Vidjagame Apocalypse 39 – Sea Wolves


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is out today, and to mark the occasion, we sit down with a SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Gabe Graziani, senior community developer at Ubisoft and the official face of Assassin’s Creed fandom! But first, Halloween is this week, so let’s celebrate by talking about playable werewolves, after which we’ll get to some of your creepiest experiences playing games.

Question of the Week

Are you celebrating Halloween this year and, if so, what are you going as? (Feel free to post photos in the forums.)



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23 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 39 – Sea Wolves

  1. QOTW: I’m dressing up again this year in a home made Batman costume that was put together last year, that’s pretty damn good looking if I say so myself.

  2. Going as some random female character from the disappearance of haruhi suzumiya because I owe my Japanese friends a lot of drinks but they said if I dress up as one of the characters I won’t owe them anything (except my pride).

  3. we had our party last weekend. my gf helped me put together a schnazy Sub-Zero costume

    the last thing I remember is karaoke’ing Chinese Ninja Warrior, including the female parts. I must have put my mask down on spilt beer, because the last time I put it on I felt the cold slosh of rotting hops slide down and engulf my face. few of my animatronic props are damaged, every surface in my apartment is sticky, but you gotta take the good with the bad.

  4. I’m from Australia, so Halloween isn’t big here sadly. If I was to wear a costume though, I would wear an Iron Man Onsie I got from my work and The Uncle Sam Hat that came with the Presidential Edition of Saints Row 4

  5. Mikel, i like that just because you had special company over you didn’t pull your punches yet you stayed very professional. you were honest about your opinion as much as well as praising. very cool.

    we don’t go to ravenholm.

    I’m going to be Kamen Rider OOO, in his TaToBa form.

  6. God, really? It’s bad enough with two Capcom employees shoving Monster Hunter down our throats every week.

  7. I’m not really celebrating halloween, I’d like to, but I lack the money to buy a good costume or time to make a good one. BUT if I would like to make a goofy Doctor-Blanka-esque mashup costume, probably Stenographer Dudley (cause fuck Balrog).

  8. Dammit guys, the ammount of time you’ve spent talking about and spoiling The wolf Among Us during the top 7 is kinda dickish, considering the game isn’t even a month old, and it’s an episodic game to boot, meaning that some of us would rather wait till the whole season is out to play it >_>

    I don’t like being the guy that “whines” about this kind of shit, but i am a bit annoyed because you guys started talking almost immediately abot plot points without warning. It’s cool that you liked the game so much you obviously wanted to talk about it, but a little more warning could be more appreciated. Or maybe just wait annd do a spoilercast of the entire season?

    1. We said a couple of times that we were going to talk about spoilers, and then encouraged you to skip ahead if you didn’t want to hear them. That wasn’t enough of a warning?

      EDIT: OK, yeah, we should’ve given a spoiler warning before the arm stuff. Sorry about that.

      1. Yep, that’s the one I had meant XD The other spoiler warning was fine, but a little too late by then 😛

  9. I’m dressing up as Finn the Human from Adventure Time. I have a hoodie that has the backpack drawn on and has the bear ears on the hood. Couple that with some blue shorts and black shoes and a toy sword and I am ready to go!

  10. Mikel, I gotta give you props. You are an admitted fan of the series, but you did ask some tough questions and kept it fair. Anne was all like “OMG TEEHEE I LUV DIS GAME.”

    Also, I agree with the user above who said spoiling the The Wolf Among Us was a dick move.

    1. To be fair, it is my job to say “OMG TEEHEE I LUV DIS GAME.” Also, I say those things because I genuinely love the game. And why would I be asking tough questions if I already know the answers?

      I agree on the whole The Wolf Among Us bit. We should not have talked about it. I think we’re all still just a little giddy about it. Except Tyler. He doesn’t get giddy about anything.

      1. Again, talking about it is perfectly fine. Heck, once I finally play it, I would LOVE to go back to this and listen to it, but again, seeing how it’s such a recent game, immediately talking about rather striking scenes right out of the bat and without warning was very “wtf, I didn’t want to know that!” inducing. Otherwise, talking about it is fine, but a more adequate warning would be appreciated next time ^^

  11. I would have rather had Tyler to stay on so there could have been some actual Battlefield 4 talk rather than two Ubisoft employees hyping up Assassin’s Creed.
    Not a big deal though.

  12. QofW: I ended up going to a couple Halloween parties this last weekend, but i didnt want to spend money on a costume. I went to the Home Depot, stole all of their various gray paint swatches (I bought some 5 dollar scented pine cones because I felt guilty, and also my car smells) and attached the various gray samples to an old gray button up and went as “50 shades of gray”. I know its been done, but it allowed me to be nice and cheap, and every girl at the party loved it and wanted to take one of them off me. By the end of the night, They were all gone and i was down to just the shirt, which is sorta lame, but still better than a racist pancake hawking caricature.

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