Cape Crisis #70 – The Long Halloween


Back from a ghoulishly extended October break and dissecting Captain American and X-Men trailer, talking up some Batgirl, sharing scary comic stories, and even talking about that new-fangled Batman video game…


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Cape Crisis #70 Question: What comic movie trailer hyped you the most?

7 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #70 – The Long Halloween

  1. Trailers never hype me up. I keep myself cold and cynical until I actually see the movie.

    Especially since trailers give away such huge chunks of plot these days….what is even the point I watching them?

  2. besides The Avengers?

    ugh, I’m gonna sound like a rube, but the build up to Spider-Man 3 was so engrossing. I don’t know if it was more the trailer, or that badass poster with spidey sulking on the rooftop in the black suit. I probably stared at that thing for an amount of time measurable in hours. wasn’t that such a cool poster, guys?

    that was the first midnight screening I attended. needless to say the crowd was screaming at the screen the whole time. I don’t think ive been to a midnight since.

  3. Man… kind of unfortunate timing that today was when Marvel confirmed the deal with Netflix about having 4 TV series starring Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and iron Fist. Guess will have to wait another week to hear you guys talking about it XD

    Oh! that and the New Thor movie, really curious to see what’s your take on it as well.

  4. Uhhh, I haven’t seen any of the trailers for anything yet. Other than Thor 2, but I’m not very hyped for thor to be honest. I’ll probably get hyped for Winder Soldier though.

  5. That teaser for 300 that just featured a Nine Inch Nails instrumental, that one was quite striking. Probably holds up better than the film itself. I don’t think I watched any trailers more than the Dark Knight trailers, though.

    Excited to hear some Thor talk next week, especially considering the mid-credits tease.

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