Vidjagame Apocalypse 33 – You Forgot Poland


It’s all about one specific big release this week, as we begin with a celebration of GTA clones and then dive into a lengthy discussion about Grand Theft Auto V. We also talk about your favorite game tie-ins, and Tyler never gets around to talking for an hour about Papers, Please, which is only a little bit disappointing.

Question of the Week

What’s your favorite mission from a Grand Theft Auto (or similar) game, and why?



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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas theme by Rockstar Games. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper. Background NES-music compilations by WiiGuy309.

30 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 33 – You Forgot Poland

  1. Saint row 3, no mission in particular, just being a muscular naked red hitler beating up random people with my giant purple dildo after jumping from a helicopter.

  2. The RC helicopter mission from vice city. I usually incorporate it into my S&M sex parties. Play that mission then follow it up with a car battery to the balls to help relax.

  3. I’ve never been able to focus in GTA games enough to complete the stories, only fuck around in the world, listen to the radio stations just long enough to get arrested or killed again and again. but with the release of 5, I’m finally throwing myself into the world and experiencing the story and characters the way they’re ment to be enjoyed.

    that being said my favourite mission from 5 so far was the yacht chase on the street. chasing the boat down the highway, boosting Franklin up to beat some ass while I fire wildly at the thieves, catching Jimmy as he dangles over the road. so cinematic and fun. I hope I’m in for a lot more ridiculous adventures. considering how much fun I’ve already had, without even meeting Trevor yet, I’m positive it was worth my $67


  4. Oddly enough, even though I tend to prefer GTA games and characters over Saints Row”s, the one mission that stands out the most in my mind is one of the final missions in Saints Row: The Third. In which you have race to the Not-Liberty Island to save and rescue Shaundi and Viola, the mission itself is already a hectic race against time, but what makes it stand out is the absolutely spot on choice of having “I need a Hero” as the song playing as you blow up STAG soldiers all around the Monument.

    Funny how sometimes a well placed song is all it takes to elevate an otherwise not so special moment, into one that sticks into one’s mind over most, arguably better done others.

    1. I have to agree with this, my favorite moment is from Red Dead Redemption (you can jack horses, which are old-timey cars, so it counts as a GTA-alike) is not necessarily a mission, but just crossing into Mexico and “Far Away” by Jose Gonzalez kicks in. Gave me chills when it happened. The missions where you are John Marston, family man, also are very memorable, because they cemented Marston as one of the best protagonists of all time.

  5. That one in Dragon’s Dogma where you have to lure a griffin and try to kill, only to have it escape. You then have to track it down in the north and kill it in its lair.

    Dragon’s Dogma counts as a GTA type game right?

    1. Not according to the podcast’s own definition of GTA clones. Which is games that aren’t just open world, but that have cars you can hijack. So that essentially eliminates any non-modern setting or superhero open world games XD

        1. Not really 😛

          You can climb on them… but never really control them, and generally if they lift into the air with you it’s a bad sign, since the griffin usually then just shakes you off and leaves you to plummet into your death… A rather lousy “car” if I might say so 😛

  6. QOTW: think my favourite mission isn’t a specific level but all of Brucie’s exotic car requests from GTA I’V. Car jacking and driving have always been some of my favourite parts of GTA style games, and giving me the opportunity to hunt down rare cars all over the map and being them back was super fun for me. And my runner-up would be the hitman missions from IV as well, simply cause getting to drive somewhere, kill a bunch if random people and get paid was awesome.
    TLDR; Brucie’s exotic cars and the hitman missions from GTA IV.

  7. QOTW: in Saints Row The Third, my favorite mission was very early game. It was where you had to retake your base (tower) from the main antagonist while Power by Kanye West was playing in the background.
    I agree with BladedFalcon in his comment above, where the choice of a specific song can help elevate the general enjoyment of a game. Which is the only thing missing from what I’ve played from SRIV so far. (10 hours in).

    1. I totally agree with that one. It was especially awesome for me because I had modeled my character after Daniel Craig as James Bond. So I’m skydiving out of a helicopter, shooting a penthouse full of people to Power. It reminds of the scene at the beginning of Mission Impossible 4 when Tom Cruise is escaping from prison while Ain’t that a Kick in the Head is playing. Which is why I love that mission so much!

    2. I totally agree with that one. It was especially awesome for me because I had modeled my character after Daniel Craig as James Bond. So I’m skydiving out of a helicopter, shooting a penthouse full of people to Power. It reminds of the scene at the beginning of Mission Impossible 4 when Tom Cruise is escaping from prison while Ain’t that a Kick in the Head is playing. Which is why I love that mission so much!

  8. QOTW: My favorite would definitely have to be that one mission in GTA when you had to kill a bunch of people, that was pretty sweet

  9. I used to always skip all the “Ways to Support Us” intermissions across every podcast of the Laser Time network except for Cape Crisis’ (something about Henry’s energy, excitement and random spontaneity made it worth listening to every time). I’m really fucking enjoying these Vidjagame Apocalypse ones now. They’re really dumb, but god damnit if I’m not laughing out loud every time. Why does slight voice modulation make everything so hysterical and unexpected?!

  10. I would have to say prototype or saints row 4. I love having super powers and going around F’en stuff up. Plus having super powers make traveling around the city so much easier and less time consuming.

  11. I think I liked the general gang territory campaign in San Andreas the most. Figuring out how to move around so as not to be surrounded, and to funnel the enemy gang members into alleys for gunning down… and then seeing the map color change at the end, and knowing you would never ever have to see a Balla there again… priceless.

  12. I had so much stupid fun in Crackdown… Kicking a badguy to death, then picking up the corpse and using it to killl more badguys. “Agent, what the hell are you playing at??”

  13. I got plenty:
    -Vice City, where you jump a bike across rooftops, get into an elevator still on the bike, just to put up a searchlight projecting Candy Suxxx’s tits
    -San Andreas, an elaborate Ocean’s Eleven-esque heist, which of course goes bad. Worth it to see CJ punch Zero in his nerdy face
    -Ballad of Gay Tony, to stop an obnoxious blogger from badmouthing your club, you push him out of a helicopter and save him just in time after he’s done shitting his pants
    -Bully, when you sabotage the jocks’ big game and then beat them up. While dressed as the team mascot

  14. Everyone always points to the part in Red Dead Redemption when you arrive in Mexico and “Far Away” begins playing as one of the best moments in the game. However, (SPOILERS) after John Marston confronts Dutch and he kills himself, Marston mounts his horse and rides home to return to his family, with the nightmare seemingly done and behind him.

    His new life has begun. On this ride home, “Compass” by Jamie Lidell plays. It is an amazing song, coupled with the emotion of riding home to be with your family (seemingly) forever in safety was absolutely perfect.

  15. I really enjoyed Pimps Up, Hos Down from Saints Row the Third all the lines the main character says plus the whole being naked killing Moringstar henchman is great. “Should be fun storing extra ammo.” 🙂

  16. First wanna say you guys are easily one of my fav podcasts. I usually listen on my phone through beyondpod and have never had a problem, but this week’s episode gave me a playback error. I’ve listened to others this week with no issue so I don’t think it’s a problem with beyondpod. Just thought you should know.

  17. “Three Leaf Clover” from GTA IV, because..well because HEAT! It was like that except it didn’t have pre-tubby Val Kilmer. I hope GTA V does include a presently tubby Val Kilmer! Love the show guys! 🙂

  18. I think “We crush pussy so hard that it has become a boring, mundane job” should be Vidjagame Apocalypse’s new tagline. Great episode, everyone.

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