LT Premium: Agents of SHIELD commentary tracks!


So it’s come to this โ€“ Laser Time premium content.

I kid! And I’ll lead with this clear statement โ€“ you’ll never pay for our lead shows. But based on all your demands for even more content and your much-appreciated support (both financial and emotional) we finally decided to think up some ways to offer more. And today’s batch of commentary tracks for Agents of SHIELD are our first step toward doing that.

As you all know, we’ve got immensely time consuming day jobs so bear with us while we work out some kinks. To get these five commentary tracks โ€“ roughly 45 minutes each โ€“ simply donate to Laser Time in the month of November. Any amount, doesn’t matter. Just know that money goes directly to us and helps us put band aids on our collapsing mics.

Once you donate, you should receive an email from Laser Time within 24-48 hours, giving you access to a RAR file containing commentary tracks for the first five episodes. You’ll then have about 48 hours to grab the file off our Google Drive. Make sure you check the email address associated with PayPal, and it wouldn’t hurt if, in the PayPal donation field, you mention you’re donating because of these tracks ๐Ÿ™‚

Once you have the tracks, some important notes:

  • Start the file. We will introduce ourselves. Pause it after the brief intro and UNPAUSE the file when the Marvel logo turns bright red. No flapping paper noises, no panels in the background.
  • PAUSE the file at each commercial break. UNPAUSE the file when the show resumes (we can’t know where/how you’re watching it; Hulu, DVR, ABC rerun etc so a precise sync is tough).
  • Each commercial break has about 2 seconds of silence. The intention was to give you time to pause the file if you’re watching along, but if you’re watching the show completely without commercials (even Hulu sometimes skips them entirely) those two seconds might be enough to get you out of sync. If you know the episode well (i.e. seen it before) you’ll be better prepared for this pause/unpause business cuz you’ll know when the breaks are imminent.
  • Sometimes we focus on lines or action moments, which really demands 1) You’re watching along, or 2) Are perfectly synced. We’ll do this less in the future. Obv this means you’ll get the most out of these by watching along.
  • The first few episodes we try really hard to stay on topic and discuss what’s on screen, but much like every commentary you’ve ever heard, we digress a lot as the episodes roll on. By episode five you’re practically a fly on the wall in an hour-long conversation between me, Chris and Henry. So in THAT case, you don’t need to care about the show at all!

So basically, staying in perfect sync is pretty hard. This is specific to TV commentary, as a movie is one long file with no breaks. Eager for your feedback on this experiment, that way we can make it easier!

So yeah. Donate, get 4+ hours of content in addition to the all the other stuff we do this month. I’ve also prepared a list of the content you’re getting, who’s commenting and the timestamp of the commercial breaks in case that helps you stay on top of those.

SHIELD_MarvelMy Hulu page as an example – Unpause when it looks like this!

EPISODE 1 (Brett, Chris, Grimm) โ€“ Unpauses aka Returning from Commercial Breaks aka Sync Points at 01:33, 12:33, 19:58, 28:24, 34:40 and 43:49

EPISODE 2 (Brett, Chris, Henry) โ€“ Unpauses at 00:33, 09:12, 16:07, 26:20, 32:35 and 40:16

EPISODE 3 (Ditto) โ€“ Unpauses at 00:41, 08:02, 16:52, 26:46, 32:33 and 42:47

EPISODE 4 (Ditto) โ€“ Unpauses at 0:42, 08:47, 17:30, 23:11, 32:17 and 41:02

EPISODE 5 (Ditto) โ€“ Unpauses at 00:54, 09:32, 15:57, 26:37, 31:08 and 41:01

And of course THANK YOU to everyone who donates this month! Our hope is to offer new โ€œpremiumโ€ content regularly and while things like a proper storefront would be easier, this is something we can actually pull off with the time we have (we even recorded all these commentaries after finishing all the usual shows for the day and ol’ Hank nearly missed his train outta town!)

Oh and if you already donated this month… you’re getting these retroactively!

64 thoughts on “LT Premium: Agents of SHIELD commentary tracks!

