38 thoughts on “Laser Time – You’re Fat. This is Why

  1. I’ve been waiting for this episode since Grim mentioned it in a previous episode! My Monday won’t suck balls now!

  2. Luckily the Denny’s I worked at didn’t have to much nasty shit going into people’s food. Mostly it was pickle juice and condiments in the other cooks drinks, although I did get to play frying pan baseball with some chicken fingers which I’m pretty sure got served after.
    And being a former vegetarian, if you’re up in canada, there’s a good veggie burger at Harvey’s and Licks Restaurant, the Burger King veggie burger almost made me throw up at the table.

  3. I have suppressed my junk food cravings pretty well until listening to this episode, where I’m ready to burst out in Mc what-evers and shit-grade tacos, despite the horror stories early in the show. Thanks a lot. Brb, running out to get a cheesy potato burrito.

    1. Yeah, I don’t know why that is but any time some one warns me of the dangers of fast food, I just want to eat it more. Let’s hope my brain doesnt work the same way with all these local meth PSAs.

  4. There’s a hot dog joint in my town called Tubby Dog.
    They have a bunch of crazy hot dogs where they pile the extras so high that you pretty much need to eat with a knife and fork (although I never do, getting shit all over yourself is apart of the experience).

    Easily the weirdest dog they have there is “The Cap’n Dog” which is a hot dog with peanut butter and jelly with Cap’n Crunch sprinkled throughout. The way the peanut butter melts under the heat of the hot dog is magical.

    Also, around here the “McGangbang” you guys brought up is called the “McTrigger” or simply “The Trigger”. Not sure why.

  5. Well, this episode brought me over to Ventanger’s side.

    I don’t mind you guys’ hippy liberal agenda normally, but now you’ve gone and brought food into it! THIS WILL NOT STAND!!

    Also, seriously, my opinion of Chris dropped about 10 notches this week. Shit Steve sounds like a complete monster, but the fact that you knew about all that and never did anything about it makes you not much better.

    1. Wait, what? I haven’t listen to this episode yet but now I’m dreading this portion… it’s coming off as every costumer’s nightmare.

  6. HALO HALO is filipino. It literally means ‘mix-mix’ in tagalog. ITS THE MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER

    Jollibee is a FILIPINO franchise that has been exported to the US because of the nostalgia of the Filo diaspora for home food. Oddly enough, the food sold in Jollibee isnt typical filo fare, but its good anyway.

    Filipino McDo also sells spaghetti so your white fast food sensibilities might get super super weirded out.

    I ate an in-n-out burger while I was in Cali – it was a religious experience.

  7. I have only been in Japan for a month and the fast food chains here like Yoshinoya and GO GO Curry are clearly not good for me but I having been eating at both recently. I don’t start teaching until 1 most days but that means I finish at 9 most nights so will usually get something to eat there because it will take me about an hour on a train to get home. Like Greg said in the last episode in Japan, I work at the McDonalds of schools (station schools) here so have to travel long distances most days. I have been so thankful for LT network podcasts because it makes my train rides go by so much quicker.

  8. When i saw what this ep was about i got some mcdonalds to eat while downloading to get the right mood, it was scrumptious.

    I work fast food and none of us do what was stated, antista and his friend are/were sick
    f*cks and id kick my coworkers ass and get them fired immediately if i ever saw them do that sh*t. Customers bitch enough about their sandwiches enough as is, I just want them to be happy, WHY WONT THEY JUST BE HAPPY!!!

    As soon as chris asked what krumbs were, i knew, I ate them all the time as a kid, we called them crunchies, it made me happy before grimm responded by calling them shit gravel, then i felt sad.

  9. Wow you guys should come to Australia, fewer fast food chains and what they serve in those restaurants are little less fattening than the what you guys have in America.

    Also you guys should do an episode similar to this but based around retail stores since you guys all have stories and shit from working in them.

  10. Ahhh, soon Lasertime, SOON!


    and all will be right and well

  11. ugh come ON guys. stop fat shaming. i am proud of being filled to the lid with carcinogenic synthetic meats.

  12. Ah good, this will make today errands fly by, looking forward to this episode (wtf that title image!?)

    In the UK, our fast food rarely goes into the ludicrous but once in awhile we go into borderline parody territory. For example, a popular pizza chain made one with a thick pizza crust stuffed with hotdogs and mustard… again, just the crust part.

    As for me, KFC is the only dark mistress in my life… it’s their fault they moved it from the other side of town to just half a mile up the road.

  13. I’ve always been meaning to ask you guys, but have you been to Burma Superstar? Every time I go to SF I make sure to have a meal there.

  14. Funnily enough, I was eating at a Japanese Pizza Hut just before listening to this. (I live in Nara) They do indeed offer hot dog pizza crusts, but I usually just get their delicious pepperoni garlic w/ regular crust.

    Great episode.

  15. Halo-Halo is pronounced’ ha(like when you laugh) and -low(like down low) , ha-low. It means mix-mix. I lived in the Philippines for a couple of years and was weirded out at first by halo-halo but it’s actually really good.

  16. Part way through the episode I thought, “Man, I gotta make a change.”

    Then I remembered that I hate myself and the world kept spinning on….

  17. im a fat fuck who lives in small town america and votes republican every year
    this episode was a little too liberal elitist for my tastes
    and chris you are part of the problem for tolerating shit steve’s behavior

  18. Shrimp are fantastic man, crazy Canadian lol. Don’t think I didn’t notice your appreciation when they mentioned Maple Syrup with that pizza Tyler. 😛 For Super Bowls and New Year’s Eves my mom used to always make my dad and me shrimp and New York steak strips. Sometimes throw in some stuffed mushrooms, ohh mann so good. I miss home cooked meals. 🙁

  19. Thank you guys so much for making this episode, seriously. I have worked at restaurants for my past three jobs and love hearing all the bad things about them and what the employees do behind the scenes to make their shift better. Please do more episodes like this one.

  20. The halo-halo/Jollibee segment put a smile on my face.

    Also, I believe you guys were talking about pansit palabok. It’s rice noodles topped with shrimp-based sauce, shredded cabbage, shrimp, and crushed pork rinds. There definitely are places here in Manila that do it a lot better than Jollibee does.

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