Cape Crisis #63 – Holy Ben Affleck!


The happy trio of Henry, Brett and Chris gab about the new Batman, the greatest performances of Ben Affleck, getting over our presumptions, and rocking to the greatest hits of the 1970s. I don’t like the sound of those apples Will!…


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Cape Crisis #63 Question: If Ben Affleck being cast as Batman didn’t anger you, what film casting would piss you off?

9 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #63 – Holy Ben Affleck!

  1. I seriously don’t get why anyone would go so far as to get ANGRY at this news. Being skeptic or not a fan of Affleck i can sort of get, but angry? Regardless of his personal life and past reputation, the guy has proven for a fact that he can both act AND direct. So he has both talents and brains, and he’s the right age and physique to pull it off as well. Honestly, anything else you could object to regarding him is based less on objective reasons, and more on personal bias.

    If nothing else, I’d be more pissed at the fact that he’s not directing the movie as well, and instead we get to see Snyder and Goyer fucking things up again.

  2. I’m giving Ben a chance. Due to his recent work, think he can pull of the role pretty well. However, I still think its too soon for a crossover movie. Supes should have got at least one more movie to flesh out his character and relationships, and slowly develop his ideals into what we know and love from the character.
    Especially with Bryan motherfucking Cranston as Lex Luthor! Superman should deal with his arch nemesis alone, not share the limelight with Batman.

  3. Hercules a bad character?!


    The Incredible Hercules run that followed World War Hulk is still one of my favorite comic runs ever.

  4. I grin like a shithead every time I hear anyone praise Breaking Bad. It really is a fucking fantastic show, and far as I am concerned? definitely the best TV series I’ve ever seen so far. So yes, needless to say, I would be excited as hell if the news that Bryan Cranston was Lex Luthor are true… I just hope he’d get to star in another Superman movie that’s NOT handled by Snyder and Goyer…

  5. My first reaction at Ben Affleck was “wow that’s awful”. But I like to think I am mature person, who doesn’t react like a lot of other Internets. So I took a step back and I still am not sure Ben is the right actor for it, but before I throw him under the bus I want to give him a chance.

    This situation reminds me of 2005 when Daniel Craig was announced as James Bond. People went ballistic, he was “too short” and “blond”. He was going to make a terrible 007 people said. I wasn’t familiar with his work and when it was announced I decided to see him before I passed Judgement. When Casino Royale came out it silenced critics.

    I want to give Ben that same chance. Prove everyone wrong when you don the cape and cowl!

  6. Man, I enjoy the current Cap run because of Remender’s writing but I really think that JRJR’s art is just bad.

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