Vidjagame Apocalypse 36 – Caged Fury


If you’re not a Pokémon fan*, the biggest release this week is Beyond: Two Souls, the latest beautiful, divisive, interactive game-like thing from developer Quantic Dream and its cackling French overlord, David Cage. In honor of its arrival (and to balance out all the swipes we’ve taken at Heavy Rain over the years), we lavish a little praise on our favorite moments in David Cage’s creations, shed a tear over Tom Clancy’s passing, and talk about some of the things you wanted to do in Grand Theft Auto Online before the servers were working properly.

Question of the Week

Which video game franchise would you like to see Tom Clancy’s name added to, and what would it be like as a result?



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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Press X to Jason by Eric Fullerton. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper. Background NES-music compilations by WiiGuy309.

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* If you ARE a Pokémon fan, stay tuned for next week’s episode, when our special guest hosts hijack the show and dive it straight into X/Y!

39 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 36 – Caged Fury

  1. Tom Clancy’s xtreme beach vollyball. I want hands free model viewer too, it has to include him and his sexy taint.

  2. Tom Clancy’s Last guardian. No idea what it would be like other then the fact it would be out and have six sequels, two of which were books.

  3. Tom Clancy’s Call of Duty. Make the game like Ghost Recon full of real technical war jargon so that 12 year olds will be deeply confused and won’t play it anymore 😀

  4. Interesting, LaserTime and GR have the same picture of Bowie on their front page.

    Tom Clancy’s America McGee’s Alice. You would play as Special Forces Operator Alice Grim who must infiltrate Wonderland to retrieve the nuclear launch codes from within her own mind to save herself from the President.

  5. I’m not a 3D modeler or rigger but from a 2D artist perspective rendering a smooth, young face is incredibly more difficult than an older wrinkly face, both still and when moving. Even when talking an old face has a good deal of leeway because a) the wrinkles can help hide some anatomy issues and the complexity makes the shading look much more impressive as its being repeated multiple times over smaller areas instead of really pushing a single, smooth tone which has a higher chance of looking ‘wrong’ and b) if there IS some anatomical wonkiness with a persons face, if they are old a very well personalized a viewer usually will just chalk it up to looking a bit off from age. I imagine this would roughly translate into 3d animation?

  6. How is it that Dave runs a fairly straightforward KOXM podcast, and Cheap Popcast stays incredibly on topic, but he has such great jokes when he isn’t running the show?

      1. I can’t speak about other LT hosts, but I feel like hosting and guesting are far different experiences. There’s a level of responsibility in hosting, collecting material, coming up with segments, and moving things along that doesn’t allow me to think of barbs to drop into conversations we’re all having.

        KOXM is done during work hours in a room booked for a certain amount of time, and I try to keep it clean. Cheap Popcast is usually done at the end of a long day of recording other shows. When I’m on LT or VGA, I don’t have to think about those things, so I guess I have a different mindset as a guest. Hopefully the more I host podcasts, the more I can act like a guest.

        1. well it’s always great to have you chiming in. you seem to really know how to get the best reactions out of your friends

  7. I fucking love Ellen Page in Super. She’s so over the top aggressive and sweary and sexual and uncomfortable. That’s a really weird movie and she’s probably the best actor in it

  8. Mario & Sonic & Tom Clancy at the Olympic Games. You run the security and prevent Bowser and his Koopa Troopas from bob-ombing the place.

  9. Question of the week: Tom Clancy’s GTA. Cause intense realism, stealth and military reverence is exactly what the series needs. Oh wait, it’s the opposite of why we like GTA… That being said a Saints Row Tom Clancy parody/ homage would be very entertaining.

    TL;DR: Saints Row

  10. Tales of Tom Clancy, the thrilling saga of an amnesiac US Marine washed up in a strange desert world threatened by a great evil. He finds himself in a motley crew of misfits like the brash, cocky, seen-it-all mercenary, the gruff, elderly seen-it-all retired warrior who mentors said amnesiac US Marine, the sassy, screechy little girl character and the Obvious Love Interest as they band together to save the world from al-Qaeda I mean the Great Evil. Active Time Battle gunfights, fetch quests involving finding X number of camel dung/palm tree leaves/UN relief supplies for the starving masses and the SHOCKING plot twist that you yourself have been al-Qaeda all along.

