Vidjagame Apocalypse 32 – PAXsplodaganza


No Top 5 this week — just lots and lots of talk about the cool stuff we saw at PAX Prime. (Big thanks to everyone who came to our meetup at GameWorks!) We also chat about Killzone: Mercenary, Arma III and Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5, take a long look at Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, and find out which single question you’d ask your favorite video game characters.

Question of the Week

What’s your favorite cross-media game tie-in (i.e. books, movies, graphic novels, etc.)?



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34 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 32 – PAXsplodaganza

  1. QOTW: since most of the game tie-ins I’ve read or seen are pretty terrible, I’m going to have to go with the Batman: Arkham City prequel comic. Since they were written by the game’s script writer (who happens to also right great comics) the plot actually had some relevancy to the game, and had some really nice art by the game’s concept art. Although there’s a lot of better batman comics out there, as a game tie-in this was a nice surprise.

  2. The Riddick Butcher Bay game. Who knew a a game-tie-in would be much better than the movie itself? And it was made in less than 2 years!
    It might’ve helped that Vin Diesel is a huge geek. I remember that he wrote the intro to a D&D book.

  3. Everyone else gave him shit for it, but I totally agree about Walking Dead and Zombie shit in general.

    I was sick to death of zombies, like, 5 years ago.

    NOW, I’m sick to death of zombie apocalypse deconstructions where the greatest threat is actually other survivors.

    So you can’t even get me to play those games anymore. I don’t care how heartwrenching the character’s story arc is, I’ve just had with this that entire depressing mess of a genre.

    1. On the whole I agree but I find The Walking Dead games and comics a cut above the standard zombie (/zombie deconstructionist) fare. Now even TWD is getting to that point of being overwrought through other games and the meh TV show but the core works are still stand out.

  4. QOTW: Pretty much all of the Valve game comics. The TF2 comics are obviously hilarious, the portal ones are great, and the Left 4 Dead one is actually pretty decent.

  5. QOTW: The Warriors game based off the 1979 film was excellent, a movie adaptation done right since the film is decades old meaning the developers could take their time, retaining the tone and spirit of the film while expanding on the canon, yet still giving delivering a great beat-em-up in its own right, mostly since the film already had a video game style set up with different levels/gangs. I would trust Rockstar to adapt more films from that decade.

    1. Got confused there for a moment about the nature of the question, disregard that answer, I have a real one in the forums.

  6. I just want to say to Tyler.
    I PC game, I like hearing about PC games
    and I definitely want to hear more about EQN!
    i’m kinda’ excited for more games to play online with my friends
    as a group.

  7. I wana say Advent Children?
    I know that movie makes no sense to people who haven’t played FF7 and it barely does to people who have yet I enjoyed it. Damn I enjoyed the stupid plot, the crazy action scenes, well mainly the action scenes. Come on, Cloud and the gang fighting a Bahamut in a post apocalyptic city? Was awesome! and i think i was a just the right age (mid teens) that it hit me in just the right way.

    I loved it so much that i then stared to play the Final Fantasy series. I started with 4, 5 and 6 on the GBA then I played 10 on a borrowed ps2 and then the pc version of 7 like 3 years after watching Advent Children. Loved everyone of them but was a bit disappointed that the action in those games wasn’t like Advent Children.

    Played and beat FF13 and that game is such a mess but that’s another story.

  8. I have two, because they both are very awesome in their own ways.

    First, the youtube “Meet the…” videos from Team Fortress 2 are epic. They perfectly capture the game’s humor and tone. Also, they are hilarious. I cannot think of a better way to introduce a game to anyone other than the my second media crossover.

    The Mass Effect Encyclopedia app. The richness of that universe and the incredible detail each entry goes into really brings the Mass Effect world to life in ways the game never can. By reading all the entries, all of the interactions and conversations in the world suddenly have added depth and context. I cannot love this encyclopedia more. Additionally, they add in the epic narration and random music samples and sound effects. Truly an amazing thing Bioware did and then handed out for free. Actually screw my first entry, this one is way better.

  9. QOTW: The Dragon Age books and comics by David Gaider are pretty good, and the Deus Ex: Icarus Effect novel by James Swallow was superb, but I’m going to have to go for the still ongoing Injustice: Gods Among Us comic written by Tom Taylor. He gets the characters and their voices utterly spot on, and the issue with the unlikely pairing of Green Arrow and Harley Quinn is amazing.

  10. For me it is easily Sonic The Comic, a fortnightly British publication that ran from 1993-2002.

    The sections of the comic were split up into ‘zones’, with tips and cheats, and reviews of the latest Megadrive and Game Gear titles. ‘Speed Lines’ consisted of letters, and the ‘Graphics Zone’ was your essential readers artwork section.

