21 thoughts on “Laser Time – Sequels You Never Knew Existed

  1. Great tangent on novelizations of movies. I remember in the 4th grade trying to read the novelization of The Terminator, that my friend lent me. I never got past the first few pages, but he did use a highlighter to mark “dog boner”.

    1. I read the novelization to the American Godzilla that came out in 1998 starring Mathew Broderick. I finished the whole damn thing. Like the Willow novelization, there were “deleted scenes” in it. I can only remember one. The novelization started with a Jurassic Park-style “scientist in the field doing work only to be drafted for some top secret project” scene. However, instead of digging for dinosaur bones, which is pretty cool, Mathew Broderick is studying larger than normal worms in Chernobyl. I feel like this perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the film/novel.

  2. a Diana episode, I’m gonna learn shit!

    but ya, for someone who’s 29 I have an obscene gap in my classic movies. Chinatown, Godfather 2, American Grafitti, The Jerk, Midnight Run. I need to catch up on all of these, and a lot more.

    great episode

    1. and I love Halloween 3, a lot. it could not be more batshit, the music is excellent, Tom Atkins is a completely reprehensible protagonist, people die in such creatively amazing detail. it’s a movie with balls of steel.

    2. I didn’t think about it during the show, but you’re right – every movie we mention is worth watching, which is part of why the sequels suck so hard. They suck, but also suck in comparison.

      Bridge on the River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia, Chinatown, 2001, Godfather 1 and 2, Rosemary’s Baby are all essential viewing. At least one of them will become one of your favorite movies ever.

      Everything else we mentioned is REALLY good and worth a look: Caddyshack, Saturday Night Fever, Splash, American Graffiti, The Sting….yes, even Gone With the Wind. Look Who’s Talking is not awful. Rocky Horror is bad, but fun bad.

      Maybe we should do an Essential Movies episode, to edumacate you youngin’s. I get asked for lists of must-sees a lot.

      I feel so embarrassed I confused Sam McMurray (asshole boss in “Raising Arizona”) and Christopher McDonald (asshole husband in “Thelma and Louise.”) They’re both great “Hey, it’s that guy!”s.

      1. I thought Sam McMurray was who you were thinking of. I always remember him as the guy from Tracy Ullman who didn’t move onto the Simpsons.

  3. As a dumb kid I remember enjoying Return to Oz over the original, probably because it more closely resembled other live action fantasy worlds (Labyrinth, Neverending Story, Dark Crystal)

    Also really liked Neverending Story 2, with the fucking beetleborgs and queen no-face… I was really into sequels until I got wise

  4. My girlfriend’s the sort of person who thinks that once you’ve watched the first movie, you have to watch all the sequels, even if you know they’re bad. We watched all four Revenge of the Nerds movies a few months ago. We watched both Weekend at Bernie’s, and the second one would probably fit the theme of this episode. I’ve seen most of the movies that were mentioned, growing up in the 80’s gave me the perfect chance to catch all the sequels to movies from a while ago.

  5. I’ve seen Wall Street 2, Blair Witch 2, and Carrie 2 all in theaters. There’s a special place in hell for me.

  6. From what I hear, the Pacific Rim novelization is supposed to be really good. It’s written by Travis Beacham, the scriptwriter of the movie, so he was able to put in a bunch of backstory and character development that the movie couldn’t get into. I haven’t read it myself but Tumblr would have me believe it’s great.

  7. Yipes, American Psycho 2 is a seriously bad thing.

    Remember Be Cool, sequel to Get Shorty? Sorry if you do.

  8. Green Street 2. Might just be the worst film I’ve ever seen. To be fair the original isn’t great either but HOLY FUCK the sequel is bad

  9. i appreciate the sequel based background music.

    i’m still waiting for Krull 2

    my animation professor (who would later go on to work at disney) worked on pinocchio emperor of the night. we had to watch it and storyboard parts of it in one class. it’s sooooo good-bad. she thought so too.
    OH GAWD!
    haha i can’t believe that happened.

  10. Port of Call is called Bad Lieutenant because the producer Edward Pressman owns the rights to the name and wanted to make a series out of it. It has nothing to do with the first one other than that.

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