  1. Welp, I have already donated 100 bucks for the 100th episode, but this extra content sounds very much worth it, so I’ll give you guys some more ^^

    Donated! although I’m still confused as to what the files, are, are they MP3s? doe they need to be attached to the file I’m playing?. Slightly confused about this, but I guess I’ll find out once I get the tracks ^^

    Very excited to listen to these, thanks for the content guys!

    1. Also, can we expect to get commentary on the following episodes? I’ve enjoyed the show fine overall, but I actually think it picked up a LOT in the 6th episode, actually XD

      1. Oh! awesome then! already donated, anxiously awaiting for the e-mail now ^^

        And well, if my voice counts for anything, definitely would love it if you guys stuck to doing these at least till the end of the season, and see how it goes from there ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. So my question is if I don’t donate this month is there any way for me to get these commentary episodes in the future? Or can we specify what LT premium bundle that we want (when there will be more premium episodes) in the comment for our donation?

    I’m a generic money starved college student without a credit card, so it may take me some time to get my donation in.

    Also I think LT premium is great, anything that helps keep laser time clothed and fed is cool in my book.

  3. This is really cool, though in the future it might be easier to stick to movie commentaries so it is easier to sync, maybe record some shitlords sessions if you don’t have a lot of time to purposely sit down and record a commentary.
    I would love a commentary on Miami Connection.

  4. I was planning on donating anyway but I guess this pushed me over the edge (my poor poor student budget…). Seriously though, now that I’ve finally got round to donating i’m hoping to make it a fairly regular thing so its nice to get even more content as a reward. After all, I’ve got more than 5 years of content to pay you guys back for.

    Also, just to make you guys feel old, I should point out that the crew has been podcasting long enough for me to finally become an adult with money to donate. I’ve listened to your drunken voices since TalkRadar #20 when I was only a dumb 13 year old (now i’m a dumb 18 year old).

  5. I may grab these just to hear you guys talk about it.
    I’m not really interested in re-watching episodes of a show I feel pretty lukewarm about, but I do want to hear as much as I can from the LT crew.

  6. Capcomโ€™s rubbing off on you.

    I kid, I kid.

    After a bit of searching I did eventually find a legal (albeit rubbish) streaming service that shows SHIELD in my country, and to be honest between the process of getting the content and having to re-sync every few minutes because your ads are at different intervals than my ads, it all seems like a bit too much hassle to get the stars to align to a point where I can enjoy this.

    I might still donate for the heck of it, but licensing bull and availability might be something youโ€™d want to keep in mind if you want to make a thing of this. I donโ€™t mind donating for premium content if I think itโ€™ll be good (and I bet this is), but a commentary track of a currently airing show just isnโ€™t going to work for me. Just some friendly suggestions ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. …Or, if you’re not too touchy about that stuff, you could always just download the torrents and save the streaming hassle XD

  7. hmmm… i do have a job now so…i can totally donate now. lord knows you guys have made my weeks better for the last four 1/2 years of unemployment and miserably sleeping on the couch of family members.
    i didn’t exactly like the first ep of shield but maybe you guys can make it better?
    hmm will this be a regular thing?

    also… i would like to make a request(s) pop culture commentaries on some movies.
    I have too many to say here maybe we should start a request forum?

  8. You should look into using bandcamp to organize your premium stuff. I know Film Junk podcasts does it this way, and it seems to work well for them.

  9. Damn great idea, guys! I still haven’t watched the show, so why not start watching it with you guys chatting in my ear holes?


  10. I like this idea. Give me a reason to donate other than a short out Judy the kindness of my heart. I have enough shows I want to support that I need that extra little push.

  11. K, you get my money. Always felt I should donate anyway, this is a great incentive to get me off my ass. Would love it if you guys did full movie commentaries. Seems a good fit for your brand of entertainment.

    Keep it up! You guys are the best!

  12. you’ve got it guys. take my money. love the idea of premium content. shipping to Canada becomes too much to make t-shirts worth my while, but I’ll pitch some cash to get some more talking in my face.

    this is about the only way I’d watch this show anyways. great work. keep expenses low, make some money. you’ve more than earned it

  13. So, how is this available beyond November? It’s a great idea guys and I hope I can contribute soon but my funds are unusually tight (I unexpectedly had to buy a new car this week, paid off schooling, and I’m going to Japan next month. Plus the usual Christmas shit). I have contributed a few times before and I plan to again, it just definitely can’t be this month, or next.