    My fondest memories though are of the Streets of Rage and Shinobi strips. For what was essentially a kids comic, the levels of violence were pretty shocking.

    The comic still lives on as an e-publication at

    1. FUCK YEAH. Sonic The Comic was superb, and I always thought far superior to the Archie effort.

      I always liked the Chuck D Head strip…

  11. My favorite tie in would have to be the first few Halo books. Reading Fall of Reach in junior high after playing through Halo numerous was quite the experience. I always enjoyed how much it fleshed out the Halo universe but now I think it has just gotten too complicated with Halo 4 and rest of the Forerunner stuff. The tie in stuff for Halo lost me after Halo 3 and Ghosts of Onyx.

  12. Favorite tie-in?

    The “Killer cuts” music CD for Killer instinct.

    Yeah, I said it.

    Sure, I recognize the music is super cheesy as fuck, but at the time, being a 10 year old, it blew my mind that a game had a full blown CD with songs ABOUT the game. (And no, I wasn’t aware about the Mortal Kombat music CD at the time. I lived in Mexico, what we got or didn’t get over here never has made any sense, much more so back then.,) So yeah, there was a time in which I genuinely thought “The way you move” was legitimately cool… That’s how stupid I was as a kid 😛

  13. Assassin’s Creed: The Fall had absolutely beautiful art and was easily the best comic book tie in of any media that I have read. Not to mention that the Assassin was in a setting I desperately wish the games would have explored (1900’s Russia) and the protagonist was a much more interesting character than Desmond.

  14. The Mass Effect comics are great. Sometimes they directly follow a mission or lead up to one, and a few are just great backgrounds to characters or events. Great art, great stories. They are just one more thing to enhance my raging Mass Erect for Mass Effect.

  15. The Uncharted digital comics that were released on PSN around the time the 2nd game came out. that’s pretty much the first thing that springs into my mind

  16. I’m beginning to wonder if Tyler likes anything. It seems like it’s almost always “I don’t like it”, “I don’t know what that is”, “I’ve never watched it/read it/played it”, or “meh, it was ok”. I’m not even singling out the Walking Dead. That just seems to be the latest thing in an ongoing schtick with him, no matter what the subject matter at hand might be. It might just be a running gag that I’m not aware of.

  17. Terrible game, almost as bad movie, but the Enter the Matrix had some of the coolest Easter eggs that tied into the movie.

    In order to unlock secret stuff in the game or enter cheat codes, you had to use this “Hacker” tool that was on the game’s title screen menu. You had to mess around and figure out how the commands work in order to search through fake file directories and find Easter eggs and unlockables.

    Some of the unlockables were deleted scenes from the Matrix Reloaded, one of which involved a lesbian kiss between the characters Niobe and Persephone. 15 year old me was a BIG fan of that.

  18. Great episode, by the way in David hayter’s defense as an actor he had been acting long before metal gear and has done more then just be snake.

  19. Just about any Halo Novel. I have yet to read the final book of the Forerunner Trilogy and the Upcoming final entry to the Kilo-Five Trilogy written by Karren Travis who has also written some Star Wars novels as well I might add. What makes me happy about the Halo Universe is how vast, dense, and interesting it is, and the novels successfully do a great job in my opinion of making it even more so. Many of the characters you come to meet within these stories are interesting and well-rounded and the stories don’t just contain plenty of action, but some emotion as well. If I had to recommend only one of these novels/stories, I would highly recommend reading the Mona Lisa short story in the Halo: Evolutions novel which is a compilation of short stories. It deals with a team sent in to investigate the Mona Lisa space station which for some odd reason has gone dark. To their they find that a flood infestation has taken place. It’s both shocking and suspenseful with a satisfying conclusion.

  20. David Hayter did some low budget action movies and TV shows before MGS. I actually worked miniatures on one of them, it was called Drive.

    I have a dumb story about meeting David, I was going to a staff showing of Drive at a little theater in Hollywood and I happened to run into him on the sidewalk. I had been watching the demo reel they gave us featuring our model work so much that it seemed like I’d already met him. Well I hadn’t. I said “Hey how’s it going?” and I swear that a huge question mark popped out of his head.

    1. Oops, I have to correct this story. It was Mark Dacoscos from the Drive movie that I ran into. But David Hayter was in another, cheesier thing I worked on, which was the live action intro movie for a Japanese PS1 game called Feda 2.

  21. I know I might be called a heretic, but my favorite Mega-Man property has always been the Battle Network games. I have nothing wrong with all the platforming, but something about the RPG-esque gameplay and collection drive really got me. And the TV show that came along with it, Mega-Man; NT Warrior was so entertaining to my 9 year old self. I really loved seeing the Program Advances being pulled off, and the new power up Mega-Man would get with each season always got me on edge. I actually saw the show before playing the games, so it really felt like I was playing the TV show when I first got those games.

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