  11. Tom Clancy’s Pokemon. Take any Tom Clancy game, apply Pokrmon, make money. Ghost Recon tactical stuff would work. Stealthy Splinter Cell stuff would work. The Division MMO stuff would work. It’s perfect.

  12. Tom Clancy’s Advance Wars, where all infantry get nightvision goggles, using a missile silo ends the game and Sami is a male grizzled ex-SAS Israeli special forces operator

  13. If you guys really are having a Pokemon themed episode next week, please try and get Henry to guest, that guy loves Pokemon!

    Anyway, “I think you need to have grown up with Pokemon to still be into it”.

    Certainly not the case with me. Pokemon didn’t even exist until I was out of high school, and I still catch ’em all.

    649 and counting! Soon to be more!

  14. 1. does anybody else think the guy who sings the press X for jason song, sounds like dave rudden?

    2. i’m very uncomfortable with the fetishization of ellen page by everyone in the game industry and in the world.
    it’s super kind of creepy. i wonder if it makes her uncomfortable.

  15. Tom Clancy’s Jaws Unleashed, where jaws has to infiltrate the terrorist base and uncover their plot to assassinate the president

  16. Tom Clancy’s Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. A game purportedly about strategy and shooting demons mixed with the tactical squad-based combat of a Clancy Game like the Rainbow Six series? Awesome.

    I dunno. I’d just love to see tactical assaults on big demon bosses with multiple appendages that are as deadly as they are suspiciously phallus-shaped. Plus, if your demon recruits could be organized into squads and ordered around, you could get all kinds of crazy combos of different elemental powers working together in chaotic unison. It could be as visceral as a Dead Space game, as chaotic as a Borderlands game, and as tactically demanding as the later portions of a Shin Megami Tensei game.

    I’d buy it.

  17. Yes Chris, People constantly try to drag me into the Modern Era, it’s painful and unpleasant, and causes me rashes in odd places *frowns*

    Anyway, I love how the Raccoon segments now have continuity XD I admit I really enjoy them a lot, but yeah… reigning them it a little bit more in the future might be a good idea, mainly to keep them from getting out of control XD

    Also yay for pokemon podcast next week! ^^ Which I think it’s better that way really, since by then at least we’ll get a chance to start playing it, and thus enjoy the conversation a bit more ^^

    Anyway, as for QOTW: Tom Clancy’s Super Mario Bros. Grizzled veteran CIA Agent Mario Mario and his Partner Luigi Mario must Infiltrate Communist Leader Bowser’s soviet empire, neutralize him and extract Cover agent Peach. But players must beware, as in this story of political intrigue not everything is as it seems, and Peach might turn out to be a double agent all this time. *Cue drama trumpet*

  18. I’ve grown up big into pokemon, played every game up until Black/White 2; just couldn’t muster the will to care again. I’m grabbing X as for the first time I’ll know several friends playing it. I grew up in small towns; always had to get both games myself if I wanted to catch ’em all.

    I like the raccoon breaks. I skip most podcast breaks, not yours!

  19. back when all those burger king games came out for the 360 i remember thinking that sneak king was just an awful splinter cell. so while Tom Clancy’s Sneak King is probably out of the cards think of how much better all the dull trailers for black list would be w/ the burger king stabbing terrortists and calling in air stikes

  20. Tom Clancy’s Final Fantasy (it rhymes!!)

    It would be a JRPG set in the real-world sorta like Parasite Eve. You play as the commander of a party of specialists out to stop a rogue organization of ex Russian biologists and geneticists who unleash a virus hidden in crystal meth that turns users into hivemind zombies and mutants.

    Instead of casting magic, you use Abilities that are specific to your background (job system). Instead of summons, you slowly get access to increasingly more powerful reinforcement call-ins, like armed UAV drones, Artillery strikes, missile strikes, etc. Each with elaborate cutscenes (that are skippable).