  14. Lovely idea, and I’m sorely tempted, but that would mean re-watching Agents of SHIELD and that ain’t ever gonna happen… once was bad enough. Actually I’m lying… I didn’t finish ‘The Asset’. It was too painful.

    However, commentary on The Avengers? Or the Batman or Spider-Man movies? THAT I’d pay for. In fact I think you guys are better off sticking to “classic” movies everyone owns. That’s what makes Rifftrax so successful.

    1. I’d love to listen in on their ShitLords sessions. I’m all about watching terrible movies if there’s people to make fun of them with.

    1. can’t wait to download them. have a snafu where my paypal and gmail are different but am requesting permission for the files as often as I can. lol

  15. Um… hey guys? I’ve got a bit of a problem. So I’ve received the mail linking to the google drive file, but in order to download it, it says that I need permission. Of course, I know that you guys said that it should be with the e-mail associated with paypal… Problem is that in order to access google drive, it only lets me use my gmail account, which is NOT associated with my paypal account >>;

    So what should I do? Absent of any other advice, i decided to click on the “request access” button and it notified me that they would send the request to the owner of the item, meaning you guys. Anyway, sorry for all the confusion, if it’s all that’s needed, know that the gmail account is, so if you guys could approve it before the 48 hours are up, it would be greatly appreciated ^^

    Or otherwise, just tell me what i should do instead, again, sorry for the hassle, and thanks in advance! ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Well, they did notice! and by Thursday night they allowed my gmail account to access the file, which i am grateful for (:

        So chances are they’ll probably do the same with yours, you might wanna hit them up on twitter just to be safe, but in my case, they apparently had noticed my comment before I tweeted, so the same might go for you.

      2. Same problem. Used my student yahoo email account and am getting blocked by google. Unsure how to proceed other than clicking request access and hoping they see it in the 48 hour window.

  16. Aw man I love this idea.
    This is a perfect excuse to give you guys even more money I can’t spare ๐Ÿ˜›
    I might even donate a second time.

    1. Just watched the first episode, I thought it worked really well. Syncing with commentary wasn’t as big a problem as I initially thought. And full SHIELD episodes are up on

  17. This is a really cool idea, I’m about to try it out now! BTW, the Paypal link on this page doesn’t seem to be working for me, I don’t know if anyone else is having that problem.

  18. Man I really want to watch/listen to this but I can’t get myself to re-watch this show.

    Maybe after a few months I’ll revisit Shield along with the commentary tracks from LTP.

  19. Well, figured I would donate as well. Love you guys. I think I might have forgotten to mention that I wanted the commentaries, though. Hope I still can get them.

  20. Dangit, my recurring monthly donation doesn’t kick in ’til the 27th. ‘Course, that’s just before the Thanksgiving holiday, which will give me plenty of time to enjoy it!

  21. Finally got to put my November review through and am now chomping at the bit waiting for my copy of the commentary. Not even really into the show but this will definitely make it worth watching.

  22. I can’t access the google drive. I clicked the link that wa mailed to me and it said it was sending a request to allow me to access the drive. wasn’t the donation the request? how can I go about solving this? can someone just put these on mediafire or something? I’ll show you my receipt email to prove I donated.

  23. Well, I’m poor as shit at moment and don’t have much to donate, but damn it to all to hell if I don’t donate to some freemium Laser Time content! You get my few dollars now, and more will come later on.

  24. Just signed up for a recurring donation. It’ll be a substantial amount in a year, promise!
    Cannot wait to watch these – the show is just not quite interesting enough to hold my interest, but these tracks will do the job, I’m sure!

  25. sorry I hadn’t thought to leave feedback. these commentaries were a lot of fun. I love the inside Marvel stuff, and of course I love the goofball stuff too. the dynamic of Henry, Brett and Chris works really well in this format, and I would happily pay out again for some more commentaries. get creative, I’ve already committed to paying you!

  26. Ahhhh yes $10 well spent. Well, about ยฃ7 really, strongly considering making it monthly. Been dying to donate to Laser Time for ages and at last i can finally afford to!

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