wasn’t mentioned as it’s fantastic. Along with that, for something not already mentioned in the comments, Noel Fielding of the Mighty Boosh has a new show called Luxury Comedy, even more crazy than the boosh. (also IT crowd got way better after the first series, while both Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and Spaced hold a special place in my heart, especially the music video in episode 6 of darkplace)

    As for movies, people have already mentioned the phenomenal Submarine, directed by “the black guy with the afro” that Chris liked, with music by the lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys.

    Last but certainly not least, “Bunny and the Bull” is a fantastic film with a dreamlike quality and a story that turns out to be truly touching IMO (it also has basically the lead cast of the IT crowd and the Mighty Boosh in minor roles) . Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

  20. Also, just found out Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace got a spinoff, Man to Man with Dean Learner, and his first “guest” is Garth Marenghi

  21. Great episode, not too many cloying accents being attempted here, but I was slightly disappointed not to hear any love for Monkey Dust or The Mighty Boosh. Can’t remember if The League of Gentlemen got any love, but I’ll recommend that regardless.

  22. Just got around to listening to this, but I just wrapped up watching Spooks or MI-5 as it’s called in the BBC America. It’s like England’s take on 24 and it’s just as awesome.

  23. Just listened to this yesterday, brought back some good memories. I remember rushing home from school to watch Danger Mouse as it was usually the first thing that was on when the kids TV started in the afternoon and each episode only lasted about 5 minutes. I also remember watching Bagpuss when I was really young. Knowing Me Knowing You and the Knowing Me Knowing Yule Christmas special are probably the best place to start with Alan Partridge. It’s worth seeking out The Day Today as most of the people behind Alan Partridge, Brasseye and The Thick Of It feature, there are also some great sketches like the Elvis fan death-row inmate who wants to die on an electric toilet instead of the electric chair and Alan Partridge’s World Cup 94 preview with his Soccermeter. There are plenty of clips and some complete shows on You Tube.

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