Van Damme X Shame Songs is the most beautiful vid of 2013


Here is the list of emotions you will feel watching this video of JCVD doing what he does best.

1 – Oh, it’s Guile. He’s old now.

2 – Heheh he kinda sounds like Ahnuld

3 – Man people sure do use the word Epic a lot

4 – Oh, ok that’s cool



Maybe I’m a little too excited, dunno. But when the song kicks in, I really do think the world is going to be OK.

As for JCVD himself, you should check out the movie.. uh… JVCD. Recent role, sort of self parody but really good. Shows he’s still got it!

14 thoughts on “Van Damme X Shame Songs is the most beautiful vid of 2013

  1. This is truly, truly beautiful. I watched this earlier thanks to your excitement over it on twitter. Thanks for sharing.

  2. y’all should check out Universal Soldier: Regeneration. a very well made action movie, that pits JCVD against a regenerated Dolph Lungren in a violent action flick made by a director who knows how to shoot fight scenes, and bypasses all that shakey handy-cam BS. and Van Damme gets to show off more acting chops than a Universal Soldier movie should allow.

    and then there’s the recent sequel, which I can only describe as an extremely violent experimental art film, which inexplicably makes JCVD the villain. everyone dies, nothing makes sense, and the film plays out like an action movie fever dream. it has excellent action sequences, people get beaten to mush by the anti-hero protagonist, but it is a seriously fucked up movie that borders on psychadelic horror.

    both are worth your time for totally different reasons.

  3. I also saw this on Brelston’s twitter, enjoyed it immensely. And I’m not a Van Damme fan at all. The entire video is just done so well, from the production, the camera panning out, the setting, and oh yes that music is perfect.

    Anyway, I also think Volvo should also be given credit because their commercials lately have been insane, from dangling their president on a crane, burying an engineer almost entirely, and driving a truck over his head, and having a hamster steer a truck over a very narrow and sinuous ravine. All of those are pretty sweet as well, although this JCVD is most definitely their crowning jewel of awesome.

    1. The only thing they digitally removed was a harness that Dan Damme was wearing as a safety measure. Other than that, everything else is genuine and real.

  4. Funnily enough we just watch this in my comm tech class today since we’re making our own commercials as our next assignment. Fantastic video even if JCVD is old as balls now.

  5. I love this commercial. It’s absurd without being all “wink wink nudge nudge” about it, and it’s genuinely impressive and awe-inspiring. Also, Enya is fucking legit.

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