Cheap Popcast #14- Blight of Chumpions


Dave, Chris, Brett, and Grimm recount the WWE’s Night of Champions before talking about wrestler butts and poops. The second half of the episode is dedicated to even more crap… the worst wrestling champions ever!



7 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #14- Blight of Chumpions

  1. Oh the Rob Conway theme can ruin any wrestler/titantron, just try it such an awesome game. I swear Dave you need to find Big Dick Johnson videos and show them to Chris he will laugh for the rest of his life. WORST/BEST GIMMICK EVER

  2. There was a moment that someone pulled down Sheamus’s pants during a match. Not sure when, but the pictures keep coming up on Tumblr every now and again.

    His ass is somehow even paler than the rest of his body.

  3. Is CP the lastertime crew’s podcast to let loose with all their crude jokes?

    I missed it so much since the end of Talkradar. I hope this is the beginning of a trend. For whatever reason LaserTime and Vijda Apoc seem toned down.

    1. I think crudeness comes easy with CP largely because it’s almost always the last thing we record on a Sunday, usually after 1-2 podcasts and a PPV worth of drinking. There’s an upcoming LT that might be the crudest one I’ve ever been on (and also might be one of my favorite podcast episodes to boot).

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