30 thoughts on “Laser Time – Shame Songs TOO

  1. My last week at college before summer break ended with Shame Songs and now my first week back starts with Shame Songs. Damn nice.

  2. Good call on that closing song. I still have my CD of that one floating around. I would have also accepted Fastball’s “The Way”.

    Hearing the Deee-Lite song gave me an arcade flashback to ’90. That sucker played on repeat on the music video monitors. I will never not listen to it when its played.

    Also…Henry, problems with knowledge of Madonna and not Britney? Doth I detect a slight double standard? There’s no shame in either if that’s your thing. (What I’m trying to diplomatically say is that Family Guy is full of it.)

    Also also…Madonna’s 90’s output is superior. Everything from ‘Erotica’ through ‘Ray of Light’ is flawless. (DAMN! I walked into that one.)

  3. Yay! I loved the first episode about this, so listening to what the community had to say should be fun! Gonna listen to it RIGHT NOW

  4. Oh man, this episode was FUCKING FANTASTIC! Seriously, it really would be awesome if you guys did this regularly every month or two like you suggested at the end. I listened to it all in one sitting just like I did with the first episode and enjoyed every single second of it.

    I know I have a reputation of being an asshole and also of bitching about some stuff you guys say sometimes, but episodes like this one reminds me that whatever disagreements I might have are pointless and that you guys are just fun to listen to. Even if ironically, listening to several of these songs put a fucking huge grin on my face because I also loved most of them when I was younger. I sang aloud to “All Star” right with you guys, cackled when Linkin Park was mentioned, and hummed to Crash test dummies unashamedly. Again, fucking super fun episode.

    For the record, I’m 25 years old, so while I am younger than you guys, I still related to the majority of the songs posted here, maybe more so because by then i was an impressionable young teenager. The first time I ever heard of Chumbawamba was also on the FIFA 98 game for the playstation, so I also relate to the person that posted that song for that reason XD

    But yes, fantastic episode guys, thank you so much for doing this, keep rocking!

    1. “I sang aloud to โ€œAll Starโ€ right with you guys”

      Not just myself then? Good to know. Too bad I was riding my bike in a public place at the time.

      1. Haha, man, who cares? XD Honestly that should have made it more fun!, seeing those people’s confused faces ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. If you all ever do another one of these, might I suggest the titles “Shame Songs with a Vengeance” and “Shame Songs: Tokyo Drift”.

    Great episode, by the way. Almost as phenomenal as the first one. Love the Banjo-Kazooie mash-ups!

  6. dang it! I didn’t think you guys would actually make this episode so I never put up my shame songs. Guess I gotta go fix that now.

    But this was awesome! A lot of face palming and how bad some of these songs were.

    Also I’m glad Brett and Grimm can back me up on loving Toxic. >.>

  7. The groups reaction to “Crawling” and how Supergiraffe found it was fantastic. Easily on par with the “THIS SONG IS THE WORST” from the first Shame Songs.

  8. I was enjoying it until you guys said you liked Coldplay! In all seriousness that bit with the Smash Mouth acapella then the David Lee Roth/Banjo Kazooie bit was maybe the most I’ve laughed at you guys in LaserTime/Tdar history! I was just in tears doubled over laughing for a good 10 minutes.

    You guys had it wrong with Limp Bizkit though, Limp Bizkit are good stupid fun and are completely aware of it, while Linkin Park on the other hand are completely po faced.

  9. I’m sure they take way more time and effort to put together, but music episodes are always the best (that includes Disco Stew).

  10. Oh, man, that ‘All Star’ sing along. I’m only slightly ashamed to count that among my favorite songs.

  11. I was at PAX! I was there the whole week, in the indie megabooth.

    I walked over to Capcom and checked out Duck Tales a couple times, but didn’t see any of you ๐Ÿ™

  12. I enjoyed hearing Hank repeatedly sigh in disgust as these goddamn mooks discuss their Linkin Park fandom. WTF

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