28 thoughts on “Laser Time – Fudgin Candy!

  1. Are Smarties not common in America? I see big boxes at every convenience store, and they’re not anything like Sweet Tarts.

    1. Aren’t American Smarties those stupid hard pez things. I don’t think they get our chocolate M&M like smarties. Also Smarties>M&Ms, M&Ms start tasting like vomit after a while and give acid burns to the mouth..

    2. Canada’s got it made on candy. Crunchies and chocolate Smarties everywhere. all that stuff that you mentioned is so awesome and rare is in every corner store up here.

      on the other hand it’s already cold as shit, and it’s not even November

  2. Awesome, a new episode!

    Sour Patch Kids are my new addiction. Candy corn M&Ms and Starburst candy corn are my jam around Halloween, though.

  3. Antista, anyone, can you tell me the name of that melody that plays in what I can only think are Warner Bros cartoons? It sounds like bustling 1940’s New York.

  4. Damn this was a great episode. Grimm’s costume winding up like Mammy Two Shoes from Tom and Jerry always makes me laugh to hear.

  5. Whatchamacallit didn’t always have caramel, I can’t remember if that song was from when they added it, or shortly thereafter. I went through a bunch of 80’s candy and cereal commercials on YouTube a few months ago, and it’s amazing and alarming that I know pretty much all of them for most of the 80’s.
    Just the other day I was thinking about the Brach’s neopolitan coconut candies and nougat with jelly beans that I got from those bins at Drug Town that you just paid for by the pound. I’ve never seen them in theaters, though.

  6. I have been listening to past Halloween (and Matt Keast/alien) episodes of TalkRadar and Laser Time and Grimm actually told the Aunt Jemima/Big Bad Wolf story in Laser Time 6: Treehouse of Horror. It was great hearing the different reactions to the different ways it was told on the two podcasts. LT 6 is also the single drunkest Tyler has ever been on the podcast. Jesus Christ, the last hour of that episode was something else.

    Also, those Brach’s (as well as other brands) tubs of candies still exist all over the place in the midwest. Here in Lincoln, NE, we have them in nearly all of the grocery stores as well as full-on candy stores.

    Baby Ruth, ftw.

  7. Dave Rudden’s comment about Lucy at the dildo factory had me laughing like a crazy person in the street while I was walking my dog late at night. I had to go back and listen to it 3-4 times.

  8. Awesome, hilarious episode.

    Yeah, Cracker Barrel still exists, but any fond memories I had of it are blocked by a recent occurrence. Last year, a local man (I live in Cleveland) went berzerk and killed his whole family with a shotgun inside a Cracker Barrel family restaurant.

    I was in SF recently and theres a candy store down by all that wharf shit that has all things NeRdS.

  9. When I was a wee lad in the late 80s and early 90s, we always used pillowcases for trick-or-treating, and I have amazing memories of taking my haul at the end of the night, and putting my head inside the pillowcase, and feeling like i was in my own private candy cave, where nobody else could get to me.

    Then i would eat all the sixlets, cuz those things were like crack to me… remember sixlets?!

  10. I love this show. Also, I’m from WI and we are pretty okay with people being drunk for no reason. You’re just expected to show up to work the next day, hung over as fuck.

  11. Wow this episode made me feel so grateful i have easy access to Jaffa Cakes, they almost make living in perpetual rain and gloom seem worthwhile…

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