    Instead of “hp” you just have “luck” and getting hit/taking damage just plays animations where the recipient character narrowly dodges the attack or sustains a glancing blow. When your “luck” runs out, you die. Luck is restored by resting at a hotel.

  21. I’ve never owned or played a Pokemon game, but the way people are getting all bent out of shape over X and Y… I’ll admit, they do look very pretty. welp, this was the year I heavily got into Fire Emblem and SMT. Pokamans can’t be too far removed.

  22. i want a Tom Clancy take on Kerbal Space Program, where insted of putting cute cartoons into orbit you knock together ludicrous machines in hopes on winning Darpa Contracts

  23. The accents in Heavy Rain always remind me of when the Cirque du Puree came to Springfield.

    Clown: I cannot get the lid of my jar of rainbows. Who will help me? [points to a man in a
    double-breasted suit] You, sir!

    Man: [heavy French-Canadian accent] But I cannot help you, I am just a local merchant from … this town.

  24. One Door is red and the other is blue,
    When you play Tom Clancy’s Party cruise!

    It’s all about the games you chose
    When you play Tom Clancy’s Party cruise!

  25. Tom Clancy’s Wii U Party!!! It would involve book reading minigames, random combinations of the words “secret” and “ops”, and minigames to see who could imitate Harrison Ford the best. Say, “How Dare You Sir” with ultimate gravely conviction for bonus points! Use the Wii Fit balance board to do the old Potamic Fox Trot while saying, “Sorry sir, I don’t dance.” It will be in stores November 1st, for a retail price of $99.99. Get it while supplies last!

  26. QOTW
    Tom Clancy’s The Beatles: RockBand 2.

    After the U.S. realizes how precious The Beatles are to American morale in the wake of the JFK assassination, the Department of Defense establishes an ultra-top-secret team of Special Forces called the “Nowhere Men” to continuously stalk and protect the Fab Four.
    Gameplay would be an FPS for maximum immersion, and it would make use of the Kinect, the Tom Clancy’s EndWar voice commands, and the RockBand guitar ONLY.

    No PC port.

    YOU play as Sgt. Salt, a widowed Navy SEAL with a haunted past.
    The levels include a Forest-Gump-style rework of what REALLY happened throughout The Beatles’ career. The Beatles landing in New York? YOU stop the Russian sniper. Shea Stadium concert? YOU defuse the bombs. “More popular than Jesus”? YOU prevent the KKK drive-by.

    The Nowhere Men finally reveal themselves when The Beatles are kept hostage by President Ferdinand Marcos at the presidential palace during their disastrous tour of the Philippines. During the mission that includes bad-ass slow-mo breaches and stabbing, like, twelve Filipinos in the neck, YOU finally rescue them only for Paul to be stabbed to death by one of Imelda Marcos’ high-heels just as the helicopter arrives. The greater public is kept in the dark and is unaware.

    The remaining Beatles name their critically acclaimed album after Sgt. Salt. This album, of course, being Abbey Road, after your daughter Abbey who you can choose to reconnect with after a careful selection of dialogue in cut scenes.

    After the band’s breakup in 1970, the game ends in a stoic, minimalist tone with the camera looking straight into the face of a significantly changed Sgt. Salts. As Beatles producer George Martin leaves Apple Studios for a final time, he utters that “if there was ever a fifth Beatle, it was you”, and the screen cuts to black.

    After the credits, extra cut scenes roll detailing a short epilogue sequence. The Nowhere Men continue to protect the three Beatles and the genetically-enhanced Paul clone for another decade, and they are officially disbanded on the 7th of December, 1980.

  27. I haven’t finished this weeks episode but HELL YEA POKEMON EPISODE!
    Full on hype mode right now, saturday can’t come soon enough.

  28. For (my) Answer, Tom Clancy’s Armored Core….. Just because this series is in desperate need of a reboot.

  29. I actually learned to appreciate Sports(Baseball) after high school, but only because there was nothing else to do/look forward to 🙁

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