Cape Crisis #71 – Happy Thorsday! (Again!)


The boys are back from Asgard and they’ve got a story to tell! Henry, Brett, and Chris also gab all about the Marvel/Netflix deal, some new comics, being hung up on, and a special premium event you should know all about…


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Cape Crisis #71 Question: Favorite/least favorite moment of Thos?

19 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #71 – Happy Thorsday! (Again!)

  1. Favorite moment? Absolutely when Heimdall leaped off the bridge and slashed a spaceship to death. I need to re-watch the original Thor, because I thought that dude died in the first one.

    When everything got all Star Wars-y is when my interest was piqued. The dark elf attack on Asgard was almost like the X-wing attack on the Death Star.

    I really did not care for Natalie Portman’s role in this movie. She proclaims, “I’m a scientist!” over and over, but she acts like a total doofus throughout. It’s annoyingly convenient that she’s both the love interest of the lead and the catalyst for a huge galactic event. She’s also a typical american tourist in Asgard, being totally rude to Odin and others.

    1. It didn’t have as much of an impact of me as it should have since right before the movie was a five minute Captain America preview. If that preview hadn’t been there I probably would have been excited, though.

  2. I would just love it if Brelston or Henry posted a list of Marvel’s cosmic essentials to get caught up with Thanos, the stones, and all these guys we’re gonna have thrown at us in Guardians of the Galaxy.

    1. Was planning on it at some point, but was waiting for 1) Some time to do it, and 2) To get a little closer to the next movie so ppl don’t read it all now and then have a whole year to forget it 😛

  3. Pretty fucking good podcast, you guys were on point at all times, and it was still fun, and a bit rambly, but never obnoxious as it has gotten sometimes in the past, fantastic episode.

    Also, I will defend Dexter a bit and say that the show was pretty solid up until season 4. After that it did go downhill, hard, and the last season may be one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. But the fact that Melissa Rosenberg was involved only on the first 3 seasons of the show is a pretty good sign, I think.

    I wasn’t that big of a fan of the first stinger at first, as I felt that it was way too bizarre and out of place… But then, as you guys mentioned, that’s kinda the point, so I’m a bit more excited for Guardians of the Galaxy keeping that in mind. And yes, the fact that the stones are going to be a clear plot point in the upcoming movies is pretty exciting 😀

  4. You guys complained about why they didn’t try to call Cap/Shield/Iron Man, but they had a scene where Kat Denning’s character tried to call SHIELD but they didn’t answer. So that alleviated my concerns about that.

  5. Is it alright to be a little but angry with Henrey saying there are no Dc elseworlds ongoing? He did cover three games that actually took place in them this year; Injustice, and the two Arkham games that just came out all have their own tie in comic series. (Injustice was at the top of Comixology this week)

    Plus there’s Lil Gotham, Batman 66′, Adventures of Superman, Batman Beyond Universe, and more digital to print collections.

  6. you guys should just buy your digital comics by Image directly from their site, instead of going through comixology. just sayin’ give them the direct support, no middle man at all and the comics are actually yours, you’re not “renting” them.

    also henry, i’ll let you in on a little not so secret, secret… the reason why so many comics are getting optioned is because a lot of guys in the industry have talent agents. (especially at image) and hollywood is really hungry for new content.
    it’s the best possible way for artists and writers to survive in this saturated industry, branch out into other mediums. unfortunately yes some guys make work specifically to pitch to studios and then you get stuff like RIPD or Cowboys and Aliens. or you get something potentially wonderful like Battling Boy by Paul Pope which hopefully will make it through the whole process and see the light of day on the big screen. but even that is easy to tell it was built around getting it optioned by a studio. meh. it’s a living.

    also, if you’re doing donations through paypal for the premium content stuff you can just set it up so that once people pay it automatically takes them to the download link. just look at the drop down menus.

  7. On “Thor: The Dark World” SPOILERS AHOY:

    I think my favorite stretch involved the Dark Elves attack on Asgard, the high point being Frigga’s duel with Malekith. (replace their blades with lightsabers, and you arguably have a great Star Wars moment). It wasn’t until then that the movie grabbed my interest fully, and led to a better second half.

    On the whole though, I lean towards Chris’s sentiments. I feel the first half was sloppy and just a bit wasteful of needed story development screen time. And without Loki, there’s little growth or development to latch onto. A stronger version of this story would’ve involved Thor opting for a warrior stance after his mother’s death, slowly realizing his first, best destiny as a guardian, rather than a ruler. I feel they tacked this point on at the end with little context or setup. There’s many things I enjoyed in the movie…but it’s also the first Marvel entry I don’t really feel the need to revisit.

  8. Great episode, guys. I had some pretty serious reservations going into Thor, what with the strangely dark tone of the trailers, and the change of directors. I was very pleasantly surprised at how it turned out, with plenty of comedy and epic space viking action. A solid entry in the Marvel movie universe, even if it didn’t really set the world on fire.

  9. That scene with Cap really solidified the movie for me, I loved it, probably up there with Avengers and Iron Man for me personally.
    I didn’t have as much of a problem with the comedic elements of the movie as some other people though.
    Also one of my friends, who is a big Thor fan, doesn’t like how they made Asgard and all the nine realms stuff so spacey.
    I’d like to hear what you guys think about that.

  10. Jesus christ, we get both “male gaze” and “slut shaming” both within a 10-minute span? Any other fucking tired, overused, meaningless buzzwords you want to throw around, Brett? Time to unsubscribe from Cape Crisis for a while…

    1. Hearing them a lot, or feeling they don’t apply to you, doesn’t make them meaningless. I agree it was laid on a bit thick this ep but this shit is everywhere. Dismissing it entirely seems a bit harsh.

      BUT I understand not wanting to hear this kind of stuff on an entertainment podcast. BUT comics are pretttttty bad about this so it’s going to come up.

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