Cape Crisis #67 – Henry Rebirth!


After a long vacation, Henry has returned to the states, ready to talk about comics again, particularly as they relate to his trip to Tokyo. Henry and Chris catch up about all the big news of the last couple weeks, so get ready for some of the nerdiest talk of the week. And we promise: no politics…


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Cape Crisis #67 Question: What manga have you been reading lately?

13 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #67 – Henry Rebirth!

  1. Anything by Naoki Urasawa. Monster, Twentieth Century Boys, Pluto.

    I’m reading his current series “Billy Bat”, which is about a Japanese-American comic artist (Kevin Yamagata) who at the start of the series creates comics about a cartoon bat that inadvertently predict the future. The plot gets way more interesting and whacked as it becomes known that this fictional bat starts appearing everywhere and apparently influenced pretty much every significant event in history.

    The series jumps around in time a lot, from the time of civil rights in America, to post-war Japan; the 80s to the time of Jesus Christ.

  2. would Uzumaki be categorized as manga, or a standard format comic? either way, with Halloween coming up, I want to get my hands on some of those horrifying stories to rot my brain. I’ve seen the movie, I’ve had the stories summarized, I’ve seen the artwork, and it’s exactly the kind of stuff I want to be reading to creep myself out. additonally, who thinks Horrifying Stories to Rot Your Brain would make a great Alvin Schwartz book?

  3. I saw viz rereleased Uzamaki, I liked that a lor. Last manga I was reading was Bakuman by the team that did deathnote. It is an interesting look into the manga industry.

  4. the only times that superman threw zod or anyone through a building, it was either empty, or the camera clearly shows that they don’t hit anyone and the building stays standing. It had also been established that most people were either trapped in the streets or had already evacuated the city, by the way.

    He has x-ray vision and super-fast reflexes, so he would be able to avoid hurting anyone, and he was totally in control of the situation, and prevented Zod from causing any more serious damage.

    Was he written into a corner? Yes. That is the point of the scene, that he doesn’t have another choice. The scene would not work if he were not written into that corner.

    It’s easy to be reductive and pass a plot point off as childish, but that could just as easily go for all the times that Superman had a naive, idealistic conversation with a villain and totally diffused the situation.

    “He told the dude to stop hurting people just because he was sad”

    I don’t consider it to be an incredibly superior work of literature if you write in a convenient explanation as to why everything turns out fucking perfect for superman in the end.

    The basic plot points don’t really matter in the end, it’s all about execution. And while Man of Steel wasn’t executed perfectly, and defintely isn’t going in my top favorite superhero movies, it’s the only story with superman as the main character that I’ve ever liked. It was executed better than Watchmen was, in my opinion.

    1. I found theres no point arguing with Henry, he is determined to hated Man of Steels Supes because its not his ideal superman.

    2. it should be taken into consideration that regardless of whatever Superman does to ruin his character (or whatever), it’s just a dumb Zack Snyder movie, and doesn’t mean anything.

      and it’s laughably bad.

      1. Well, it actually does matter, because if the batman superman movie works out, Man of steel will be canon in the DC film universe for a while.

        And I totally understand people not liking Zach Snyder, but of all the movies I’ve seen by him, this was definitely the best. Is it a bit pretentious and up it’s ass? Sure. But I’m sick of big budget movies being mandated to be super ironic and sarcastic. I like things that are pretentious every once in a while.

        And as a film, it’s not paced perfectly and there are things I would have moved around a bit, but compared to something like Into Darkness, where I felt like almost every scene was too long, too short, or should not have been there (at least after like the first 20 minutes) it’s perfectly competent.

  5. As one of the people who doesn’t like how down on DC you can be, I’m not bothered by pointing out shitty business practices. Or shit talking bad DC movies

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